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‘Sexual perversion is good for you’, claims BBC


Published: 27 September 2012 (GMT+10)

Warning: this article contains a candid evaluation of sexual perversion and its roots.

It seems that the BBC is no longer turning a blind eye to immorality—they are now actively encouraging it. In the May edition of the BBC’s Focus magazine, Luis Villazon tells us that “It’s good to be bad”.1 Supposedly, men who are disagreeable and aggressive earn significantly more money; rudeness enhances negotiating skills; and anger increases longevity. According to Rutgers University social psychologist Dr Corinne Moss-Racusin, “Men are rewarded for their ‘bad’ behaviour because this falls in line with strict expectations for masculinity”. Not only will cheating help you get ahead in life, Villazon says, but lying actually improves language skills. Moreover, he claims, children who start lying at an early age develop better problem solving skills and are more likely to grow up to be higher-achieving adults due to having better brains.

That the BBC can publish such statements beggars belief—but there’s worse to come. Thinking about casual sex, it’s alleged, improves analytical skills, and sadomasochism strengthens relationships. Indeed, we’re told, “Lust focuses your attention on the here and now, improving your ability to concentrate on details” and “The act of spanking [each other, not their children] brings couples together”. And, to cap it all, they contend that these new discoveries are supported by science.

Of course, it’s ridiculous to suggest that science has shown such things to be true. To test the hypothesis that children who lie from an early age develop better brains, for example, would be virtually impossible, as there are so many factors that are known to affect child development. Needless to say, such an experiment would also be highly immoral as it would be necessary to encourage some children to lie—or at least not to discourage them. Scientists often have great difficulty assessing the effects of relatively simple medical treatments,2 so dogmatic statements such as these are little more than subjective opinions. And even if it were true that men who are disagreeable or aggressive are more likely to obtain better paid jobs, this has much more to say about how values in society have changed than about long-term effectiveness in a job. (In my experience people who behave like this rarely stay in a job long enough for their performance to be evaluated anyway.)

Perhaps the saddest and most distressing of Villazon’s claims, however, is that fantasising about casual sex and engaging in sadomasochism is good for us. Nothing could be further from the truth. The rejection of Christian sexual ethics in recent years has led to an explosion in promiscuity, and the so-called ‘liberated society’ is now plumbing the depths of the slavery and loneliness of sexual obsession and sexual addiction.

The nature of Man

In our increasingly secular environment we are inevitably influenced by the world’s view of sex, its nature and its purpose. To many it is simply a natural, animal instinct, bred into our nature through the evolutionary process to ensure the propagation of the species. As such, it is primarily a biochemical reaction. Moreover, according to this view, we are as we are because that’s how we evolved—and whatever feelings or desires we have must therefore be natural. The truth, however, is that while sex for animals may essentially boil down to biochemistry, this is not so of human beings, made in the image of God. For people, sex is a spiritual act, every bit as much as it is a physical one. In our materialistic society, and in the modern church, which, in many respects, has lost its awareness of the spiritual nature of man, this truth is not given the attention it deserves.

Human beings are much more than just biochemical machines, and much more than just animals. In Genesis 2:7, we read that

The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

Having made the animals, God made man, lifeless at first, so that a different kind of life might be imparted to him. God, who is spirit, wanted to create a more special, spiritual creature, one whose nature was such that he could truly worship Him (John 4:24). Only as spiritual beings could Adam and Eve search the deep things of God and know Him, and enter the depths of His beauty and revel in the incomparable excitement and awe of the Most Holy. Only as spiritual creatures could they be made in God’s image and have a nature that can be filled with God. But a person with such a nature had not only the capacity to be filled with God, but also to be filled with evil. People can commune intimately with God and grow to be more and more like Him; but they can also embrace evil and be corrupted.

