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Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming! Part two

Are we on the verge of a humanity-shaping announcement?


Published: 25 February 2021 (GMT+10)

What is commonly called ‘the UFO phenomenon’ is nothing new. Even the relatively uninterested would be aware that millions have claimed to have seen UFOs and even abductions by alleged aliens. Some of these include high profile people such as former US presidents and government officials in other countries. Towards the end of the last century, claims of UFO sightings by air force pilots, military personnel and alleged alien abductions of individuals, were hyped up in the media due to the sensationalist nature of them. Then after a while, such claims became rather passé or ‘old hat’, even though sightings and abduction claims continued unabated. This led to many informed UFOlogists, military personnel and government officials becoming frustrated at what they perceived as an ignoring of the facts and, even worse, deliberate coverups.

Team Commander Robert Jamison testifies to the deactivation of a nuclear missile due to UFO activity.

For example, in our documentary Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a deception (hereafter ‘AI doco.) we aired footage from a landmark conference held at the National Press Club in Washington DC on September 27, 2010. It featured numerous retired US Air Force officers who gave testimony after testimony about their experiences with UFOs while on active duty. This included seeing objects fly at speeds beyond the capabilities of any manmade aircraft, performing stops, abrupt turns without slowing down, and flying over nuclear missile silos and affecting the “operational readiness” of our front-line defence systems. They believed that this was of national importance, hence this press conference, and their conclusions were unanimous. No manmade technology by any government on Earth could do what these UFOs were doing. Ergo, it must be an advanced alien technology from another planet or, note, “another dimension” beyond our own.

Official investigations

Paperback edition of the Condon Report, published in 1969, 965 pages.

Due to the UFO craze that swept the world from the 1950s onward, the US government commissioned three official investigations to determine what was behind UFO sightings. These were Projects Sign, Grudge, and Bluebook. Later, a semi-independent report by a US university in collaboration with the US Air Force reviewed thousands of files from these previous projects. It was known as the Condon Report, and its principal investigator, Edward U. Condon concluded in 1969 that:

“nothing has come from the study of UFOs in the past 21 years that has added to scientific knowledge [and] further extensive study of UFOs probably cannot be justified.”1

The report was harshly criticized at the time (1969) by NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) for it being selective about data and minimizing the testimonies of experts in the military.2 They noted that Condon had stated:

Tristar/Getty ImagesHynek
UFO expert Dr. J. Allen Hynek holds a pipe and one of his magazine editorials while serving as technical advisor for the film, ‘Close Encounters of The Third Kind.’Columbia
“…from the beginning the possibility that some UFOs might be manned vehicles from outer space was considered, but naturally no publicity was given to this idea because of the total lack of evidence.”3

However, Bluebook ran for over 20 years, which would suggest there was plenty of data to research. This project also became the subject of a multipart docudrama on the History Channel in 2019.

To the layperson, many of these physics-defying feats by UFOs sound speculative, even unbelievable, but these are well-known in the UFO research community. So, one can imagine then, the genuine frustration of those ‘in the know’ who feel that this information should be more widely known. This was also the case with the head of Project Bluebook, Dr J. Allen Hynek, a professor of astronomy who worked on Sign and later headed Bluebook. In my book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection (hereafter ‘AI book’), I reported that:

“J. Allen Hynek’s book The Hynek Report of UFOs argues that, during his years as a researcher on Project Blue Book, the U.S. government intentionally deceived and lied to the American public about the nature of UFOs.”4

During his time with Bluebook Hynek was often pressured to explain away many non-reconcilable sightings as something else. He was the one who developed the term ‘swamp gas’ for some sightings. As a result, he started his own UFO investigative organization known as CUFOS (The Center for UFO studies).

Why haven’t governments been more candid?

