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Answering questions about aliens/UFOs


It surprises some to find out that we get a steady stream of questions about aliens and UFOs. However, almost 20 years ago, Gary Bates saw the need for a Christian explanation of this disturbing phenomenon, and our alien/UFO information has helped thousands of people since. Here are two recent messages we’ve received, along with responses from CMI-US CEO Gary Bates. The first one reveals he came to faith as a result of having answers in this area.

Russell E., Australia, writes:

Hello, I watched with interest Gary Bates’ movie, Alien Intrusion. In fact, it was one of the key events me finding God and being saved in Jesus Christ.

I am curious whether Gary has done any research into the “entities” encountered when people take drugs such as DMT and psilocybin. To me (having encountered them and resisted them) the similarities to the “aliens” and other spirit beings over the ages, convincingly described in the movie as manifestations of devils, is striking. And in fact there is a lot of writing linking DMT “entities” with “aliens” but not from a Christian perspective, and I am yet to find anything that explains they are devils, best dealt with by rejection of them and faith in Lord Jesus.

Gary responds:

Hi Russell, and welcome to the family of God.

I would try to avoid a one-size-fits-all answer to the type of experiences that some people have when taking drugs. This is because of the nature of the drugs themselves. Hallucinations may occur due to someone’s interest (even if just a passing one) in UFOs, for example. It’s a bit like having a dream about things that one may have been dealing with in one’s life. When in a sleep-like or subconscious state our imagination can certainly take over in bizarre ways. And other experiences may be more sinister in nature and indeed involve spiritual activity. My research revealed that there often seems to be an entry point or circumstance in someone’s life or their belief system that demonic spiritual entities seem to take advantage of. For example, it can be drugs, alcoholism, past unreconciled trauma, an interest in new age or other cultic religious beliefs. In my book, Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection, I called this a ‘pre-belief’ or a pre-disposition or even dabbling in such fields, and even Harvard Professor and author of the book Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens John Mack found a similar thing with the ‘abductees’ (I prefer to use the term ‘experiencers’ as they are not really being abducted or taken anywhere). Mack, who is not a Christian, featured in our movie—the one you referenced in your email.

However, what about those folks I mentioned who are past abuse victims, etc., and who have no record of believing in ’New Age’ practices, for example? Well, simply, the devil is no respecter of persons. He will exploit any vulnerability or weakness in an effort to isolate them and break them. These victims have often not talked about past abuse or drug involvement, and when they have these ‘alien encounters’, most will just do what they’ve always done, which is to internalize it. Most experiencers find it extremely difficult to talk about their experiences because they are often not sure what really occurred to them. It’s not exactly the type of thing one could talk about at work around the water cooler with others. It is exactly this isolating experience that the enemy uses to draw and then push the person further into the experience, because in a bizarre way, they feel that only one that can understand what they are going through is the one who is abusing them and this drives them deeper into the experience overall. We see a similar pattern with people today who are the hidden victims of controlling abusers, for example.

And I mention all this as a differentiator between experiences. These aforementioned victims undergo more than just simply seeing beings or figures. They have a much deeper level of contact with any manifesting entities. They are told things like they have been chosen or are part of some grand cosmic plan for the earth. Researchers such as I use a set of markers known as the Classic Abduction Syndrome which can help us understand if the experience might be just hallucinatory or a deceptive encounter with spiritual forces.

As the US government has now brought the subject of UFO encounters to the fore in recent months, I expect that these experiences will increase among the general population as Satan tries to take advantage of people’s general belief that UFOs are really extraterrestrial craft containing alien beings. This is why getting this information out is more important now than ever.

This is a very brief explanation of a complex subject. So I do recommend grabbing a copy of the Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection book as it is very comprehensive in this area. It is also available as an eBook or an audio book from the link I have provided. And to assist with this, coinciding with recent government announcements, we produced an inexpensive, paper sleeved DVD version of the movie Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception where (at the time of writing only) one can buy multiple copies to give away for as little as $2.00 USD each.

I’m delighted to hear that you were one of the ones helped by this information and I also hope this added information has also helped.

Michael M., Canada, wrote:

There is a YouTube video which (supposedly) features and engineer who worked for the US Gov’t building Deep Underground Military Bases. His left hand is missing 2 fingers, following a gunfight with aliens underground. The story doesn’t really fit with what Gary Bates says of the Satanic nature of “alien” encounters. Do you (or Gary) know if the video is fake? I know of at least 1 Christian website that shows a clip of a large part of the Schneider video as genuine. If you have a good answer for me, please post it on your site.

Gary Bates responds:

Thanks for the inquiry. Unfortunately, we get sent lots and lots of links to YouTube videos asking us for comment. As a policy, we refrain from viewing them as requested, otherwise we’d have no time for anything else.

But in short, your summary is no different to lots of similar claims I’ve heard over the years. As the US Govt. has a ‘We can neither confirm or deny that Mr X worked for us.” Or “That the alleged video was taken at one of our bases.” So, it is all too easy to make spectacular claims knowing that the authorities will not denounce you. The most famous case was alleged engineer Bob Lazar who claims he worked at Area 51 and saw alien bodies. His story is full of holes, but our tendency is to think that people would not come up with these fantastic stories unless they are true. However, in my experience and particularly in the area of UFOs this is simply not the case. You wrote, “The video (supposedly) features and engineer who worked for the US Gov’t building Deep Underground Military Bases. His left hand is missing 2 fingers, following a gunfight with aliens underground.” But quite simply, how do you know this is true? You are assuming there is truth in what is being told. Similarly you wrote, “Christian website that shows a clip of a large part of the Schneider video as genuine.” Again, you have just made a presumption that because they said it was genuine, therefore it must be (Christians cannot be mistaken…right?). Unfortunately, and I am not just being dismissive, too much of this stuff is just completely bogus. And that’s what I think this is.

For Christians, such alleged evidence about aliens should be very easy to discern. The Bible should be our starting point in all things. Does Scripture allow for aliens? It most certainly doesn’t. I recommend you read the article Did God create life on other planets? as it has a Bible-first approach like all information this ministry produces. And I have a full comprehensive treatise about Area 51 and the likes of Bob Lazar in my book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection. If you have an interest in this subject, I think it would be helpful for you to grab a copy to be fully informed from a biblical perspective.

Published: 14 August 2021

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