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US States’ abortion bills reveal culture clash over unborn human life

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Published: 25 July 2019 (GMT+10)

States in the US are battling over the value of human life. Georgia’s state law now bans abortions after a heartbeat can be detected—around 6 weeks gestation.1 A popular location for filming in the US because of tax breaks, many actors have said they will now boycott the state, while other actors slam the hypocrisy in this largely symbolic stand, as many of the ‘boycotters’ have never actually filmed anything in Georgia.2

Alabama has passed, by an overwhelming majority, the strictest abortion law in the nation, which would make abortion a felony in the state of Alabama, with no exceptions for rape and incest.3 Ohio bans private insurance companies from covering abortion costs.

These laws follow several states which have passed or attempted to pass laws which legalize abortion up to birth. New York’s abortion law goes beyond allowing abortion at any point up to birth, and even removes criminal penalties for harming an unborn child who is wanted by the mother.4 Virginia now allows non-physicians to perform first-trimester abortions.5 At the time of writing, more states are lining up on either side of the conflict to pass laws of their own.

These battles are being played out in state legislatures, because it is widely anticipated that a now conservative Supreme Court could overturn the 1973 decision Roe. v. Wade which legalized abortion across the nation, much as the court’s decision on Obergefell v. Hodges legalized gay marriage over the laws of various states. If Roe was overturned, the issue would go back to the states. Some states, like New York, would continue to allow almost unlimited abortions, while states with laws on the books limiting or completely criminalizing abortion would be able to enforce those laws.

Unborn babies are human—but are they people?

This is still in textbooks today even though it’s known it is wrong.

With the availability of 4D ultrasounds, it is impossible to maintain the old lie that unborn babies are just ‘blobs of tissue’. Science has also disproven the lie that the unborn child ‘recapitulates’ older stages of evolutionary development with gills and a tail at early stages of development. This is scientific fact-- the unborn child is human. Yet, lay people still misled by errors in textbooks and popular media call into radio shows with statements like “We are removing women’s rights just because of a zygote.”6 The encouraging news is that as high-definition ultrasounds become more and more common, young people have grown up seeing the photos of their unborn brothers and sisters on the fridge next to their own, and the celebration of wanted unborn life makes a dramatic impact when we’re discussing whether unwanted children at the same stage of development can be killed.

A culture that knows unborn babies are indeed human but continues to kill them in numbers greater than any holocaust in history is no better than the Caananites, who sacrificed their children by placing them in the bronze statue of Moloch to be burned alive. Pro-abortionists are outraged by what they consider to be the violation of women’s rights. But if the baby is a human, does it not also have rights?

Humanity vs ‘personhood’

But is the unborn human a person? That might seem like a strange question, but ‘ethicists’ are trying to move the goalposts by separating the category of ‘human’ and the category of ‘person’. To someone like Peter Singer, an intelligent creature like a pig could be a ‘person’ but not ‘human’, entitled to the legal protections afforded a ‘person’. However, a child early in development, even for a period after birth, would not qualify as a ‘person’ based on an arbitrary measurement of brain development.

However, we are rightly horrified by past atrocities committed against humans declared ‘nonpersons’. In the early 20th century, under eugenics laws, people declared ‘feebleminded’ could be sterilized and institutionalized for life. And the Nazis infamously killed millions of Jews, along with gypsies, disabled people, and other ‘undesirables’, who were also considered nonpersons.

The advances in care of unborn children and extremely premature children are making it harder to maintain the charade that the elective murder of these babies is equivalent to getting an appendectomy. It is possible to repair spina bifida and other problems in utero, and the most premature baby to survive was born at 21 weeks.

Education is the key to open the door to the Gospel

One might draw some analogies to the campaign of the great British abolitionist William Wilberforce in the 1800s. In a country and society that strongly held to slavery, it was just a cultural norm—even amongst Christians. Wilberforce campaigned tirelessly for many years and with great opposition, but he tried to educate society and particularly the lawmakers of the day that these slaves were indeed human beings. He sought to overcome ignorance about the issue. Abortion is the next great slavery debate for our nations as we continue to educate and overcome ignorance about the science of the unborn.

What has worth?