All the above suggests that governments have not been candid about their investigations into UFOs. But it is not because they are covering up any secrets about the origins of any ET visitors. Governments keep secrets all the time and sometimes for our own protection, as in military secrets. It’s not always because they have some nefarious agenda with regard to its citizens as many conspiracy theorists like to believe. In the case of UFOs, it is most likely because:

  1. They did not really understand what they were dealing with. After all, it was not as if they had ever captured a genuine extraterrestrial space vehicle or alien bodies to conduct empirical research upon. (See The Roswell Incident was not really an alien spaceship). Although some UFOs have been seen on radar, can leave physical traces, and have affected our environment in some ways, in most cases the research is primarily conducted upon testimonies of what we call ‘experiencers’. Thus, it is not firsthand scientific research. And it is a scientific fact that nearly all of these cases can be shown to be of a naturalistic origin, such as lightning, flocks of birds, clouds, or mistaken aerial craft, etc. But there are always a few that defy any such naturalistic interpretation. We believe most of these, and many of the alleged abduction cases of individuals to are likely to be spiritual in nature, in part because they can appear and disappear from our physical realm. And because governments tend not to accept or even officially recognize the spiritual realm, simply, in the past they’ve had no explanation for what they were investigating.
  2. Governments need to reassure their citizens that they are in control. It is unlikely that there would ever be any government announcement that basically said, “Yes, there were unidentified flying objects that deactivated some of our nuclear weapons. We do not know what they were, but there is nothing to worry about!” Well, some governments maybe. Notably, the Mexican government has often released footage and radar of UFOs candidly saying, ‘We don’t know what they are’. We showed some in the AI doco.
  3.  mexico-AF-footage
    2004 Mexican Air Force Pilot footage unexplained to this day.
  4. Particularly during the post-Word War II era and with the advent of the Cold War, the possibility of global conflict and escalation was never far away. Governments and citizens tended to be a little more ‘paranoid’ about such things. Keeping citizens reassured was paramount. The Brookings Report in 1961 noted:

    “While the discovery of intelligent life in other parts of the universe is not likely in the immediate future, it could nevertheless, happen at any time. Discovery of intelligent beings on other planets could lead to an all-out effort by Earth to contact them, or it could send sweeping changes or even the downfall of civilization…societies sure of their place have disintegrated when confronted by a superior society.”5 (Emphasis mine).

This is the last thing any government needs. In short, most governments, and notably the US government, for many years have steadfastly denied that UFO sightings have anything to do with extraterrestrial beings.

What, if anything, has changed?

A key article I wrote in 2011 called Prepare ye the way—the aliens are coming! Popular fantasy becomes cultural ‘fact’ cited numerous examples of how various government authorities (both federally and locally) seemed to be taking actions to prepare us for an imminent contact with extraterrestrials. I wondered why this shift was happening but felt much of it had to do with the growing weight of evidence of strange phenomena which in an age of social media sharing has only accelerated. The groundswell of public opinion and pressure has led to movements such as The Disclosure Project. This is a campaign that, through public pressure and petitions, is trying to get governments to ‘disclose’ their true findings about UFO sightings and alleged alien technology that they are ‘covering up’. It was founded by Dr Steven Greer, a former medical doctor who now makes movies about UFOs and government coverups. And as a teacher of transcendental meditation, he ‘helps’ people get into personal contact with alien entities (or so he says). I believe Greer plays fast and loose with the truth. For example, see our review of his movie Sirius where he misled viewers into thinking that DNA testing of a six-inch mummified body found in a Chilean desert proved that it was an alien. In reality, the DNA evidence showed that it was human and had genetic markers consistent with indigenous women from the region.6 However, events over the last couple of years have played into his hands and given him more credibility than he deserves.

The drip feeding starts.

In 2017 we revealed that the Obama administration had been spending millions of dollars investigating UFOs. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, one of the promulgators of this program defended the spending at the time saying on Twitter:


This announcement came with the unprecedented release of footage of a US Navy pilot chasing a UFO.

A Navy F-18 pilot chases an unidentified flying object. There is audio with this clip.

