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Creation 35(4):56, October 2013

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Ancient Egypt confirms: Genesis is history


This brief article was removed from our magazine archive at the author’s request in January 2021.

He says: “The article was both unintentionally misleading and inaccurate in several respects, largely traceable to two of the sources it cited. One of these is the ‘Book of Sothis’ which is nowadays universally regarded as a pseudepigraphon thought to have been written c. AD 300–500, translated by Georgius Syncellus c. AD 810, and not written by an Egyptian priest called Manetho, as claimed. This was revealed in CMI’s Journal of Creation four years after my article appeared.[1] I nonetheless take responsibility for (and regret) the article’s inaccuracies, however caused.”

  1. Sibley, A., Dating the Tower of Babel events with reference to Peleg and Joktan, Journal of Creation 31(1):80–87, 2017, page 83; https://dl0.creation.com/articles/p098/c09874/J31_1_80-87.pdf.
Posted on homepage: 22 December 2014

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