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Creation 16(2):15, March 1994

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Armoured Neanderthal

Around the turn of the century, an anonymous writer in the science journal Nature reported that in the February issue of the Bulletin International of the Academy of Sciences of Cracow, Mr K. Stolyhwo described the discovery of a human skull with classic Neanderthal features. The entire skeleton was in a tomb which also contained iron arrowheads and a suit of chain-mail armour.

This report is no surprise, as Neanderthal bony features have nothing to do with evolutionary 'ape-man' beliefs. They are probably just an example of genetic variation among people, more pronounced in the early post-Flood era. Some evolutionists have pointed out that some Neanderthal bony features are found in a percentage of present-day Europeans.

Nature, 77:587 (1908)—as referenced in the Sourcebook series by William Corliss.