So, instead of years of denials and investigations that said there was nothing to solve, this was an about turn in policy. In the ensuing years more footage has been released on a regular basis. And now Reid has lifted the lid on the whole program saying that “most” UFO evidence has not seen the light of day. Being interviewed for the 2020 UFO documentary Phenomenon, he adds:

““Why the federal government all these years has covered up, put brake pads on everything, stopped it, I think it’s very, very bad for our country.”7

In the one-minute video immediately below he also confirms that UFOs affected the operational readiness of the US’s nuclear arsenal to such an extent that they could not have been launched if needed.

Along with this change of direction from the US government comes a change in the way these phenomena are described. No longer are they to be called UFOs, but now UAPs, that is, Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. Presumably, the UFO moniker is associated with a poor history of flaky claims. UAPs indicate a move to take the phenomenon more seriously.

We should keep in mind that government’s approaches to science and their associated research groups, such as universities, are driven by naturalism. This is never more evident than in the creation versus evolution debate, where the idea of a supernatural creator is rejected and ridiculed a priori. The only exception where any ‘spiritual’ explanation might be considered is when it forms part of a multiverse or multidimensional hypotheses. But note that these ideas are still part of a naturalistic, evolutionary big bang model. Worldviews play the single biggest role in interpreting UFO phenomena. Explaining ‘unexplainable’ UFOs as advanced alien technology is really the only interpretation available to them because of their naturalistic worldviews—even if the phenomena have all the characteristics of being spiritual.

The Trump Presidency COVID-19 relief bill and UFO disclosures

It would be easy to dismiss this as one Senator’s obsession spilling over into this Administration’s policies. But the government’s study on this subject has been going on for over 80 years. And in April 2020 the Pentagon released three more videos of its air combat units interacting with UAPs, even including links so that that viewers could download them. Reid chimes in again:


I’ve had a sense for some time that something has been brewing, and had been intending to write an article like this. But I am glad I waited. Towards of the end of his Presidency in December 2020, Donald Trump signed a $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government funding bill. But this health-related legislation contained many other things, including a requirement for all Federal agencies to disclose their findings about UFOs and whether they pose a threat to US security. This must be done within 180 days/6 months of the Bill and is to be forwarded to The Senate Intelligence Committee, which is chaired by Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

The 180-day countdown to disclosure has begun. But what is really going on?

So, after 80 years the US government has finally confirmed what we all knew. We featured lots of commonly available footage of UFOs in our AI doco. But why is the US government now being more candid?

Just a few of the genuinely unexplained UFO sightings. Top left: Newspaper report from 1952. Top right: The ‘New Mexico’ photo. Above left:The ‘McMinnville’ photograph from 1957. Above middle: Lights over Washington D.C. Above right: The ‘Lubbock Lights’. Two of the photos show what appeared to be craft flying in formation.

Commenting on the now famous ‘Tic-Tac’ UFO video near a US navy ship, former CIA Director said what most people, including many Christians, already believe. He said that it was:

“‘presumptuous and arrogant’ for people and governments to believe that the organisms found on Earth were the only forms of life in the universe.”8

It is possible that we are about to face an unprecedented time in human history, where, on an official basis, these events could be used to redefine the traditional view of humanity’s place in the universe. We have previously written on how UFOlogy is becoming the world’s fastest-growing ‘scientific’ religion. This article included the results of a poll which claimed:

  • 80% believe that the government is hiding the existence of extraterrestrial life forms
  • 64% believe aliens have contacted humans
  • 50% believe that aliens have abducted humans
  • 75% believe that a UFO crashed near Roswell

Clearly such beliefs are now mainstream. Now that the ‘cat is out of the bag’, and that government authorities are faced with phenomena they seemingly cannot explain, it seems inevitable that we are potentially going to see an announcement that UFOs likely represent some form of extraterrestrial technology. In short, ‘We are being visited by aliens.’ Such a government-sanctioned view could be used to undermine Christianity and the Bible on a massive scale by creating huge doubt. It is already a view of some scientists that aliens created life on Earth. Regardless of any government’s take on this, CMI is a Bible-first ministry and it is our steadfast view that God did not create life on other planets. This has even made us relatively unpopular among some Christian friends who have unwittingly been led by pop culture views.

