Being attacked with questions about evolution

To all involved.

I would just like to thank the whole team, purely for its existance. After 5 years of running I have returned to christ, and not only returned, but on fire for the lord! One of the key factors was answering some of the questions that had plagued my faith before. As to where I am now, I have read three creation books and are looking for more. Also I am watching a few of the Ken Ham video's. If the lord would only bless us with more Ken Ham's! I have completed a BSc, Major in Chemistry at UNSW. At the moment I am a Pilot in the Air Force, however I feel strongly that I have something to contribute down the line with reference to this. At the moment I am just trying to learn as much as I can, and would just like to once again that you all for the work you do. Now I can go out there and evangelise (which is something I love doing) and not fear for being attacked with questions about evolution. So much so, that I am now even looking at the whole field and coming up with some idea's not even previously mentioned.

Don't ever give up.




Editor’s Note: See Evangelism for the New Millennium (Ken Ham, Creation, 21(2):25–27, March–May 1999)

Published: 4 February 2006