This view of mankind, however, is being rapidly squeezed out of the secular mind. Having been indoctrinated into the belief that evolution accounts for our existence, modern ‘scientists’ see people as nothing more than biochemistry. In their thinking, man doesn’t have a soul that can be corrupted. Moreover, there can only be a right understanding of human sexuality as God takes the central place in our thinking and in our behaviour. We must therefore remind ourselves of the greatest commandment:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”—Mark 12:30 and Deuteronomy 6:5

According to the Bible, when a man and woman have sex, they become “one flesh” (Genesis 2:21–24); in a sense their two spirits then occupy one body, facilitating a deep and intimate spiritual communion. Sex and sexuality were intended not only as a way for people to “multiply and fill the earth” (Genesis 1:28) but also to provide the means by which a man and a woman can celebrate and enjoy the worth and spiritual beauty of God, as beheld in His image in their spouse.3 Such godly sex is based on commitment and trust; a giving of oneself wholly in body, soul and spirit. As the old marriage liturgy put it, “With my body, I thee worship [i.e. honour]”.4 Godly sex is about love—a giving of oneself to another. Ungodly sex is about lust—a taking for oneself from another. Sex outside marriage takes place in the absence of commitment and will therefore always, to a greater or lesser extent, involve lust.

That sex is essentially an expression of worship is the reason why the very illicitness of adultery or ‘kinky sex’ offers an added dimension of ‘excitement’. This is because the person’s spirit rejoices and finds additional pleasure in the knowledge that a wrongful act is taking place.

The dark gods

Many people see the dangerous spiritual liaisons with evil as occurring when explicit association is made with occult activity, for example, through witchcraft, or mediums. The field, however, is far wider and includes every sin, as sin arises out of a love and reverence for evil. Our sexuality provides a means by which we can express ourselves spiritually and engage our own spirits with the spirits of others and with evil. This has also been recognised throughout history in pagan circles. Worship of the Baals in the Old Testament involved copulating with the temple prostitutes, and worship of the phallic symbol has been a feature of many cultures. In the West, we are taught that these were the activities of backward people who had vivid imaginations. The more spiritually enlightened view is that these practices were observed by shrewd, intelligent people, who had discovered in them a very real, supernatural and evil power. The apostle Paul, and New Testament writers, generally were well aware of this in their own day; witness the numerous occasions that they warned the early Church about sexual sin.5

That the apostle Paul understood these pagan gods to be associated with evil spirits is clear from 1 Corinthians chapter 10 (particularly v 20). Satanists, too, are well aware of these truths and incorporate the most defiling of sexual practices into their rituals in order to increase their power and capacity to do evil. Less explicitly, but still most dangerously, a man may attempt to fulfill his deep spiritual longings by fantasising over a woman he sees in a pornographic magazine. This is also to use our sexuality to enter into the worship of ourselves and of evil, instead of the worship of God. It results in us joining with ‘the dark gods’, and communing with them intimately, instead of with the true God.

That sexual relations between people are primarily intimacy between their spirits is the reason why sexual abuse does so much damage. Sexual abuse is about the love of power, and the violation of the victim is not only of their body, but of their spirit, the heart of their being. Moreover, the capacity to violate may be augmented by tapping into demonic power, whether the perpetrator is aware of it or not. Evil spirits delight in sexual abuse because the destruction of the victim’s spirit is offered up as a sacrifice in their honour.

With good reason the Scripture warns us, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23). Jesus made clear that simply to look at a woman lustfully is to commit adultery in one’s heart (Matthew 5:27–28). When we participate in sex, whether in body or mind, we engage the heart in worship; and we must be very, very careful about what we venerate. This is because our nature will be moulded by that which we love and honour.

Sexual sin: natural or unnatural?

I remember speaking with a colleague at work about my view of the way the world would have been had Adam not sinned—that there would have been no wars, no family conflicts, no crime, etc. He answered, “According to you, then, the desire to do wrong, which is so prevalent in our society is, in fact, unnatural.” I thought that he put it rather well.

Traditionally, the term ‘sexual deviance’ has referred to sexual activity outside of normal heterosexual relations, such as homosexuality, sadomasochism or bestiality. The truth, however, is closer to my colleague’s observation. It is only because we are sinful that we have any interest in sex outside of that with a marriage partner. The desire for pre-marital sex, or adultery, or heterosexual pornography is, in this sense, also deviant and unnatural. It is a moral problem and anything but a natural, animal instinct as Christ made clear in the Sermon on the Mount:

For from within, out of men’s hearts, come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly.”—Mark 7:21–22 (my italics)

A clear indication that extra-marital sex is unnatural is that it is addictive and enslaving. Godly sex within marriage is not.

Why is sadomasochism wrong?

