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Biblical creation gives us the answer to modern insanity

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Published: 15 September 2020 (GMT+10)
First published in a CMI newsletter, January 2020

A decade ago, who would have predicted the level of societal insanity that is currently gripping the world? Teenagers have become the apocalyptic prophets of climate change. There is an ever-growing number of gender identities being claimed for young children. Individuals and businesses are being persecuted for their non-conformity over LGBT issues. Unsurprisingly, depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders are at an all-time high. Maybe we think that we are safe within the walls of our church buildings and the insanity is only ‘out there’. But as Christians, we should be engaging the culture under the command of The Great Commission that Jesus gave us. Let’s first understand the real problem.

There is nothing new under the sun

As creationists, one of our favorite passages is Romans 1:20 where the Apostle Paul speaks about the witness of Creation being evidence for God. But many have not realized the link to immorality that he makes immediately after this verse. He notes that when people refuse to worship God, they don’t have the option not to worship at all. Instead, they turn to worshiping “the creature instead of the Creator” (Romans 1:25). We can see this in the emotive rhetoric of modern environmentalists. Their geolatrous (Earth-worshiping) religion even has a full-blown eschatology about the end of the world and the extinction of life as we know it.

Paul then says this idolatry leads to all kinds of sexual immorality (Romans 1:24–27). Even within recent living memory, everyone could agree that whatever stance we took regarding morality and sexuality, it was a debate for adultschildren should be left out of it and just allowed to be, well, children. Now, (to give just one example) some parents are refusing to dress their children in blue or pink clothes until the child decides for ‘itself’ what ‘it’ wants to be. If confusing children about gender does not merit a ‘millstone’ (Matthew 18:6), then, what does?

Rejection of God will lead to chaos

For a long time, Western civilization enjoyed the cultural benefits of a widespread commitment to biblical truth. Even if every individual was not a Christian, the government and leadership of society at least acknowledged the ideals of biblical morality and common sense prevailed, because there was a convention of moral boundaries. Now, a small but vocal minority of secularists in the media, entertainment, and academia have pushed their agenda on a brainwashed public. And ordinary families who do not allow their children to choose their own gender are tagged as unloving and intolerant. Such taunts clearly have Christians in their sights as they bring it to the doors of our churches.

But we cannot reject God’s truth and retain the benefits that come with it. Nor can we reject the theology and retain the anthropology. If God did not create us, we are not created in His image. And if we are not created male and female in His image, then what is humanity at all? And what Paul was really saying was if you reject the Creator, the consequence involves confusion at every other level. We are living at a time of serious decay. How long will the Creator tolerate this?

Creation information changes lives

It would be easy to fall victim to the tendency of ‘doom and gloom’ of what is ultimately a perversion forced on society. But we should be encouraged that God’s Word remains true. Remember that there is “nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Paul predicted this, and it is not taking God by surprise. And as such, His truth will always be victorious in the end.

While one can tackle the issues like the LGBT agenda head on, they are only the symptoms of a foundational problem—the rejection of a Creator. We know that questions about creation vs evolution are a huge stumbling block to faith today. But if we can show evidence that evolution is a flawed theory while also giving information that supports the Bible’s history, we will see changes. James H. wrote:

Creation Evangelism converted me to Christianity. I used to be … a true zealot for evolution. I get your premise and agree 100% with your conclusions. This stuff will change hearts and minds. Thank you.”

God’s Word provides an anthropology that respects human dignity, including that of people struggling with their identity. Most importantly, it gives us the Gospel, which is the only way people can be saved. By transforming lives one at a time, we cannot help but influence society back toward biblical truth.

Don’t be discouraged. The Bible is true!

For over 40 years, CMI has been producing information that strengthens the faith of believers by defending the Bible from the very first verse. Inevitably it makes people more confident to share their faith with others. We provide a wealth of free articles, tracts, and videos on creation.com because we want to help equip people with answers to the most-asked questions regarding creation and evolution.

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Readers’ comments

David C.
How do you actually measure the levels of depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders being at an all-time high? Which periods in history are you doing a comparison with? And how many young people are involved in your survey? What is your formula to ascertain ‘doom and gloom’? Are you sourcing stats from other editorial sources or actually questioning large numbers of young people?
Lita Cosner
Objective measurements of emotional distress would be difficult to procure given the subjective nature of emotions. However, this is something that's generally recognized by both Christian and secular authorities. Clearly we can't go back in time and make 1-to-1 comparisons to other eras in history.

