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Biggest CMI-Canada conference ever … on the web!

by Richard Fangrad, CEO, CMI-Canada

26 July 2003
(updated 20 October 2003)

On 27–30 July, all three CMI-Canada speakers—Henry de Roos, Emil Silvestru and Richard Fangrad—will be involved in the biggest CMI conference in the history of the Canadian office. The entire conference, Sunday morning through Wednesday evening, was broadcast live on the web at These conferences are now archived here.

Movie theater

The conference takes place in Orangeville, Ontario (about 1.5 hours drive North-east of Waterloo), at a movie theater built in 1927 that has been converted into a church. (The ‘pews’ are theater-style ‘fold-down’ seats.) Although the seating capacity is only 314, the church broadcasts their Sunday morning service to an audience of more than 2,000 who watch the entire service each week.1

The organizers have been flooded with requests for overnight accommodation and scrambling to find hotels in the area for the visitors. (Orangeville is a small town—barely large enough for a single hotel to operate.) One church in the area is canceling its regular Sunday morning service to attend the conference! People will also be coming from New York State!

The entire CMI conference—with talks on Sunday morning and evening, and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings—will not only be broadcast live on the web but will also be recorded and the masters donated to CMI free of charge!

On the second floor of the church (above the theater) is a professional TV production studio, where Pastor Rod Hembree records his popular ‘Quick Study’ program, seen on Christian TV channels around the world. In addition to being the main driving force behind the CMI conference, Pastor Hembree has a vision to produce three additional one-hour TV specials featuring each of the speakers.

TV production studio
Several major TV broadcasters—with a huge, worldwide audience—have expressed interest in carrying these specials.

The program format will be like Larry King Live, with Pastor Hembree asking questions and our three speakers responding. These programs will be recorded during the day, before the evening sessions of the conference—Richard on Monday, Henry on Tuesday, Emil on Wednesday.

Come join us!

Here is your chance to attend a four-day, faith-building CMI Conference in the comfort of your own home! Perhaps your friends, relatives and neighbors might profit from this unique event, too!

If you’d like to attend the conference in person, please check our event page for details. We’d love to see you there!

Please pray

  • that presentations by all three speakers would be pleasing to God and clearly communicate the ‘big picture’ message of the authority of the Bible in all areas that it touches on.

  • that many thousands of people would ‘tune in’ and be challenged and equipped to be more effective witnesses for Christ.

  • that the technology (there’s a lot of equipment and software involved!) would perform flawlessly.


  1. Research has shown that more than 2,000 people watch the entire Sunday service each week, not including the large numbers of people who watch only part of the services. To ensure an accurate count, the church counts only those visitors who watch three services in a row. Return to text.

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