Pro-abortion activists often protest that it is unjust to have legal penalties or restrictions for women and doctors who have or perform abortions. This is usually a strawman argument because few abortion laws target the mothers, but most target the abortionist.

Is it wrong to penalize those who kill unborn children? Consider the penalties for disturbing the unborn of endangered species. Destroying a bald eagle egg can be punished with a jail sentence and/or hefty fine. The eggs of sea turtles are similarly protected. If we can recognize that even animals can be valuable enough for their unborn to be protected with such laws, surely unborn humans in God’s image should be given similar protections.

Changing the laws is only one step

Changing the laws is only one front of the battle. Governments can change and thus reverse the laws, just as is happening now. The Gospel changes hearts and minds, and ultimately that is how one changes a country and its laws. It is important that we protect the most vulnerable in our society with laws, but we have to remember that being pro-life is ultimately a Gospel issue. It’s possible for an unsaved woman to choose life for her child, and both of them eventually go to an eternity away from the Lord. So our pro-life efforts on all levels need to be visibly connected to the Gospel, or they will ultimately be for nothing.

In the light of a seemingly endless erosion of moral laws in our societies, we should be hugely encouraged by these developments. The battle over abortion laws shows us that Roe isn’t settled law, even more than 40 years later. Many other Western nations and their academics have often criticized the US and its citizens because of their strong religious roots and how it still permeates the culture today. One BBC commentator called it a return to the ‘dark ages’.7

Many Americans are not convinced by evolutionism, much to the dismay of academics both in the US and abroad. In part due to the work of creation ministries, and with the support of Bible-believing churches, evangelical Christians are leading the fight against the slaughter of unborn babies. From a biblical foundation, we can show that God has always affirmed what science now proves to be true—that from conception we are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our Creator, and that’s why it is wrong to murder human beings at any point in their life.

The states who are passing pro-life laws should be applauded for making a stand in the face of the inevitable criticism. We should be encouraged as we fight for the lives and the human rights of the smallest, most vulnerable members of the human family.

Our booklet Is Human Life Special? discusses the abortion debate along with many other topics such as eugenics. It affirms scientifically and theologically the specialness of humanity, and also revisits some of history’s atrocities performed in the name of evolution.

Amazing things are happening in the US. This is a great time for all Christians to revisit this issue and create awareness in your own communities and countries. Discounts are available for bulk orders. Why not give a copy to everyone in your church, particularly your youth who are on the front lines in dealing with these cultural views in their places of education?