Our Fallout DVD was not a scientific survey and it is anecdotal, but it reflects our experience of over 40 years as a ministry. We anticipated both the result we got from our survey and questions regarding how many students we interviewed.
Abe M.
Great article! This emphasizes Matthew 7:20, more particularly 'by their fruits'...You can't get a result (fruit) without planting a seed, and every seed still (over 5500 years later) brings forth its corresponding fruit. Even if you sew a seed of apples and it is attacked by the strangest mutation, you won't grow kiwi's in return! Sewing to the Spirit reaps life everlasting. Sewing to the flesh (rejecting Jesus) reaps corruption, mental anguish/confusion, etc. Notice that, Atheism, (evil-ution) doesn't make much effort regarding eliminating evil in the world, aptly because Atheist's know this is a man-made idea with no volition behind it to do anything. Atheism borrows God's moral real estate, rejects God, and leaves the world with what currently permeates -- milk this world and it's inhabitants for all it's got for your own self-gratification, self-survival, self-fulfillment, etc., (all the while EVIL remains). God (Jesus) has appointed the once-and-for-all end to all wickedness, something Atheism can never do! =).
David G.
Moral standards are indicative of people's understanding of what it is to be human...or as we say, to be truly in God's image. But also let's remember that following Jesus of Nazareth is not to join a morality club. It is it seek to conform to him, the exemplar of true humanity: true imageness of God. It is also about looking forward to being in the unalloyed presence of God forever in his new creation.
Mike D.
I've been thinking this for yrs. Yet few seem to realize it. Not only can't we not compromise with evolution because it uses death as a means of creation & not the penalty for sin. Thus it discredits all of the message of the Gospel. Since Jesus is the Creator Col 1:18 & Bodily form of the Word of God. John 1:1-4 & Rev 19:23. He validated inerrancy & Creation & Genesis. Therefore, when people don't take that & disagree with Him & inerrancy of the scripture they are basically calling Jesus, the perfect Son of God & our Savior a LIAR. Which would disqualify Him as perfect since breaking His own 10 commandments. This is very dangerous territory to be standing on & one I'd hate to try & defend when standing before Jesus. Besides choosing man's "wisdom" which is God's foolishness over the Creator, Savior, Bodily form of the scripture etc as first. Besides ignoring all Jesus teaches about cost of Discipleship in Matt 10:24-39 Luke 14 :25-39 & book of James. Breaks my heart for them.
Victor S.
Hi Lita, I didn't mean to say I thought the article failed to discriminate between a creator and the God of the Bible as Creator. My point was that the apostate pseudo Christianity of Antichrist will believe in a creator, just a different one from the God of the Bible. In other words, they will believe in creation, just a false creator. True creation can lead people to Christ, but only in so far as it includes the gospel, which they will reject. Belief in creation alone is not enough, but it is a start. As the article states, rejecting creation does lead to moral decay, but in the end times moral decay will be a part of pseudo Christianity which will believe in a god and a creation, just the wrong ones.
Stephen N.
Thanks for the great article. I agree with the comments of Chuck R. about the insight that can be gained in studying the history contained in the Old Testament, in addition to studying the New Testament scriptures. Unconverted human nature and Satan have not changed. The perverse and bloodthirsty pagan practices recorded in Old Testament history are still with us. They are simply disguised and justified by modern propaganda.
Victor S.
You say that this moral decay is the result of rejecting a creator, but I disagree. I believe it is in rejecting the God of the Bible as The Creator. I believe the false religion of Antichrist, a pseudo Christianity will recognize creation as a part of the religion. However what it will not recognize are the biblical standards that the God of the Bible has put in place, but rather will have their own standards of the apostate pseudo Christian religion which will accept all of the immorality that we see permeating society today.
Lita Cosner
Thank you for your comment. I do not think it is possible to read the article and conclude we were speaking of rejection of any Creator other than the God of the Bible.
Chuck R.
A society or nation becoming more disordered and ridiculous (insane) in its beliefs is nothing new as knowledge of the Old Testament clearly shows.
The key to the problem is found in the most important of all First Commandment, simply that of our rejection of God.
Old Testament Israel is an example of how any nation that turns its back on God (Isaiah 46:12 "Listen to Me, you stubborn-hearted, Who are far from righteousness:) quickly descends into anarchy and paganism and some quick observations demonstrate our repeating of those errors - "As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them. O My people! Those who lead you cause you to err, And destroy the way of your paths." Isaiah 3:12.
Paul, knowing our infatuation with ourselves, well understood what would again transpire - "Professing to be wise, they became fools" Rom. 1:22.
What is unfortunate is that so many Christians are fixed on the New Testament only that they are unable to see the incredible insight and repeating of history shown in the Old Testament.
Steven F.
I've been saying that for decades. The rejection of the Judeo-Christian ethic by many of the general population by the late 1950's and early 1960's was the point in time that all the social and societal pathologies skyrocketed: crime, drug abuse, divorce, STDs, babies out of wedlock, abortions, delinquency, mental illness and poverty. It is a shame.
David B.
This is an absolutely excellent article. I wish all Christians could read this.
Ian B.
Good brethren, you have once again been used by the Lord to turn on a lightbulb in my brain! I have wondered for years the connection between saving old-growth eucalyptus forests, and gay marriage. NOW I SEE!
Nichola W.
Thank you for all that you do to counter the rhetoric that there is no God and therefore no real hope for mankind or the planet. The worse things get, the more people will look for the Truth.
Philip P.
and you are doing a great job. Thankyou all.

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