Biblical Foundations teacher training course


In recent decades the Christian schooling movement has grown incredibly. One factor is the parents’ concern that their children have a good moral foundation and the perceived collapse of values in our increasingly secularized culture.

Most parents, when they think about values, are really thinking about Christian values. And, of course, Christian values come out of the Christian worldview.

The problem is that many teachers in Christian schools have been trained in secular training institutions. Often, they will unwittingly teach their subjects from the secular worldview, which they absorbed at college. This approach leaves the biblical worldview out of the subject and creates a sacred-secular divide within the minds of students. It does not work just to add some religious activities into the school day, such as school prayers and chapel. The Christian worldview must frame the thinking and permeate every subject.

To address this need, Creation Ministries International has developed a teacher training course called Biblical Foundations, specifically for the teaching faculties of Christian schools. We aim to help teachers transform students’ thinking to equip them to impact today’s increasingly secularized and anti-Christian culture for Christ.

Curriculum-integrated worldview teaching trains students to defend their Christian faith, uphold the authority of the Word of God, effectively proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and become leaders in society. It will help eliminate the destructive sacred/secular divide with the integration of biblical living principles into all subject areas.


The course has already been presented at many schools around Australia and enthusiastically received. These are some responses from teachers:

‘I have heard a lot over the years about teaching Christian worldview, but precious little of it actually happens. The material today has been really practical and should actually help teachers do it, rather than just talk about it.’

‘I found it pretty exciting. It’s good to go home from a professional development day excited.’

‘I wish my daughter had been present today because she is starting university next year.’

Biblical Foundations shows how to make the Bible relevant to all subjects, to help students develop critical thinking skills and to equip them to defend their faith.

Topics include:

  • Six days and the true history of the universe
  • Fossils, the Flood and earth science
  • After their kind: key to understanding living things
  • Dinosaurs: applying the integrated biblical worldview

Biblical Foundations is designed to be conducted over two days, but can be shortened to one day. The lecturers use professional quality, illustrated PowerPoint presentations extensively.

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If you are interested in having a course run in your school contact CMI ministry event managers.

A comprehensive 6-part DVD teaching series of the course is also available.

Published: 30 May 2008(GMT+10)