Interview shows public universities program students with anti-Christian bias



The fact that an anti-Christian and anti-creationist bias exists among faculty at public universities— especially in science departments— has been well-known and well-documented for many years now. A new video report by the Alliance Defending Freedom has shown just how far that anti-Christian bias has now crept into the thinking of everyday college students on campus. When asked if they would support a law which forces Muslims to participate in activities on a professional level that go against their faith, students universally said no; but when the same question was posed with Christians instead of Muslims, they were unwilling to extend Christians the same rights!1

Once bias creeps in against the foundation of Christianity (Genesis), it does not simply remain there. The whole Christian faith is built upon the truth claims of Genesis; once it becomes fashionable and acceptable to discriminate against those who believe the foundation of Christianity (as it has been for the past century!), it is hopelessly naive to think that by simply compromising in that one area, that the remainder of Christianity will escape persecution. In another stunning example, a Christian student at a secular university in Florida was suspended after he spoke up in class to defend the Bible from attacks by a Muslim professor!2 Of course, it would also be naive to think that this anti-Christian discrimination is only occurring in American universities; the phenomenon is global. For example, a UK university was documented last year expelling a Christian post-grad student because they made a Facebook post on their own private page which cited the Bible in disagreeing with homosexual behaviour.3

The interviews show striking evidence that a new generation of young people are about to leave college and enter the public sphere who have no respect for the religious rights of Christians (but will respect other beliefs like Islam). This is the essence of ‘political correctness’: it is a thinly-veiled euphemism for an anti-Christian double standard. The goal is to eradicate Christianity from the public sphere and relegate it to the fringes of society. Keep in mind that this same progression has played out elsewhere in the past: namely, the anti-Jewish bias that eventually progressed to full-fledged genocide in Hitler’s Germany. Unsettlingly, it was also a devotion to a kind of evolutionary, survival-of-the-fittest ideology that motivated the Nazi purges.

If we Christians are smart enough to learn from the past, we will see that the persecution which is being gradually ratcheted up against our faith by centers of ‘learning’ and other institutions of political correctness will not be able to be contained if it is not opposed in its early stages. Once everyone in power is post-Christian and anti-Christian, who will protect Christian rights to life and liberty?

The culture war is very real, and we must all take an active part. The best way to stop discrimination against Christians is to convert those who are doing the discriminating! Be vocal about your faith and always be ready to make a defense. I have written previously about some ways to engage your friends and family on these issues. Keeping worldviews at the forefront of your discussions with unbelievers is a powerful way to ‘take the roof off’ and help people see the insufficiency of unbelieving worldviews and their need for a Savior.

In the previously-mentioned interview video, the interviewer seems to be taking a page from the presuppositionalist playbook, so to speak, because he is asking questions in such a way as to cause people to critically examine their own beliefs. This is a key take-home point: you often do not need to bash someone over the head with the truth to get them to see it! It is enough to simply ask questions and allow a person’s own responses speak for themselves. By asking the questions he did in the order he did, the interviewer was easily able to expose the inconsistency in granting rights to Muslims but denying those same rights to Christians— resulting in quite a few puzzled, confused faces! That is not a bad thing, though, as it signals the fact that the students, at least on some level, understood that they were being inconsistent.

In today’s largely self-centered culture, asking people to tell you what they believe or think, rather than telling them directly what they should believe, is a much more winsome and effective strategy.

Published: 30 March 2017

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