Beliefs among secular UFO researchers have also been changing in recent years. No longer do most secular UFO researchers believe in real physical craft visiting us from a galaxy far, far away (The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis). Instead, due to the nature of the evidence collected from over 80 years, they take more of an Interdimensional (hypothesis) view. See this article by a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) National Director called UFO beliefs are changing. In our AI doco, we also showed an interview with Professor John Mack, psychologist and former Head of Harvard Medical School. He is also a Pulitzer Prize-winning author who, based upon his firsthand research, wrote one of the most popular books about alien abductions. In his interview he claimed that we were being visited by ‘spirit beings coming to us from another realm or dimension.’

This is no small thing. It is good that they are actually moving towards the directions we’ve held. But, we also need to be prepared in advance with answers. New spiritual views about aliens are already being used to displace the Bible’s traditional view of the spirit realm. I.e., the ‘primitive Bible writers mistook alien visitations as angels and even Christ Himself.’

End times applications?

US ‘Ronald Reagan addressing the United Nations.’

It is normal that upon reading this that many of us will automatically and somewhat naturally gravitate to possible end times applications. Are these a precursor or not? Perhaps they are, but we can’t know for sure. But former U.S. President Ronald Reagan understood that the world would suddenly become a small place if an alien attack were real. During an address to the United Nations General Assembly, he said:

“In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”9

One can only imagine what a globally unifying event any ‘alien announcement’ would be. In the over the 30-plus years I have been researching this, I have heard every eschatological angle. But in the here and now there is no way we can determine whether such interpretations are correct because they relate to potential future events. And would focusing on events that may or may not happen win people to the Lord? As such, we recommend not being diverted from evangelism by our views on eschatology, but to instead stay focused on the events of here and now. We are going to face challenges to defend Christianity and our beliefs as we see an ever-increasing acceptance of UFOs/UAPs cited as evidence of alien interaction with humans.

However, UFOs beliefs are changing due to the mounting evidence for their spiritual nature of the unexplained phenomena. The evidence is actually on our side. Both the secular and Christian researchers agree about the spiritual nature of UFO’s, although we might disagree about its origin. But this more recent evidence that is readily available to all researchers is being widely ignored. Today, believers in alien visitations actually have a problem with the views of their own secular experts—not we Christians as we understand the evidence within our worldview. For example, UFOlogist Nick Redfern (author of over 40 books), said:

“But, I can say for sure that, every year, my views that we are dealing with something much stranger than ET grow stronger. The main reason: the phenomenon works too hard to come across as alien…‘We are part of a symbiotic relationship with something which disguises itself as an extra-terrestrial invasion so as not to alarm us’ (quoting McKenna).”10
Nick Redfern being interviewed in Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception.

Although a secular researcher, Redfern indicates in our AI doco that experiences with these alleged alien entities are, indeed, demonic.

Testimony upon testimony indicate an obsession with the nature and personhood of Jesus Christ by our alleged alien visitors. Why are alleged alien abductions halted in the name of Christ? Why are supposedly, highly-evolved and technologically advanced beings frightened of a supposedly dead, ‘mythical’ figure? As the wise King Solomon once said:

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9, NIV).

We have powerful evidence readily available to show the real agenda behind the UFO phenomenon. If you have not heard this information before, we encourage you to be prepared. Don’t be marginalized, but let’s see people set free by proclaiming truth (John 8:32). After a screening, Debra S. wrote to say:

“God Bless you! We saw ‘Alien Intrusion’ last week and it was fantastic. I read the book just prior to seeing the movie and am in total agreement with the assessment that aliens are indeed demons. The presentation was spot-on. Thank you for your ministry! After the movie, the person that had been sitting in front of us introduced herself and said that she had seen ‘aliens’ as a child and that the movie not only helped her but was exactly true to life. Thank you for the fantastic scientific and spiritual view that was presented. And once again, God Bless you abundantly!!!”

You can screen Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception as an outreach event in your church. We even supply artwork for posters and brochures for you to print. Click here.