In any sexual activity we must ask the question, who or what principle is being honoured in this? Sadomasochism is a prime example of sexual idolatry and self-worship. In the role of sadist, a person regards himselves as worthy to take from another by causing them pain. The other is ‘sacrificed’ in their honour. In the role of masochist, a person exults in the fantasy that they have a special value over and above others, such that another desires to rob them of it.

All forms of sexual promiscuity are the use of the power afforded by our sexual faculties to nurture and take the love of sin into the deepest recesses of the soul. In doing this, our capacity to value others rightly is progressively corrupted so that more and more we value selfishly, looking only for that which we can take from another. Such lusts lead to isolation and loneliness and, when endemic, to very violent societies.6

How far we have fallen

Villazon’s article is one of the most shocking I have read and is a lamentable departure from the BBC’s original commitment to godly broadcasting. In the entrance to Broadcasting House at Langham Place, there is a Latin inscription, which is translated,

TO ALMIGHTY GOD: This shrine of the arts, music and literature is dedicated by the first Governors in the year of our Lord 1931 . . . It is their prayer that good seed sown will produce a good harvest, that everything offensive to decency and hostile to peace will be expelled, and that the nation will incline its ear to those things which are lovely, pure and of good report and thus pursue the path of wisdom and virtue.

How far we have fallen. And there’s only one way back. Only by returning to Christianity, founded on the whole truth of the Bible, can we escape the inexorable moral degeneration of society (Matthew 12:43–45). This is one major reason I am part of the CMI ministry. I see how secularisation, fuelled by the vacuous claim that science has undermined the truth and authority of the Bible, is destroying the Western world. As many articles on our website make clear, true science reveals the bankruptcy of Darwin’s theory rather than supports it; and increasingly scientific observations are seen to fit the biblical account of creation and Earth history very well.7 People desperately need to hear this.

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Readers’ comments

Melki H.
IMO, those researchers from Toronto are biased in one way. They said lying is a sign of a good brain.
So don't be fooled, a crying baby is also a sign of a healthy baby.
Lying kids usually don't have autism, but kids who don't lie don't always mean that they have autism.
Many of the lying kids might became successful, well some bankers are successful, but are they helpful to us? Not always. These successes are from the fact that the world is an unfair place a place where Jesus was sentenced guilty when he's not. Its Christians' job to change the world.
Do atheists really think that resurrection from the dead is not possible? When it came, who will achieve respect, those who support sustainability, or those who destroyed it?

True problem solving skills don't came from lies, it came from the skill of deciphering the truth, that's why many useful solutions figured out by scientists because they are really good at figuring out the truth.

The kind of solutions that came from lies? Scams, Cracks (bad hacking), Intimidations, War, etc. Smart people, but failing in terms of sustainability and love.
Alan S.
You are right God does see everything and is interested in us all the time! The bible says these base sexual acts are an abomination to God. I guess you can translate that to mean that God does not like to watch homosexual and paedophilic etc. porn 24/7. Just consider people if you were forced to watch the sort of porn you abhor against your will... Satan sure has a winner there as God cannot close his eyes from his children!
M J Spaulding
Well it is finally happening. They are calling evil good and good evil just like the Bible says.
Jeremy W.
I've often wondered about how evolutionary thought can say 'sex is just a animal instinct' and should there for be unrestricted/uninhibited, while ignoring some glaring inconsistency.

1> Name 'one' animal that practices S&M.
2> If pedophilia is natural instinct, why is it wrong?
3> If sex is for propagating the species, then why are abortions legal? Isn't that counter productive. (Note the play on the word productive.) In fact abortion should be one of the strongest arguments as to evolution being total trash. Deciding to murder your children indiscriminately has nothing to do with genes, after all you are trying to spread your genes. (I don't remember the stats exactly, but it was something ridiculous like 0.5% of abortions are done because of health problems to mother or child.)
4> Rape shouldn't be illegal. After all, it is one of the more common forms of reproduction in the wild.

I want to make it clear I don't support any of these ideas, I'm just saying that they should be what is coming out of evolutionary sex theories.
Rose R.
Graham D. You say that intimidation and lying etc works; so does that make these things right? Poison works but would you like to drink a cup of it?

