June 27, 2000 POSITIVE:
Bias in media

Today on the news I saw where the announcement was made that the human genome has finally been mapped. The national news on our local channel here in Knoxville was trying to make a link with this news and use it to prove evolution. It is increasingly frustrating to me to see the news media trying to cram evolution down the throats of the American public. I would point out that forensics have been examining blood found at crime scenes for years and used their science to determine if the blood was human or animal. If the blood is so easily identifiable as human vs. animal why do they keep trying to insist they can link the human genome to evolution and other species like animals? I hope for and eagerly await the scientific response of answers in genesis. I also thank the Lord God Almighty for your group, you will never know how much we all need your strong faith combined with scientific knowledge. It helps us all out here understand what we find being forced upon us on a daily basis. May God bless you for your faithfulness an hundred thousand fold!!

- K. R.

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Published: 1 February 2006