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Readers’ comments

Mylan P.
For those who do not live in the US and don't understand its politics could you explain why the overturning of the Wade vs Roe Supreme Court ruling would not force all the states to ban abortion (in most or many cases)? A non-American might assume that federal law dictates/restricts state laws and not the other way around. If state law is the higher law in practice, then the fight against abortion need only be focussed in those states with liberal abortion laws, right?
Lita Cosner
Roe was the Supreme Court ruling that overruled all state laws banning abortion. Many US states still have laws on the books which would ban or restrict abortion, but which cannot be enforced due to Roe. If Roe were overturned, the existing laws would simply be able to be enforced. Some states would have abortion available up till birth with little to no restriction, and other states would have almost complete bans on abortion.
Carolyn N.
Thanks for the article. It would have been helpful to include a true picture of the various stages of animal development for those who haven’t seen it. It is very powerful and “a picture speaks a thousand words.”
King T.
James B from the US has some typical ideas about abortion - that of the LEFT and that of the godless.
A stance that praises abortion for it's ability to fight crime, improve economics and "fight party" as he puts it should give careful thought to why abortion exists in the first place.
The overwhelming majority of abortions are as a result of fornication, not rape or endangerment of life. So once again - human depravity ( in disobeying God's law against lust and adultery ) invokes an even greater violation of God's law - murder in this case. And typically of those who want the "freedom" to do as they please - once the troublesome consequences become unbearable, they forcefully call on the state to bail them out. Same as with alcohol consumption and smoking. People sin and then want to use taxpayer funds to fix the unwanted consequences - never mind that a lot of those tax payers told them not to go there. This is typical.
Nan S.
I find it totally bizarre that our society can abhor capital punishment for murders and at the same time approve the killing of pre-born children and the euthanization of the elderly, the disabled, the mentally ill and the sick. Horrifyingly so.
Kenneth M.
Nobody seems to think to ask the One in charge. He says, and I quote,"Abortion is murder from the moment of conception." Why don't you ask him yourself? Are you afraid he might answer?
J L.
When I consider what abortion actually is, it seems to me that it’s an insatiable desire for power, specifically the power to determine life or death for another person; that is to say it’s the desire to assume for one’s self a power more rightly reserved for God alone. What pro abortion supporters really want, without even being aware of it, is the power to decide who lives and who dies according to their own plans and desires. To appropriate to themselves truly, glaringly godlike power, they must be able to exercise that decision “at any stage and for any reason” up to and including the mere inconvenience another person might pose to them. This goes back to the garden, when Eve thought “you shall be as gods, knowing (determining) good and evil” sounded like a good plan to her. Abortion is where the legal fight is now, but I fear the temptation won’t stop there. A taste of this power will flame the desire to exercise it over other people and groups also; godlike power over the very life force of others is just too delicious not to crave more. I’m not necessarily predicting gloom and doom, but we see history shows examples of how people and governments can decide genocide against an inconvenient group is a moral right of those who claim unchallengeable power.
Dean L.
I've always felt that a pro-choice stance is consistent with a belief in evolution. Evolution devalues human life to the level of any other creature and so the value of that life is often determined more by its utility than any other reason. A pro-life stance is consistent with a belief in creation in which an intelligent, sovereign Creator designs and creates various creatures. Being sovereign, He has the right to determine the relative value of each of His creatures. Given that He declares that only humans are made in His image, and that it is for them only that the Son of God died, it's obvious that they of all earthly creatures have the highest value in His eyes. A pro-life stance acknowledges this as it recognizes this value from the moment of conception. The pro-choice stance denies this, even going so far as to declare that an unborn child is not a person. I'm always amazed when I talk with someone who claims to be a believer and yet endorses this pro-choice stance. It's more common than I would have expected.
Anitta T.
Our local PHC (Pregnancy Help Centre) is always looking for volunteers, for donations of goods and cash. This is because they do not accept a penny of government money. Why not? So that when they do their intake of clients' information, it is always accompanied by a clear explanation of the gospel. With government money, this would not be possible. And still almost no local churches support them. According to the director, it is not called a "crisis pregnancy centre" because "crisis pregnancies" are extremely rare but relationships in crisis are not. Women are most commonly pressured by the father of the child and/or the mother of the pregnancy woman.
For those with other children, money is not a good reason to abort - their older children will cost them more money sooner, so why not kill the teenager?
Look around -- our society worships the photoshopped "perfect-figured" people, like those of the actors mentioned above. Rarely do we see ALL the models for a particular shop/online store displaying models who actually look like real women. (One came into my purview recently and how tempted I am to say which one.). So to have a baby and give it up for adoption means paying for it with the loss of whatever figure one has ... Until society honours pregnancy, we continue to slide into darkness. Thanks for this article and the work you do shedding light on this dark world.