It is not Christians who are blinded by faith; but evolutionist certainly are. They believe anything that anyone who calls themself a scientist tells them from what I can tell (concerning evolution). I was indoctrinated into evolution at school but I always had the feeling that that it didn't actually make sense. But of course all these scientists were treating it was a fact set in concrete, so who was I to question it. I was not a Christian and did not come from a Christian family. At 31 I discovered the truth; that God is real, He loves us and Jesus died for us and He NEVER lies. At first I never thought the creation/evolution debate was particularly important, but how wrong I was. I now believe it's vital. I do think we are coming close to the End Times and I dread to think of how bad things will get in the future until Jesus comes back. Thanks CMI. Keep up the good work. God Bless You.
M. C.
For what will it benefit a man if he gain the world but loose his own soul ?!!!
Graham D.
Once again, the authors can not go a single article without demonizing evolution.

Anyhow, one would have to admit that intimidation to generate sales, does indeed work. Climbing over one another does get you to the top of the corporate ladder. Lying, does get people far. However, I do not think the article in the BBC magazine is actively encouraging such behavior, but simply seeks to point out the facts. And unless you've been living under a rock lately, or if you have been blinded by faith (the latter is probably most likely), you would realize that it is the way businesses work and indeed, most of the world.

I see a comment that states that the BBC is out to brainwash us with deep-time, evolution documentaries. Lol let me guess the BBC is owned by the Illuminati as well?

Chris D.
“Not only will cheating help you get ahead in life, Villazon says, but lying actually improves language skills.” One must assume that Villazon practices what he preaches, namely that he is lying about his research and cheating with his data. This makes his research self-refuting.
Martin H.
Thanks for an interesting article.

My first reaction to reports like this is to query whether the alleged science is a hoax. It does happen. One of my favourites when the great Australian researcher, Dr Leth Argos, announced his discovery of Motivational Deficiency Disorder, on the first of April 2006. It came complete with an impressive abbreviation – MoDeD – and a fictitious drug to cure it.

It is certainly useful to conduct research into lying and for kids to be educated about it. My parents were adamant about always telling the truth. I was told that cheating in exams was not on, because even if you got away with it, that only meant that you were one step closer to a situation, such as a job, that you did not deserve and were not truly capable of doing. A recipe for stress and failure.

Meanwhile I was educated about detecting lies and the much more common practice of bending the truth. The usual examples were TV commercials. My mother would explain that the person who swore by Froony Green Eyewash was just a paid actor. I also learnt that (in those days) claims could be made or implied without being justified.

As an adult, and as a Barrister who has seen many witnesses in Court, I have realised that lying involves more effort than giving the best truthful opinion or recollection. Once a liar distorts a fact, then they have to consider every further disclosure to see whether another distortion is required to ensure compatibility. Hence the wise words:

Oh! what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive!

If you are enough of a genius to maintain a comprehensive deception, you might as well apply the great effort involved to a more worthwhile pursuit. Life is too short for lying.
Callum H.
I am appalled at how far our society has fallen and continues to fall. Sexual perversion has been actively encouraged for for so long that younger generations are beginning to to see it as normality. No wonder problems of a distinctly sexual nature are becoming more prevalent among teenagers and young adults; when you combine this sort of destructive nonsense with the idea that people are slaves to their hormones (as the tell you in high school these days) you've got a recipe for trouble if ever there was one. Sexual perversion will always have 'very short term gain, massive long term loss' type consequences for the one committing the act and instant loss for everyone else.

Also, personally I don't think lying is any indication of increased intelligence, wouldn't a truly intelligent child be more interested in how the world works instead of lying to get his/her way?

How much more worse do things have to get before the Lord Jesus returns and puts an end to this madness?
Marcel L.

2 Pe 3:3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,

Lam 4:6 For the punishment of the iniquity of the daughter of my people is greater than the punishment of the sin of Sodom, that was overthrown as in a moment, and no hands stayed on her.

Jud 1:7 just as Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities, which likewise indulged in sexual immorality and pursued unnatural desire, serve as an example by undergoing a punishment of eternal fire.

Jeasus said; "Mat 15:19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander."

Thanks be to God...
Tit 3:7 so that being justified by his grace we might become heirs according to the hope of eternal life.

