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Creation 18(2):48, March 1996

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Book review: 21 Great Scientists who Believed the Bible

If you didn't know that such discoveries as antiseptics and space rockets came largely from the work of Bible-believing Christians, you will find this book a treat.

In an easy-to-read style, the author of 21 great scientists who believed the Bible takes us on an exciting journey through history to meet many of the 'greats' in science.

These 21 dedicated scientists, who each altered history for the better, openly acknowledged God as Creator, or opposed evolutionary thinking, or both.

Meet famous chemist Louis Pasteur, whose experiments exposed the flaws in the evolutionary belief that life arose from non-life. Discover the inventive minds of the Wright brothers, who gave us powered aircraft. There is the scientific genius Sir Isaac Newton, humble Christian physicist Michael Faraday, brilliant astronomer Johannes Kepler, and pioneers in computers, genetics, antiseptic surgery, and more.

Ideal for both teenagers and adults, with many illustrations, 21 great scientists who believed the Bible is inspiring, educational, and illuminating. It contains thrilling accounts about the lives and faith of many well-known, and some lesser-known, founders of modern science.

After you have read this book, you are unlikely to ever again take for granted such things as the night sky, computers, or even a jar of peanut butter. Highly recommended.