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Readers’ comments

Joseph B.
Just curious, why would they travel that way rather than stay hidden, did you say it's to give the idea of extraterrestrial?
Are these things acting (we we catch them on camera) consistently with demons and previous entities believed to be demonic (like fairies)?
This has got to be the field I have the least knowledge on, any articles that I've missed that explain all this?
Don Batten
Check the related reading and further reading at the bottom of the article.
But, above all, I recommend Gary's book, Alien Intrusion. It is also available as an e-book (both formats). The movie is great too, but the book has much more detail. There is a pack that has both the book and video at a discounted price.
Wanda G.
It's odd that most of these sightings seem to be happening in the US and not nearly as much if at all in other countries.
Gary Bates
That is actually not the case. One might think so because the US Govt. Has started to open and be more transparent about the sightings they've experienced. But if you reread the article you will note that I also showed a picture from the Mexican military. Sightings occur all over the world in countries like England and Australia also. We might expect other govts to follow the US's lead. This will probably happen over a number of years. I recommend the Alien Intrusion book as it will list many of the countries that have experienced numerous sightings.
Kari R.
Some 30 yrs ago I had a visit with an older man, Roy Wooley, who was well acquainted with a young man that had been abducted for three days and returned. Of course, I was interested in the account, after all, the supposed abduction was made into a movie. However, I do not believe in life on other planets. What we see and can't see in the heavens was created to display the glory of the Lord and give us some representation of eternity, as in space and time. Other dimensions, however, are biblical, as in the spirit realm the servant of Elijah was allowed to witness. What did make sense to me was that the abducted young man and Roy Wooley were both members of the LDS church.
Gary Bates
You are referring to the case of Travis Walton. I thoroughly researched this case in my book. However, at the time I did not know he was a Mormon, and I will need to update this. A Wikipedia page has ainfo from Walton's book as follows: "Yes, according to Travis's book, Fire in the Sky, he has Mormon roots. Referring to Snowflake residents on first moving to Snowflake Travis wrote, "' never told anyone, but my Mormon roots were as deep as anyone's. They didn't know it but, going way back, I'm actually related to some of them. My great-great-grandfather, Joseph Walton, was among the pioneer families to settle the Utah Valley with Brigham Young.'" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Travis_Walton_(UFO_witness)/Archive_1). Some people have tried to refute my analysis of this by claiming he was a Christian. Obviously not, so his experience makes even more sense now. Thanks for the email.
Michael B.
I wonder how much of this may be related to this that Paul spoke of in 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 "The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness." Thank you for not leaving such subjects ignored but instead placing them directly in the Light of Truth. Your Brother in Christ, Michael
Gary Bates
FWIW Michael, I think it has everything to do with the passage you cited. Be blessed.
Susan J.
Fascinating stuff, but my Chartered Electrical Engineer husband says it's atmospherics causing these sightings. Could it possibly be electro magnetism? God's Throne is emerald green with lightening and a rainbow around it. The Ark of the Covenant is a kind of battery. As I child, I had "imaginary" friends who were visible to me only. People claim to have seen apparitions also, eg Fatima etc.
Gary Bates
Hi Susan, I've been researching this for over 20 years now and I wish there was a simple one size fits all answer. We can actually categorize the majority of UFO sightings and natural or manmade phenomena but there is always a residual that defy any naturalistic explanation. and are well attested to. But then how does one explain the alien abduction phenomenon which also leaves physical evidence? No disrespect meant, but to suggest same implies that you might be a little new to the subject matter. But that's ok and it's why we are here. We have a lot of articles on the subject, See our Alien Life / UFO Questions and Answers section. Also we have very popular Amazon top 50 book on the subject and an award winning documentary available in many formats. I think you would be surprised at the wealth of data and intensive research that we have made into this subject. Please follow the links to find out more.
Andy D.
Gary Bates: "There will be no more nephilim. They were destroyed in the Flood and did not exist after the Flood (and no to their mention in Numbers, which was clearly a lying report by the spies)." What about Genesis 6:4's phrase "and also afterward"?
Gary Bates
Hi Andy, in the comment you read to another person, I supplied a link to a chapter from my book which answers this and more. Click here.
Neal P.
Somewhere in the dim convoluted recesses of my memory, I can "hear" Billy Graham talking about the possibility of another whole civilization living among us in a totally different dimension...that another Grand Central Station could be running right through this church and we wouldn't even know it! (Words to that effect!) Fan the flames!
Gary Bates
Unfortunately, Billy Graham also believed in extraterrestrial life. https://billygraham.org/answer/is-there-life-on-other-planets/.
Jordan C.
