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Agnostic sees positive side of CMI website

29 May 2002

I can’t help dropping a line to let you know that your webpage is a great resource for all people interested in science. Personally, I don’t believe that the Bible is completely correct in all matters, but I have to admit that your arguments are all very well thought out.

I’m an agnostic, and I was an anthropology major in college. I believe most of what I read in secular scientific journals. Having said that, I realize that your viewpoint is an extremely important one. I’ve seen a hundred different scientific theories overturned since I was child, and it won’t surprise me to see a hundred more overturned in the next 30 years. These theories are only revised when others challenge them. Although you and I may not agree on what ‘the truth’ is, I applaud your willingness to present alternatives to the prevailing viewpoints of modern science. The fact that you do so in the same style as secular scientists (with technical details, footnotes, and hard facts that even non-believers can understand) makes your points all that much more compelling.

I could easily write about all of the things that I think you are wrong about, but that helps no one. The secular/religious science brawl won’t be solved with one email. That’s not the point.

You’ve done me a personal favor by making me more curious about a few things. Even in college, I was always skeptical about the dating methods of artifacts. Your position on the various dating techniques mirrors my own. Also, I’m now driven to find out more about your assertions about helium in the atmosphere.

In any case, although I am a skeptic, I’m glad that this website is here. I don’t believe in God, but I do believe in science. And as long as you continue to make claims that can be backed by hard facts, I will visit your website. I won’t be surprised when I find that some of your theories are confirmed by secular scientists.

Thank you for changing my mind about creationists. Just as there are foolish athiests, there are foolish creationists. The people who contribute to [this] website are anything but foolish, and deserve praise from all intelligent people. Even agnostics like me.

Neil C.

Published: 4 February 2006