A ‘thank you’ for Scientific American response

From K.H. of New Jersey (indented), with response from the author (Dr Jonathan Sarfati) interspersed.

I just wanted to thank you for your awesome response the the ridiculous ‘15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense’ article that appeared in the July edition of the tabloid Scientific American.

Glad it was helpful.

As always, your response was timely and well thought out. The only thing you didn’t respond to is the graph that was stuck into the middle of the piece that seemingly had no relevance to the text of the article. This graph indicated that only un-educated people believe in creation. Of course the graph didn’t even deserve a response, but a co-worker is constantly telling me ‘if you knew more about science, you’d change your beliefs’, essentially telling me that ignorance plays a part in my belief in special creation — then he threw this article my way that supposedly verifies this. Of course he added that he’d be willing to bet that CMI wouldn’t respond to it.

Well, yes, it’s because it was disconnected from the text that there wasn’t any good way to respond. In any case, it still indicates that almost 30% of professionals/postgraduares believe in creation and 45% of ‘uneducated’ people believe in evolution. And as I’ve pointed out, arguments from authority (Argumentum ad verecundiam) or majority vote (Argumentum ad numerum) are logical fallacies so mean nothing. But hopefully the point that I am more highly qualifed than Rennie goes some way to countering that, as well as our creationist scientists page and the book, above right.

In any event, thank you for your intelligent, articulate, and educated response to the article — if only more people would stop being so deluded by the humanist agenda and start looking at the real scientific evidence with an open mind —

Thanx again for the kind words. We can only hope and pray that people will learn the truth.

In Christ,

In Christ,
Jonathan Sarfati

Published: 3 February 2006