Seems to me that the growing popularity of "UFO sightings" are yet another eschatological "sign post." The staggering percentage of people sited in this work that believe in aliens do no surprise me. Its just a reflection of the times. I believe that Satan will have an easy "explanation" to offer those who are not saved during the moment when the bride of Christ is caught up to meet with Jesus in the air in the twinkling of an eye. "What happened to all those Christians?" They will ask, "Aliens abducted the least fit of humanity and if we do not embrace Humanism(or some other religion) it will happen again to another group until the most fit are allowed to proper!" I think this is part of the prince of this worlds plan. As this is my opinion, as I know many brethren will disagree. I say, Maranatha! For our redemption draws near!
Gary Bates
Thanks Jordan, interesting how many end times comments this article is receiving given my comments about same at the end of the article. :) Be blessed.
To Michael O
"Elijah was witnessed by Elisha being taken up in a chariot from God," May I respectfully suggest that you read II Kings 2?! Your statement is totally false! Elijah was taken up by a whirlwind (v.11), as already forecast (v.1). The chariot separated the two men (v.11), but that was all. Stick to the written Word of God, and not to [word removed] spirituals, however, lovely!
Eddie C.
I read Alien Intrusion! Great book. It really cleared up a lot of things for me, even confirmation of a demonic experience that I had when I was 17 years old when I couldn't move and call out to Jesus. I believed it was demonic then and it matched so many other experiences that people have had. I do however fully believe that if there is an alien reveal it is going to be a key component of rolling out the end times deception. Why have they made contact? Well of course, its because they 'helped us from ape to man' and now they are here to help us evolve to the next level. A lie built upon 150 years of lies. Scary times if you don't know the Lord.
Very interesting report! Are present situations preparing us for another visit from the Nephilim? Another possible interpretation of the Genesis account for these being is the "daughters of men and sons of god" was an attempt to explain the "alien"/fallen angelic being walking amongst them. And, the "great men of old" seems to suggest they may have taken over. God had some reason He felt that the whole creation had been changed/ corrupted beyond repair, that it had to be totally destroyed from the geology up. You are right! The next correction is probably the Second coming. God hast the day.
Gary Bates
There will be no more nephilim. They were destroyed in the Flood and did not exist after the Flood (and no to their mention in Numbers, which was clearly a lying report by the spies). And as for NT mentions of 'As in the days of Noah' it does not mention and, thus, cannot refer to the Nephilim. Here is a free chapter from my book that comprehensively discusses all the Genesis 6 views about the sons of God. Remember the search engine is your friend. :) Who were the sons of god in Genesis 6?, and the web article The return of the nephilim?
Colin N.
I tried once to alert my church to the aliens issue but they just thought I was spouting science fiction (didn't help that I am a published novelist). If I remember rightly, you showed in alien Intrusion that "aliens" avoid genuine Christians because we can discern them by the Spirit and rebuke them in the name of Jesus. So most Christians have no experience of this sort of phenomenon. Please keep hammering away on this. Back in the 1970s, a demon speaking by the mouth of Uri Geller announced that there would be more people like him in around 50 years' time. So the advent of an age where aliens are widely accepted may well be very close.
Michael S.
Yes it's become the new god-of-the-gaps fallacy, that if it isn't human and can't be explained, "ergo it's alien". There are some confusing aspects though. The concentration on military areas seems to be genuine. Are all UFOs demonic? Or are some of them possibly angelic carriages? That sounds absurd but it might make sense if God does not want the earth to be blown up by nuclear weapons, that angels should have control of the nuclear weapons. it wouldn't surprise me if angels have more duties in the practical sense, that we know. There was one film where very clearly a meteorite of a fairly large size was going to hit earth but something collided with it in mid-air which then made it break up and it's impact was then fairly negligible. I don't know if you have seen that video Gary, you may find it on utube no doubt. This is all of course, sheer speculation by myself. But the point is when you think about it if some UFOs were an angelic host then is it really God's fault that humanity jumps to the conclusion of aliens? Really it is only those with an evolutionary worldview that would jump to that conclusion.
Gary Bates
Please go back to the article and read my response to a comment by Michael O. God's angels do not fly about in vehicles that give most people the impression that they are craft guided by intelligent aliens. He is not a God of confusion. It would be helpful is you did more research on this. I think the Alien Intrusion book would be good as the idea you mention is comprehensively covered. How would you explain alien abductions that occur when some of these UFOs are in the vicinity? Do God's angels stealthily abduct people in the middle of the night, leaving them terrified, suffering from sleep terrors for the rest of their lives and PTSD, and give their victims messages that Jesus was just an advanced spaceman and that Christians interpret the Bible incorrectly because it is actually a record of alien visitations mistaken to be God and angels. You are probably not aware of most of this which is why it is rather dangerous to draw speculative conclusions based upon little research. Hence the book recommendation. And one other thought. After 20+ years and speaking in probably over a thousand churches, I can state for sure that most Christians have no problem with alien life. It's not just those with an evolutionary worldview. All the best.
B M.
To Gary Bates,