2 Ti 1:9 who saved us and called us to a holy calling, not because of our works but because of his own purpose and grace, which he gave us in Christ Jesus before the ages began,

The Word speaks for itself, AMEN.
A. A.
@ BW My co-worker took your point of view. He chose to engage in homosexuality. His sexual partner strangled him with a clothes line and dumped his nude body in the backyard when he was done. Trust doesn't always mean trustworthy.
Adam B.
Lying isn't the only thing that people are used to. I let a guy go ahead of me in a line because I had a pile of products, and his daughter had one. He didn't just look at me funny, he actually started crying and saying that there were 'no more nice people in the world;' everyone else either tried to look away for the next 8 minutes, or approached to say somthing of that nature. By far the strangest moment of my life..

Not too suprising I suppose. Inner city Houston seems to be quite cold this summer. Any time that I help some older stranger I get similar reactions. On the other hand, college kids that are my age almost never say thank you.
Jesse M.
In response to Jeff M, I would say that without the empowerment of the Holy Spirit of God, it is nearly impossible to control sexual temptation. However, if you know that you are bound to sexual immortality, and you seek God's help to overcome it, then you WILL. I am living proof of this! I was once addicted to pornography, and it controlled my life for years. However, I finally came to a point where I knew I had been sinning against God, and I sought His help in overcoming my problem. He came through for me!
James P.
This is one reason why I stopped paying for the corrupt 'TV licence' that all homes in the UK are required to have if you watch live programs. The BBC is state funded TV and as such heavily promotes such things like the 'theory of evolution' as being fact, sexual immorality, and homosexuality. As a Christian I will not pay to be corrupted and brainwashed by these lies so my decision is to stop watching broadcasted television and paying for the license.
B. W.
I think that when the BBC article says "it's Good to be Bad" they use "Good" to mean beneficial or useful, not ethically good or virtuous. That immoral acts can have beneficial results is nothing new or controversial. If it wasn't so then there would be no need for ethics.

As for sexual morals, how two consenting adults decide to have sex is nobody's business but theirs. I imagine that S&M involves a good deal of trust. Why would you give someone so much power over you unless you trusted them? And church-married people have SM sex too. It can be as valid an expression of love as any other. If that's how you get there then that's your business. To label it "perverse" and insist people stop sounds like something out of the 1600s.
Dominic Statham
It is indeed true that, in the short term, immoral behaviour can produce ‘good results’ in that it can be effective in achieving certain goals. In the long term, however, it is always counter-productive. One of my concerns about the BBC article is that it seemed to be encouraging this kind of immoral behaviour.

You wrote, “how two consenting adults decide to have sex is nobody's business but theirs”. This is simply not true. Nothing we do is hidden from God, and he is interested in every moment of our lives. When people have sex, God is there, and it must be honouring to Him. Sexual feelings can be very deceptive and it is very easy to confuse love and lust. Paedophiles, for example, often claim that their attraction to children arises from love—but they are greatly mistaken.
Norman W.
Just as it is possible to teach a child or young person to control anger, it is possible to teach them to control other emotions and reactions, like lust and selfishness. Justifying those things, by saying they used to do them underground, only emphasizes the failure of parents to teach those standards to their offspring. To teach immorality as a means to higher intelligence is to thumb one's nose at God. I do not want Him as my opponent.
A. A.
The editor at BBC certainly is responsible for what is allowed to be published. Nor does lying prove intelligence but rather craftiness; there is a difference.

No one has addressed the reality that encouraging lying would create. Nothing that anyone said could be relied upon which would make decision making extremely difficult. No one would be held accountable for lying if it were an acceptable practice. Therefore, a man knowingly lying about having HIV and infecting women would not be prosecuted. Thankfully, this is not the case.

Sadomasochism is a win-lose situation which creates a power imbalance. It is about control and domination for the gratification of the ego. The Bible promotes equality: "there is now no Jew or Greek, no male or female" OR being the operative word.

Masturbation is not mentioned in the Bible. Genesis 38:9 refers to intercourse that it not completed. However, masturbation is also about self-gratification. Sex is about giving mutual pleasure which is why it does not work particularly well when one or other spouse is selfish and self oriented. That orientation can find its roots in masturbation. It is more blessed to give than to receive.
Andrew B.
Jeff M. wrote "Western sexual mores change all the time. They are no worse or better now than they ever have been. Do you want to go back to Victorian days when sexuality was repressed so much that sexual depravity was driven underground"?