Yearning for the return of Jesus, King of Kings! (Praying my loved ones are not lost to all eternity.).
Robert V.
Check out the book "Love Thy Body" by Nancy R. Pearcy [Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2018] which exposes the unscientific logic used to deny personhood to the unborn. She also maintains that accepting abortion requires accepting the entire worldview that justifies it--"Against abortion: then don't have one" is the same as "Against slavery, then don't own one." [pp.93-94]
Catharine A.
An important parallel issue is the ease with which fathers who sire these children can walk away from the scene. Perhaps there would be fewer women who seek out abortions if they knew there were stronger legislation and enforcement in place to make the fathers more accountable. For example, have the province or state pay the child maintenance costs and then go after the defaulting parent, similar to a credit agency. If the mother knew there would be guaranteed financial support, I think that could save a few unborn babies at least.
Bonnie B.
Solomon asked God for an understanding mind in governing His people. When two prostitutes were arguing over a live baby, Solomon determined the real mother by threatening to cut the baby in two with his sword. The actual mother wanted to save the baby and give the child to the other woman. Solomon let this mother keep her baby. (I Kings 3) Our society has come so far from God’s wisdom that mothers would rather abort than give their babies up for adoption! Where is our maternal instinct? I have a copy of Ronald Reagan’s “Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation.” This title speaks for itself. In order to be free of our ‘wrong’ justifications, we need to move out of the grey areas and back to black and white (right)!
Daniel P.
Keep publishing this information for as long as it takes. It is not the final answer to ending abortion but a vital part of it. The moment we stop making this an issue is the moment we lose. God has commanded us, saying, "Rescue those who are being led away to death! Indeed, hold back those who are staggering to the slaughter! If you say, “Behold, we did not know this,” doesn’t he who weighs the hearts consider it? He who keeps your soul, does he not know it? Shall he not render to every man according to his work?" (Proverbs 24:11-12)
S H.
In a way abortion is an inevitable 'consequence' of evolutionary (should we call it 'evil-utionary') and atheistic thinking. Why bother with life if we're just a cosmic accident floating in the sands of time without purpose, meaning or future. What useless, helpless, depressing and harmful ideologies. This whole identity politics and individualism (driven by these worldviews) is creating a huge moral vacuum where truth is both unimportant and individualistic (unless you have a Christian truth of course, in which case this is a 'hate crime'). Things are dressed up with a superficial covering, or called by a different (nicer sounding) word or people aren't allowed to see what something truly is (e.g. the horrific nature of abortion). Satan hides the truth, makes people fearful or creates apathy. At the same time we have what I'd identify as extremist agenda groups (pro-abortion, LGBTQ+ etc) using tactics that are effectively economic bullying, cyber-threats, shaming, threatening, spiteful, sometimes viciously aggressive behaviour, that at times verges on what is close to terrorist-style tactics in order to push their agenda at any cost. Meanwhile they unbelievably call out Christians for being 'hateful' for simply expressing an opinion or having a belief. The hatred fueling these agenda groups exposes what they are and where they come from - and the fact this is a spiritual battle with evil forces. In the Christian worldview, we present what God says because we believe it's the best for society and the truth. In these other worldviews, they simply demand what what they want - stuff everyone else and the truth. Into this hopelessness can step the message of hope that only God brings. He brings life. In every sense! There is hope for the future - God's truth.
Bob S.
Unfortunately, in the UK, almost our entire country is really dark, our wicked government at Westminster passed three really evil laws this year; the first was LGBT+ in schools for 4 year olds and above starting next year; the secound was a 'new' divorce law ruining God's Marriage covenant and the Third was Gay Marriage and Abortion Legalised in Nothern Ireland this October. Isaiah 24, is a really intrusting scripture that is really relevant for our time. I really feel like the Tribulation is about to start very soon. God's Judgements is definently about to fall on all wicked western nations because of the sins/vices behold. The Christians are losing Big time in the UK and our nation has become like Sodom and Gomorrah. Just have to hope there is some 'Abraham's' still in our nation.
Peter .
Conception ipso facto is in most cases the result of the free choice made by those who are the responsible parties in the act of procreation. At this point, it seems to me is the place where the right over the woman's body ought to cease. The consequences of the sexual act should therefore no longer be in the hands of either party, the woman who gets pregnant or her partner who impregnates her. False arguments always lead to a fallacious conclusion. There is no reason logically why any person today cannot prevent an unwanted pregnancy and still enjoy the pleasures of the sexual act. I rejoice to see States of the USA enacting godly laws in the face of hostile aggression. 3 cheers!
Egil W.