With the US as feverishly partisan as it is at the present moment do you think that if they’re is a disclosure it would be interpreted along party lines? By and large, right leaning politicians tend to track Christian while left leaning politicians tend to track atheist. If the disclosure is being overseen by a politician on the right does that possibly mean that a more Christian way of viewing this phenomenon is forthcoming? In other words, will a grand plot twist that it was demons all along hurtle us into a far more Christianized era than what we expected? I know we can’t predict the future but given what we know about US politics these days it seems plausible that such a scenario may play out. Especially as we consider that many on the right see their political opponents as tools of Satan driving religion from the public sphere. The UFO/UAP evidence may be seen as the smoking gun to convince the masses that the Bible is telling the truth and America needs to be declared a Christian nation before the demons take over.

By the way I have purchased both your book and movie and love your work. God continue to bless your ministry and lead you to even more exalted views of our Savior.
Gary Bates
Interesting question. I think I can be dogmatic about this because my experience from over 30 years of ministry indicate that most, and I do mean most, Christians have no problem with the idea of intelligent ET life. Note the poll in the article. If such views are held by a majority of the population surely that must mean a lot of Christians too! Also note Reagan's (Republican) statement to the UN. This is not a political, or partisan subject at all, and both sides would be equally as bad as one another. Note the 180 day request came from a Conservative administration also. I think it would be unwise to favor any political party because we think they side with any Christian perspective on this issue, when the church itself has not properly addressed it. Hence, why we do what we do at CMI on this subject.
Wayne W.
I firmly believe the disclosure of "alien" life forms part of the end times delusion spoken of by Paul in 2 Thessaolians 2 v11. Evolutionists are desperate to prove the existence of microbial life on other planets .. just look at the hype around the Mars Perseverance River landings and its mission to search for signs of "ancient life". I surmise they may well find such evidence not because any life could arise from naturalistic evolution but as part of the delusion God will allow those literally hell bent on not believing in Him to believe. There is nothing to prevent God in His Sovereignty to have created other non nephesh type life elsewhere ... Scripture is silent on it. Also microbiological life could have transferred to Mars after meteor impacts on Earth sent meteors to Mars. All said if there was an announcement that evidence of microbial life was found on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system that would "prepare the way" to introduce evidence of "intelligent alien life" visiting this planet. It will be "of course they evolved elsewhere" etc and evolutionary belief will be buttressed ...the delusion they want to believe will be bought hook line and sinker!
What follows from the "aliens" ... which are none other than fallen angels ... will be their narrative that they "created" humans and that they have mingled with humans (hybrids) now and in the past. That perhaps one of these "hybrids" is introduced as the hope for peace and prosperity ie the antichrist!
Jesus warned that it would be "as it was in the days of Noah" at His Second Coming. The fallen angel human hybrid stuff then set off Gods fierce judgement... will it not be the same "intrusion of alien/strange flesh" cf book of Jude that will bring Gods final judgement now. Even so Come Lord Jesus!
Gary Bates
I would be a little cautious about suggesting what God 'could have done, might have done' etc. It should always be out what He 'has done'. The Bible is silent about many things but that does not mean they are permissible, particularly when such ideas might undermine the Gospel. One can make logical deductions from Scripture. Please read these articles which might help in having a more nuanced approach. Did God create life on other planets?; Is the Bible falsifiable? And would a real live ET do it? and part two..
