Ancient of Days 2009 - Christian Symposium on Aliens: A Biblical Response to the UFO Phenomena Roswell NM

Ancient of Days 2009

Christian Symposium on Aliens: A Biblical Response to the UFO Phenomena Roswell NM

Fri July 3-Sun July 5 – Gary Bates will explore this seemingly puzzling phenomenon and just why there is so much interest. This is a subject that fascinates millions.

The launch of Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection caused a public reaction to a creationist book like no other. Gary’s book sailed up Amazon.com’s (the world’s biggest online bookstore) list to be a top 50 best-seller.

Have you ever wondered:

What are UFOs?
Did God create life on other planets?
What about alien abductions?
What about crop circles?
Are UFOs in the Bible?
Does the government know more than they are telling us?

Did you know:

That asked about how we got here, the most common view among high school children today is that aliens created us? (This view is also held by a number of leading scientists).
That a recent poll showed that 4 out of 5 people believe in extraterrestrial life?
That governments spend billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money looking for aliens?
That the UFO cults are the fastest growing cults on the planet?

Read an interview with Gary here.

Some comments received after listening to Gary’s ministry:

I am writing to thank Gary Bates for being a guest on ‘Coast to Coast’ radio broadcast – I was so impressed by the wonderful manner, intellect, and Christian demeanor shown by Gary! Thanks again – it was much appreciated!

After hearing a presentation on UFO’s Tracey H. wrote:

‘One night Dad came to a talk by Gary Bates on “Aliens, UFOs and the Bible” and he really connected with Gary’s insight into the alien phenomenon … The church had never challenged Dad on these beliefs before. At first Dad was angry that God was no longer “just for Sunday morning”. Over several months Dad struggled to see God as He truly is. Four months later Dad repented, proclaimed his faith in the God who is all-knowing and all-powerful, and was baptised. … Thank you for having the courage and conviction to run with it. I think about how Jesus would connect with where people were at, and that’s what you are doing. Just think how many people are fascinated by aliens and UFOs, and you have a tool to open their minds to the truth of the God who seeks them. I pray that He may continue to use you powerfully in his service.’

What a great opportunity to attend this conference where your views may well be greatly challenged!

A select range of creation resources will be available at this meeting.

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