Hi, Lots of good thinking here. Thanks! Just a thought that came to me hearing about BBC calling the conservatism in the US a «return to the Dark Ages»: The Hagia Sophia was built in the period called the Dark Ages (410-900 A.D.). Now the secularists should go and look up some pictures of the Hagia Sophia. And then; perhaps stop to question why they go with the empty, and if pursued to the logical end - nihilistic - claims of secularism, as if secularism was a absolute truth. Fair enough; render to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and to God what belongs to God. Still every human being will in the end stand before The Living God; either as forgiven or stand without forgiveness. And governments have never been allowed by God to shed the blood of innocent human beings. When I look at the News, it’s mostly bad news. Nothing new there. When I look at the Gospel I actually find Good News. What BBC called Dark Ages turned Europe north of the Alps from tribal warriors living in villages of wood, stone and soil, into a landscape of cathedrals, basilikas, churches and being governed by a well-ordered law. In the Dark Ages, Christianity did away with slavetrade and polygamy (which often had many women kept in low social positions) and the practice of putting unwanted children out in the woods to die... So BBC would hate to see a return of that? A return of morality. Have they stopped to question why they fear such a return? Or are they just blindly following what they happen to watch on TV...which they happen to produce themselves...? Narcissus drowned in the pool into which he fell as he stared at his own mirror-image... in endless self-infatuation. An age of darkened hearts.
Ray N.
What's also scary is that along with allowing to kill unborn babies, who have the potential to become good citizens in a society; we put murderers, rapists, drug dealers, etc in jail for a while then let then free, with little effort to reform them. They get out and commit crimes again. Society is setting itself up for destruction. When Rapture comes, you don't want to be left behind. In a secular society, where many view humans as just another animal, I don't think you can convince them the death of an unborn human fetus among 7.5 billion of us is worse than losing the eggs of an endanger species of animal. As human population continue to grow, and turn away from God and anything that is good, people become more self-centred and selfish. They stop caring about others and what others do to themselves. What someone on the other side of the world do to the fetus living and growing in their body is "none of my business". And for some women, a baby in their womb is just an inconvenience.
Stephen M.
Worldwide trends have us ignoring uncertainty and therefore promoting ignorance. We find ourselves ignoring the opposite possibilities to any human argument. Ought we not to believe in God even just in case he exists, and therefore at least give lip service to Judeo-christian behaviour? Logic. Love God as He is presented in scripture and, at the very least, we do no harm! Nothing to lose. So, in the case of abortion arguments, we should censure the ignoring of the possibility that we are committing child murder. It is so typical of human behaviour that we will ignore proven facts for the sake of our own convenience, ie selective blindness. If we consider that in abortion we could in any way be committing murder, why isnt that allowed for in our legal code. We are very arguably compounding the human error leading to an unplanned conception by a far more grave crime of child murder. We must, then, be just savages and not in any way "noble"!
Pauline T.
Thanks for a very informative cover of this issue. I have one small question about these "unwanted" foetuses ... and it is NOT asked from the place of naivety: How do these myriad women come to be "unexpectedly" pregnant? I'm assuming the vast majority are aware that intercourse is generally the requirement for pregnancy; and that various contraceptives are broadly available and a significant number of sexually active women are aware of them and have access to them ... and so do the men involved. I marvel that discussions about pro-life and pro-choice for women rarely if ever includes the responsibility of men for their part in pregnancy. I'm staggered and horrified to think on the sheer number of aborted children each year worldwide ... and since each is presumably "unwanted", I wonder how they even came to exist in the first place. I have sought wisdom from the Bible on this and 1 Cor.10:13 seems relevant here. Your learned response would be much appreciated. Thanks so much CMI for the great work you do to bring a clear biblical understanding on so many hot topics.
Michael B.
Thank you for your ministry to restore the biblical basis of faith based on truth.
James B.
Abortion does three things: it gets rid of something no one wants, it fight crime, it fights party. It’s a win-win for everyone if you don’t like abortion then support school board members that want to introduce sex education starting in the fourth grade in every school in the country
Julie M.
Thank you for not only being truth in love but also being truth in the voice of hope. I hear so much pessimism and "doom and gloom" from people who choose to listen to dark news, even from those who claim to be Christians, and I really appreciate the voice of hope and victory that comes from your articles, which is the perspective I believe the Bible tells us to have. I have been praying for a long time to see change in the abortion issue, and I strongly believe this is the answer to my prayer and all those who pray along with me. God bless you all there at CMI! I love and pray for you too!
Philippus S.
Since when is actors the barometers for what is wrong and what is right. I know that Gods word is the barometer for what is wring and what is right and actors think themselves little gods wanting to replace that what is moral and right. Actors lay at the source what is wrong whit this world.
Mike D.
Here is something that in my opinion exposes the hypocrisy of pro abortion. Let's use this as an example.

