Alien Intrusion: The Movie

Travel, travel and more travel!

By , Video Production Coordinator, CMI–US

Published: 6 June 2017 (GMT+10)
First appeared in a CMI newsletter March 2017
In three months, we visited 8 states and numerous cities and even Seoul, South Korea, to interview around 17 scientists, UFO experts and even alleged ‘alien abductees’.

Three years ago, I joined CMI as an Events Manager—part of the team that arranges hundreds of speaking events each year. As our documentary project, Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels (EAH), grew and grew, I was quickly absorbed into the video department to help complete what was to become an award-winning film. It was a blessing to me, as I received my college degree in this very area—video production. I have remained full time in this role ever since, including filming and post-producing our youth survey project FALLOUT! and DVDs such as Creation Restored: The New Heavens and Earth; Light Years? No Problem!; and Evidence for a Young World, among other projects.

Did life evolve on other planets?

Our CEO, Gary Bates, ironing backdrops in a hotel meeting room—setting up our mobile studio to film interviewees. See more at AlienIntrusion.com

Ever since I started, I (and many others ) had been bugging our CEO, Gary Bates, to make a documentary based on his Amazon.com top-50 best-selling book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection. I read the book as a young man and it helped me see more clearly the spiritual battle we’re fighting. As a parent of young children, it made me aware of the potential desensitization of people, especially our young ones, with the secular culture’s portrayal of older, wiser and more technologically advanced aliens traversing our galaxy.

I know that Gary was daunted by the prospect of embarking upon another major project, especially after having just given two years of his life to EAH. Well, I got my wish and Gary segmented some time away from the office to write a script, and the next thing I knew we were hitting the road hauling eight suitcases of production equipment and ironing backdrops in hotel rooms to set up mini studios to record people involved in all things ‘alien’. Watch out when Gary makes his mind up to do something! In three months, we visited 8 states and numerous cities and even Seoul, South Korea, to interview around 17 scientists, UFO experts and even alleged ‘alien abductees’—even more than we did for EAH.

It’s changed us also!

‘Experiencer”’ Joyce and her family once featured in secular documentaries about their alleged alien experiences.

Early on, the importance of this project was made crystal clear when we recorded an interview with UFO-experiencer, Joyce. Although there is a scientific, futuristic aspect to this phenomenon (that we will deal with in the movie), there is also a dark spiritual aspect. Believe it or not, like potentially millions of others, Joyce once believed she encountered alien entities in her own home. Years ago, her family were even featured in a mainstream, secular TV documentary. She recounted to us her traumatic experiences through very painful tears, but also testified how she was delivered from them when she called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for help! It was agonizingly difficult to continue as Gary and I both broke down while listening to her trembling voice and the trauma that she and her young family suffered at the hands of evil entities. But we had to remain calm and supportive, the best we could, for Joyce’s sake, and felt humbled as she opened up to us. We both agreed, we will never forget that day.

These encounters really brought home the fact that we must tell these people’s stories.

She is one of several that will feature in this movie, and these encounters really brought home the fact that we must tell these people’s stories. They are so often dismissed as cranks by those who do not understand. Our purpose is to expose the enemy, and show people the spiritual nature of the deception, and most of all, that they need Jesus, and can be delivered just like Joyce.

A creation presentation like nothing before

Dewey Hodges, Ph.D. (aerospace engineering) explains the problems for interstellar travel.

Now of course, CMI’s core ministry is not just making movies but rather producing life-changing information to the church and beyond. Film and media is just one way we do this, as was the case with Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels (EAH), which was the most powerful evolution antidote we’ve ever produced. It was also the case with EAH that we relied on your financial support to make it happen, because such projects are over and above what we normally do day to day. It is my view that:

  • We already know Gary’s book of the same theme has been one of the most widely circulated creation books ever written.
  • Due to the popularity of science fiction and alien themes; this subject has a greater attraction/pulling power to reach the unchurched.
  • This project has the potential to reach even more people than anything we’ve ever done before.

So, in faith, we’ve already embarked upon filming, post production and producing video animations for this latest project as we want to finish it quickly. We are aiming for a release date towards the end of 2017. That’s not far away.

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