The reason sexual depravity was underground was becuase it was sexual depravity after all (which you admit) so people were ashamed to speak about it openly but kept it private. The changes you refer to is mere social engineering in action and promotion of the meme not to be ashamed of your sexual sins but rather to be proud and celebrate them instead. Thus new generations are more likley to commit sexual depravity and more openly as it has been normalised by society. If something is bad or corrupting, it must be better if it's kept undergound rather than normalised and celebrated surely?
Dan B.
Good response there Dominic. A couple more points worth making I think:

Jeff's claim that sexual activity can't be controlled is unbelievably defeatist - does that mean he justifies rape for example? Maybe he has a personal interest in claiming this - if so perhaps he'd like to post it here next time ;) No society can long survive with any freedom unless everyone accepts their own responsibility to govern themselves properly.

Also the comment about "the three book religions" is a clanging textbook example of wilful atheist ignorance. Not to mention the way atheists talk like they'd swear by the book by Darwin (or Dawkins, or whoever).
Paula S.
Jeff M: I grew up in a home that was very much sexually repressed; the Victorians would have been proud. I was also the victim of sexual abuse for many years, which you could probably attribute at least in part to the sexual repression. When I left home I began to use sex as a weapon, as a tool to feel powerful and in control. I did all the things that society says do to be happy, and which this BBC article says do to be successful and smart. What I found was that such practices were every bit as damaging and degrading as the sexual repression and abuse. It was not until I gave myself to Christ and saw things in the light of His truth that I realized what sex was supposed to be: not a weapon, not a toy to be played with or misused and discarded, certainly not a dirty secret but a blessing and a beautiful reminder of God's creative genius and tender mercy, that He would give us such joys and pleasures in this fallen world.
Gisele N.
Good article & I can't believe this passes for science. My 2 initial reactions...

1. Can someone who condones lying be trusted to report the truth?

2. While sin may have been unnatural for Adam prior to the fall, those days are long gone. I would say that sin is completely natural to man & that it is in our very nature to sin since ALL have fallen (Romans 3:23). If sin wasn't so natural to mankind, it wouldn't be so addictive or enslaving.

3. Looking at history, it's no surprise that tyrannical methods of self-gratifying dominance lead to short-term success, but in civilized society we call that oppression not intellectual superiority. Because it is parasitic in nature, it is ultimately not sustainable and will eventually fail at the expense of all involved. The bigger they tyranny, the bigger the scope of the suffering - just ask Hitler who also condoned all the things in the BBC article.
Jeff M.

A few points on your article, if I may.

1. Don't blame the BBC. They don't necessarily support what is in the article. It's just one of many articles of a science and technical nature they publish all the time.
2. I agree that it is unlikely that science can support the assertions made in the article.
3. Western sexual mores change all the time. They are no worse or better now than they ever have been. Do you want to go back to Victorian days when sexuality was repressed so much that sexual depravity was driven underground?
4. Of course, if you are not a follower of the book religions, you are not at all hung up about sexuality. You can treat it, in all its forms, as fun - providing it is between consenting adults.
5. The article does not encourage sexual abuse but does explore sexual practices.
6. The Bible decries masturbation - an activity that does no one any harm and a lot of good. An indication I think that it was written by sexually-repressed males pretending to evoke the word of God.
7. Of course, sexual activity is hated by the three book religions because it cannot be controlled. All other religions see it as God intended - one of his greatest gifts to us.

Dominic Statham
I certainly do blame the BBC. It is their magazine and they have a responsibility to ensure that the content does not breach reasonable guidelines of decency.

How do you know that sexual mores are no worse or better now than they ever have been? While I deplore all forms of sexual depravity, I would prefer it to be going on less visibly. That way it is less corrupting to society as fewer people will be encouraged to try it. The fact that sexual perversion is increasingly practiced openly is a terrible indictment on our society—and one for which an enormous price will be paid by future generations.

