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‘Ark Man’ Tour with Rod Walsh

Friday 26th October–Sunday 2nd December 2018

Come along and hear Ark modeller and enthusiastic speaker Rod Walsh (plus his wife Nancy) as they tour around New Zealand.

A previous issue of Creation magazine (October 2014) featured an informal interview with the intrepid ‘Ark Van’ couple who have presented the message for almost two decades, many hundreds of times on several continents. You can read this for yourself here: Model message spreads all over the world.

Have you have ever been challenged to explain Noah’s Ark and the Flood?


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear Rod as he teaches on the reality of the Great Flood of Noah’s day and the Ark he was commissioned to build. Rod draws from his own in-depth study, over many years, showing exactly how feasible the biblical Ark was!

He can expertly answer many of the questions that most Christians still don’t know how to answer, such as:

  • How big was the Ark and how did all the animals fit?
  • Could ancient peoples really build such a structure?
  • Were dinosaurs on the Ark?
  • Where did all the water come from?
  • Where did all the water go from the Flood?
  • What evidence do we see today for a global Flood?
  • How could the world have been populated in just 4,500 years since the Flood?

Rod’s fascinating, highly-visual presentations are enhanced by his scale model replica of Noah’s Ark—the talks are suitable for the whole family.

An extensive range of creation resources will be available at all meetings
All meetings are free, though voluntary offerings may be taken.
This is a great outreach opportunity for all the family—and remember to bring your friends!

Tour dates—North Island

Tour dates—South Island

You can book Rod to share at your church now by clicking here, or phoning us on (09) 537 4818. Alternatively, email our Ministry Events Coordination team at nzministry@creation.com.