Michael O.
As a Bible student and Sunday preacher I have to say that I take a different view of UFO's. Twice I have witnessed heavenly vehicles which behaved totally beyond mankinds understanding, The most clear was seeing what is called a featureless cigar tube UFO, glass like in appearance which flew just above fields as I was driving. It was approximately half a mile away and hundreds of feet in length. Our saviour Jesus was taken up in a cloud, Elijah was witnessed by Elisha being taken up in a chariot from God, so why cannot angels, God's messengers also travel in spritual vehicles? Jesus, the Son of God revealed to John as recorded for us in Revelation: "...And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood, And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen. Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him, and they also which pierced him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of him." Revelation 1 v 5-7 Even so come Lord Jesus.
Gary Bates
You say you have a view and it seems to be based upon what you have witnessed. Be careful my friend, because you are using your experience to interpret Scripture. This is the wrong way around. You need Scripture to interpret your experience. And nowhere in Scripture does it have God's angels flying around in vehicles like the ones you describe. Moreover, when angels have appeared to God's people they have declared who they are. Why would they fly around in mysterious shaped vehicles that ultimately deceive most into thinking that they are of extraterrestrial origin which undermines the Gospel. I recommend you do more research please. My article Christians shaped by experiences rather than the ‘Bible first’ approach would be a good place to start, and some of the links in the article. But the book Alien Intrusion should help give you closure on it all. Remember the Bible warns us not to lean on our own understanding.
Douglas W.
A recent question: How will the left-behind-World explain the Rapture of the Church? The People of God – the Ekklesia, some unexpected will have gone, some equally unexpected will be left! A lack of accurate research always covers up the reality. Much of Scientific, and very expensive, space exploration is geared to finding extraterrestrial life – hoping to prove the Evolutionary Paradigm; which it will not. In this kind of thinking, Alien Abduction will be easy to postulate....
Gary Bates
This is a very speculative question but I do cover it quite comprehensively in my book Alien Intrusion., so I recommend you grab a copy. A couple of things briefly. First consider that approximately half of the church does not believe in a rapture event (I'm not saying I agree with the BTW), but just a statement of fact. Additionally, ever since the Jesus left the earth, people have been believing that His return is imminent and, thus, we tend to look for signs in our times that might fit the bill. Aliens could certainly fit into that view, and the various 'alien' theologians have their own rapture events. (Again, my book refers to them). But, as with most eschatology, it refers to future events. We cannot know for sure. Who know, in a few hundred years, if we are still here, the whole alien hypothesis might be dead in the water.
Tj L.
I believe that the disclosures will be much more speculative than out right claiming aliens are flying around us aimlessly for decades. I think it will be more of a here is what we have draw your own conclusions we dont know like always unless they pull a dead alien out or something simply because they haven’t even found life on other planets yet
Gary Bates
I hope they don't make an announcement at all. Better to be prepared though. As for them producing an alien body; I don't think so. See Did God create life on other planets?
Philip P.
A mind blowing but reassuring read. Thanks once again for always being there up front.
Phil P

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