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27 February 2007

St Philips Anglican church, a small brown wooden church just down the road from CMI-Australia’s premises in Brisbane, has recently posted some amusing but pertinent signs on their wayside pulpit. (The Anglican Church is equivalent to the Episcopalian Church in the USA.)

We previously mentioned a sign which appeared outside this church in October 2006.


Recently they put up this little beauty:


I know folk who have driven past the church especially to look at the sign and show it to their passengers.

When I heard about it, I knew I had to take a photo.

This sign is a great lesson to the church in the West. We don’t have to succumb to the prevailing godless culture. We can make a stand for the truth. Like lonely Paul in Athens (Acts 17:22–34), this little church is prepared to challenge the conventional ‘wisdom’ of the day, start at the beginning and proclaim, ‘In the beginning God created’ (Acts 17:24).

Biblical creation, as recorded in Genesis 1–11, is foundational to the Christian worldview.

Every major Christian doctrine has its origin in the history of Genesis 1–11: e.g. the reality of God, the greatness of God, the goodness of God, the authority of God, the position of man, the value of people, the meaning of marriage, the seven-day week, the origin of sin, the reason for death, the consequence of sin, and the promise of a Saviour. Take away Genesis 1–11 and there is not much left for the Christian church to stand on.

Evolution fiction

That is why the history of Genesis 1–11 is the one part of the Bible that has been attacked, contradicted and denied within our culture more than any other. How? Through the atheistic philosophy of evolution, masquerading as science.

Like a cuckoo in the nest, evolutionary philosophy has taken over every field of knowledge. In astronomy it claims that the universe made itself; in geology it says the earth made itself; and in biology it says that the plants and animals, including man, made themselves.

And it asserts itself in psychology, anthropology, literature, music, law, politics and the media.

By squeezing the Christian worldview out of public life, the worldview on which the West was built, evolution has destroyed the basis for Christian values, such that we now have a so-called culture war raging.

But this bold sign posted outside this little Anglican church gives me hope. It seems there is a wind of change blowing.

This small church is standing up to the prevailing culture. It now seems to know what is going on, and, like David when he faced Goliath, is prepared to say, ‘Enough is enough.’

Published: 27 February 2007

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