Being brainwashed?

Feedback 12 march 2004

All I want to say is that you people should open your mind from ancient archaic beliefs and see the real world.

If this was all you wanted to say then why continue? Our beliefs are just as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. 

God can exist hear today,

Which God?  Are you referring to the God of the Bible?  The God of the Bible created time, so God is not limited to existing yesterday, today or tomorrow. I agree that God exists (the God of the Bible). The question should be ‘do you trust what God says in His Word?’ 

and the things I have read seem so misinformed that I could almost feel as if I were being brain washed.

Did you consider the possibility that you are already brainwashed to believe something else? 

I think everyone should be entitled to hold faith in what they choose

They why tell us ‘you people should open your mind from ancient archaic beliefs’? This seems to be a contradiction. 

as long as it is moral,

What do you mean by moral?  Do you mean the morals in the Bible? I thought you rejected that by your comment ‘ancient archaic beliefs’?

but I do not think that misinforming people of true hard facts that have been proven is moral!

We love facts! Did you know we all have the same facts, same science, and same evidences?  It is the interpretation of those facts that are different. Please see Faith and facts

Furthermore, as a student of religion and archeology I think it is time to bridge the gap between science and religion and come to an understanding that they do infact work together most of the time.


I do believe they work together.  I think you have confused operational and historical science.  Let me explain in more detail.  See operational science is the highly reliable repeatable science that has a tremendous reputation.  This is the type of science that put men on the moon, builds computers and automobiles, genetic mapping, etc.  Most of these fields of science are well respected.  As Christians, we fully believe in operational science.  In fact, most of these fields of science were developed by Christians.  Please see Which scientists of the past believed in a Creator?

The other science is called historical science.  It isn’t repeatable because it deals with events in the past.  Evolution, radiometric dating, etc. deal with reconstructing the past.  So there requires quite a few assumptions to fill in the gaps. These assumptions are called ‘interpretations’ and they are not repeatable science.

Many times, these assumptions change and are shown wrong and the whole concept of what was believed changes.  This happens frequently in historical science.  This science is not very reliable and changes quite often.  Sometimes, I wonder why it is even called ‘science’ with such a bad reputation and non-repeatability.  It makes people lose hope in good operational science just because it uses the name science.

But in the same respect, some people get confused and think the reputation of operational science can be applied to historical science.  This is a fallacy of transfer.  Please take a look at the following picture:

Operational/Experimental science

Operational/experimental science

Historical science

Historical science

This helps visualize the differences.  In historical science, there is quite a bit of imagination. In historical science what is said to be ‘correct and true’ today will probably be wrong tomorrow.  In operational science, what is ‘correct and true’ today will likely be ‘correct and true’ tomorrow.

When using the Bible as the basis for interpreting the evidence, then how can anyone go wrong?  God is perfect and His Word is also perfect.  The entire creation is cursed (Genesis 3 and Romans 8) so why trust something that is cursed over God and His Word, which aren’t cursed?  The issue is about trusting God’s Word.  I pray this helps and God bless.

‘A warning for all believers’

Dear Fellow Believers,

I thoroughly enjoy your website. It is truly biblical and wholesome for the whole family. I would like to put out a warning for all believers. While searching for other websites involving creation vs. evolution, I came across a site that was mixing evolution and creation together. Be aware! It had me fooled for awhile until I saw the words "billions of years ago". The website is [editor's note: web address of a popular progressive creationist ministry deleted per feedback rules]. I know that as Christians, we need to be very careful of the false teachers that abound in this world. Because of this incident, my children learned a very valuable lesson in biblical truths. Once again, believers, watch out for the deceiving ones of this world!


Published: 3 February 2006