We are not “all hung up about sexuality”. Moreover, every sermon I have ever heard about sex has confirmed that it is, indeed, a wonderful gift from God. You are also wrong about masturbation. This is not even mentioned in the Bible. In fact, within the church there are different opinions on this subject. Without wanting to use this as a forum for expressing my own view, I would nevertheless insist that masturbation, when accompanied by images of a sexual nature conjured up in the imagination, is addictive, corrupting and potentially highly dangerous.
Dr Antony J.
thank you for unveiling the mysteries of sexual sins. sacrifice one's spirit by means of sexual idolatry is the fundamental principle behind sexual sin of any sort. this is well convinced by Satan only! no materialist can justify sexual perversions, though they might be strong supporters of body and not of soul. a close watch of human reproductive organs reveals that it is meant for only, only heterosexuality.

Ockie C.
I had a very strange experience a few weeks ago.... And please do not think that what I am about to tell you has anything to do with me. It is a testament to the working of the Holy Spirit living in me. The honor and glory go to Him!

I was in a hardware store with a colleague. We needed to purchase a few items to be used in our work. We had gotten all that we needed and I had also picked a pair of sturdy gloves for my personal use and went to another pay point to pay for them.

I had looked at the price when I picked them to see if I had enough cash with me and this was indeed so, but, when the young lady at the register rang them up the price that came up was R19.95 in stead of the price that was displayed on the shelf, which was R37.95. A lot of people would have walked out with the twenty odd extra bucks, counting it a score. I couldn't however. I felt compelled to point out the mistake to her so that she could check it and I could pay the right amount...

Here comes the strange part... When the supervisor that went to check the price came back and realized that a customer had just corrected them in the opposite direction from what he was used to, he looked at me as if I was from another planet. The other customers in line also looked at me as if I were a true-blooded extra-terrestrial.

I feel good about being in the right spot at the right time to be able to be used as a tool for the truth of the Spirit, but also shocked at the level of disbelief at what happened from the supervisor and the other customers. It was completely alien to them, this truth. To make it even worse was that I felt a definite animosity from some of them because of my outlandish behavior...

All glory to God...
Samh H.
Every single thing on the PLANET is geared at (trying) to undermine the Bible. EVERY documentary on t.v. Their ONLY purpose is to brainwash people with deep time/evolution.
Robert S.
Historically, things have always ended in disaster when moral standards are wilfully inverted, confused and corrupted.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil. Isaiah 5:20

The BBC is really just helping to promote the "New Age" movement which has been around for thousands of years in one guise or another. The devil simply gives it a new coat of paint for a contemporary look and attaches the alluring promise of 'harmless fun,' 'enlightenment' and 'freedom' (which is the same empty promise that he originally offered to Adam) before wheeling it out for the next generation. This trick has always worked well, partly because man is never satisfied with the plain truth for long, but hungers after fantasy and myths with which to be entertained, and which the world is full of. 1Tim 4:1, 2Tim 4:3,4
"No heresy is so absurd that it does not find its hearers... Things so absurd were believed among the heathen, and all the world adhered to them. In short, the devil is the god of the world, so the world accepts whatever this god inspires."*

The devils' golden rule when serving him is, "Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" or do whatever you please and never mind the consequences.

"Nothing may be concieved that is so shameful that men cannot be persuaded to accept it if only the blessed name of God is attached to it."* (concerning the rites which brides and women performed in honour of Priapus, the male generative power, which was personified as a god)
*Martin Luther
Ted B.
... we rightly condemn bullying then state the only waay to get ahead is to be a bully?!
Glenda M.
With regard to the comment about children lying - While studying my Diploma in Children's Services the TAFE class was told about an experiment done where a child is left in a room with a toy. There is a 'mirror' on the wall. The adult says they have to go out of the room for a minute and they are not allowed to touch the toy. When the adult comes back they know if the child touched it or not (through the window/mirror) and the child is asked if they touched it. Some said they didn't when they did. The children were assessed in other ways too but the conclusion was that the children who lied proved to be more intelligent than the ones who didn't. I always felt bothered by that because I know I would have done what I was told and I wouldn't have lied if I did touch it. I have never felt comfortable with lying but it is becoming increasingly used in the secular work place.
Dominic Statham
I do share you concern about the extent of lying today. How horrible it is! I don't think it can be argued, though, that the experiment you refer to is evidence that children who lie will become more intelligent.

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