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UFOs, dark matter and Hugh Ross

Is dark matter an explanation to the spiritual realm?

PixabayArtists impression of a so called UFO

Tim L. wrote in citing an interview with Hugh Ross and the UFO phenomenon, and if there might be any connection between the concept of dark matter and the Bible’s spiritual realm. Gary Bates responds.

I recently listened to an episode 4 of [website name withheld due to feedback rules] Doubletake titled “Do you want to believe?”. Having watched Alien Intrusion, I was disappointed Hugh Ross was interviewed, but Gary Bates wasn’t. Having said that, toward the end, it was mentioned as a possibility what theologians refer to as the spiritual realm, is what a physicist would call a higher dimension. It’s been a while since I watched Alien Intrusion, so I don’t recall if it’s addressed, but is it your view this is an accurate description of reality? Namely, the spiritual realm could legitimately be referred to as a physical place separated from us on a different plane in 4D? Physicists talk of space being bent in 4D. Maybe that’s where Heaven is, and maybe that’s why Scripture describes our translation to Heaven as being nearly instantaneous. Even more interesting, maybe dark matter is the spiritual realm located elsewhere in 4D, and that’s why we can only detect dark matter gravitationally?

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your email.

We notice you have submitted a number of questions to our site. A good rule is to search CREATION.com first as it would reveal many of the answers to your questions. For example, a search revealed the article Can spirits manifest physically? at least provides some biblical insights into the physical-type manifestations we see in the Bible. Clearly, what we regard as spiritual forces, on occasions, manifest physically in our realm. But on other occasions, they seem to be interacting and affecting our realm without being physically seen. The aforementioned article has a good discussion of these points.

Even secular UFO researchers are starting to realize that they are now dealing with something that is more akin to spiritual or interdimensional, as they might put it. Modern-day UFO researcher Nick Redfern (from the History Channel et al), you might recall, revealed as much in our movie Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception even using the term ‘demonic’. There is an article that reveals his views called UFOs are not extraterrestrial! Modern secular researchers are getting closer to the truth.

Besides the search engine on our site and looking for specific terms, we do have a comprehensive Aliens Q&A section has some of the key questions answered there. Our general Q&A section deals with all kinds of topics related to the creation vs. evolution debate. Keep in mind that the movie version is really just a condensed version of the book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection. This is very comprehensive and if you are interested in exploring a bit deeper, then this resource is highly recommended. It is also available as an eBook at the link provided above.

With regard to Hugh Ross, I have read his book on the subject and attempt at explaining the UFO phenomenon, but he ‘hoists himself on his own petard’. While he might dismiss UFO sightings as not being aliens/extraterrestrial in nature, in his book, he devoted a chapter to the big bang theory on the origins of our universe. The big bang is central to the secular UFO/alien hypothesis. Simply, in a c.14-billion-year-old universe, if life evolved on earth by chance, it must have evolved elsewhere. And, if our milky way is in a relatively young part of the universe, then alien civilizations could have evolved millions and even billions of years before humans. Thus, their technology could be millions of years in advance of ours. Hence, this is why they have developed faster-than-light travel and can visit the earth, and stealthily abduct people in the middle of the night and so on. (See ET needed evolution). In fact, the need of a big bang in this manner was cited by a UFO investigator at the very first UFO conference I attended many years ago when I started out researching my book. Even if the secular view of ETs is spiritual it is still tied to the big bang and the idea that highly evolved aliens are visiting us from another realm or dimension. This is known as the interdimensional hypothesis, and ideas like multiverse, for example.

ESA/Hubble & NASA, R. Tully; acknowledgment: Gagandeep AnandResting on the tail of the Great Bear in the constellation of Ursa Major lies NGC 5585, a spiral galaxy

As our own Dr Jonathan Sarfati has said, ‘If one marries one’s Bible to secular science, one is likely to be widowed tomorrow.’ Ross, has hitched his theology to secular science. In the same way, I would be cautious about accepting dark matter as a reality. There is no question that the concept of this invisible ‘stuff’ has its origins in big bang beliefs as it is being used as a fudge factor to explain certain characteristics of the universe. Presently, there is no physical evidence to suggest the reality of dark matter. But even if there was, similarly, it is complete conjecture to suggest this is somehow connected to the spiritual realm. Some Christians have even jumped onboard multiverse theory to explain same.

Thus, Ross has needed to modify, bluff and change his views on numerous occasions when the secular science has changed its position. And due to initial discoveries by the newly launched James Webb telescope, many scientists are now wondering if they should shelve the big bang altogether as the images from the telescope are not revealing what they expected.1 So what will people like Hugh Ross and the theistic evolutionary organizations like Biologos do if their ‘God used a big bang’ theology is dumped by the secular scientific community. Also see my article called Did God use a big bang?

Keep in mind that when we hear the term ‘spiritual’, we tend to think something ethereal or ‘ghost-like’. But the Bible indicates that humans are also spiritual beings. So, being spiritual is just a part of who we are and not the sum of it. All we do know from Scripture, is that angels seem to have the ability to go from their realm to ours, while we are limited to our own spacetime dimensions. See article about the hypothetical Flatlanders. Modern science has no difficulty with the idea that the familiar three dimensions (length, breadth, height) are not all there is to reality. Knowing this might make our concept of God’s workings easier to understand

I hope you have time to enjoy the few links I included to aid in your further research.

Published: 3 September 2022

References and notes

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