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Creation 38(3):6, July 2016

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Bearing witness to the Creator




One of the constant themes of Scripture is that nature bears consistent witness to its Creator. That is still true today, despite the best attempts of evolutionary scientists to silence it. The intricacy of even something as humble as the skin of a gecko (p. 40) shows the ingenuity of its Creator. From the lowly pigeon (p. 16), to an octopus that mimics marine predators with astonishing accuracy (p. 12) to the sawfish with its comical rostrum (p. 34), animals have instincts and features that defy evolutionary explanation. Rather, they show they were created by an intelligent Designer who is a master engineer.

Jesus said that if His worshippers were silenced, even the rocks would cry out. And indeed, the rocks do testify clearly to God’s judgment of the world in the global Flood, from fantastic fossil graveyards (p. 38), to huge stones transported vast distances by the raging floodwaters (p. 24). As mechanical engineer John Cimbala (p. 20) can attest, there are geological features for which the only adequate explanation is catastrophic flooding on the scale of Noah’s worldwide Flood. This witness is not confined to Earth; Pluto (p. 46) also contains evidence of God’s creation.

So if creation shouts in unison that it was created by God, why is the dominant academic and scientific view so opposed to the Bible’s history? It is clearly not from an unbiased interpretation of the facts. Rather, there is an innate opposition to acknowledging God, because people will always seek excuses for disbelief. However, as scientists continue to uncover the marvels of God’s creation, we can expect for it to become harder and harder to attribute all this design to blind chance.

Nature’s witness to the Creator is of course not sufficient for salvation; we also need God’s self-revelation in Scripture. Scripture can’t be dismissed as an ancient book written by pre-scientific men, because it is inspired by God Himself (p. 15). In fact, the accuracy of even the genealogies of Scripture are important, as missionaries have discovered when witnessing to some people groups (p. 52).

Of course, Christ has commanded believers to bear witness to the Gospel (Matthew 28:18–20), and we have seen over and over again how people are encouraged to share their faith once they can trust the entire Bible, starting with Genesis.

How are you bearing witness to your Creator? One way might be to pass this magazine on (after you and your family have read it) to a friend, doctor’s office, or break room at work.

Posted on homepage: 9 May 2016