Picture of Andrew Mulcahy


Andrew Mulcahy began his tenure as the New Zealand CEO in 2022. But God in his infinite wisdom and providence had already set the wheels of this appointment in motion many years ago. Andrew was introduced to Creation Ministries International as a young man when he heard a prominent scientist/creationist at a meeting he attended. He was, and as he is now, a firm creationist. That’s not the only thing that Andrew brings to the organisation. His past work experience in operational management for the New Zealand government, churches and parachurch organizations is a definite asset. This is well demonstrated in Andrew’s running of Alpha courses for over 18 years

Andrew is a keen learner. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Bible & Theology) and a Master of Philosophy (Intercultural Studies). This lifelong quest for knowledge and understanding the Word of God has greatly helped with his passion for preaching and teaching the Word of God in New Zealand as well as in Asia, extending to as far as Pakistan.

In his leisure time, Andrew is an avid photographer. He is especially skilled and passionate about capturing the natural world.

When not working, Andrew enjoys spending time with his wife and traveling, while documenting their travels in photographs.

The Bible declares: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Genesis 1:1