We have 2 women at the same exact stage of pregnancy. One is involved in an accident & the unborn baby in the womb is killed. The person at fault in the wreck has a potential charge of some type manslaughter charge.

We have the second woman who chooses to abort.

Now both women are at the exact same time in pregnancy. In the first case the baby is considered life or there is no basis for possible manslaughter charge.

Yet second woman chooses to kill her child by abortion & yet this child isn't considered life despite at exact same point in pregnancy.

You can't have it both ways. It's Hypocrisy & Double standards in every way. The women themselves don't determine by "choice" life or death of the baby. It's been shown as life.

It's not her body, Its the body within we are talking about. Not counting the selling of body parts etc. A baby isn't like a car you can break into parts to sell. It is LIFE fearfully & wonderfully made by God for a reason we sometimes can't see. Yet if we were God & knew what God knew. We'd make same choice He did for same reason. Only caveat is if there is a problem due to our sin & it's consequences. Forgiveness doesn't always alleviate consequences of sin.

God loves each child of creation. They, if handicapped will be perfect for eternity. Much longer than handicapped.. Praise God. When we can't see His hand we can trust His Heart since He proved that on the cross!
Edmond C.
Living in the United States, while I welcome states that are trying to overturn Roe v Wade and limit abortions, I also know that internally we are a nation that is completely divided. I do not know how it is in other parts of the Western world, but in the US a broader spectrum of ideologies is disappearing and gradually we are turning into a nation characterized by two dominate belief systems, one based on our Judaeo-Christian foundation and one that rejects nearly all traditional Judaeo-Christian beliefs. The rejection of Judaeo-Christian beliefs is not a complete rejection of religious believe, no, in fact, 'progressive' Christianity is big and a growing number of churches are moving toward acceptance of theistic evolution, the LGBTQ agenda, and even abortion (can you imagine churches promoting abortion?!) while maintaining a very spiritualist and social agenda driven "Christianity".

I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but while I pray that I'm wrong, I feel like the tide is still moving in the same direction and we're just in the backwash while the next wave is already on the horizon. What I don't see are hearts changing and lives coming to Christ. Instead I see Christians putting their faith in winning these political battles which seem mostly to protect their own way of life. While I know that God is able, sadly I do not see any real momentum toward righteousness in our nation, in fact, what I see is a boldness in the advance of wickedness. It's taken decades to erode our values to this point and God's wrath is clearly upon our nation, reference Romans 1. I hope and pray that God sends revival to our nation, but right now we sit in the very place of many nations before us that God has judged.
Lita Cosner
Edmond, while the culture war is serious, we shouldn't be pessimistic, because we know that we are on the winning side. And those who are at the 'front lines' of the pro-life movement see many reasons for optimism. Even the laws are being passed are being passed because some states hope, and others fear, that we are on the verge of having Roe v. Wade overturned. As babies are able to survive earlier and earlier outside the womb, and 4d ultrasound shows that babies in the womb act exactly like babies outside the womb as far as yawning, hiccuping, and even twins interacting with each other, it becomes more and more impossible to deny the humanity. So pro-abortion advocates are forced to be the pro-baby murder side. And baby killing is a really hard argument to sell.
Joe S.
Let the actors leave Georgia if they believe in murdering babies.
Rob R.
Saw the stats in the past week. Nearly 100% of scientists said that mammalian life starts at zygote. About 71% of scientists said that human life starts at zygote. You would think even evolutionists would think humans are higher up the ladder than animals.
Andrew H.
With regard to the claim that a woman has a right to control over the contents of her own womb:
Not easy to scientifically substantiate because by definition the child must be separate or secluded from the mother so that their different DNA does not intermingle. If it did there would be no children because the mother's immune system would reject the foreign DNA of her child (because it is only ~50% hers, and ~ 50% the father's). The placenta is the necessary barrier between mother and child, hence isolating the child - in a genetic sense. The placenta is so designed that it allows the child to have what is essentially a highly selective parasitic relationship with its mother - separate but able to draw the needed nourishment.
In addition, at birth the mother expels all of the DNA unique to the child - baby and placenta - leaving her in the same state in which she began, not having lost anything that was hers.
Therefore the child is not a part of the mother's body, and scientifically speaking, not hers to control. The thought of a 'right' in this respect is an emotional argument, and an emotional argument only.
Andrew H.
It is worth remembering that there is no such thing as a safe abortion: Someone always dies.

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