Book review: When Christians Roamed the Earth

25 January 2002

There was a time, not long ago, when the Earth shook under the feet of active Bible-believing Christians. Why is that not felt any more…and the sound of their steps no longer heard?

A unique new book, When Christians Roamed the Earth (Master Books, 2002), probes this timely question. Six well-known figures in the modern Biblical creation movement offer insights that you’ll find nowhere else.

These popular speakers and authors have joined forces for the first time to challenge the world and the church about the decline of the Christian worldview in Western nations. Together, they brilliantly explain the marginalization of the Christian worldview in today’s society, and they passionately call readers back to the Bible, where real answers for all of life’s struggles can be found.

Subtitled Is the Bible-Believing Church Headed for Extinction? this powerful book will open your eyes about the forces that threaten the church and Bible believers. There is hope for the world (and the church) if Christians will recognize how our leaders and culture have turned away from the truth and must return to a Biblical worldview, which begins with an acceptance of God’s Word from the beginning…at the account of Creation.

Find answers to central questions troubling our world:

  • Has the rejection of the Genesis account undermined effective evangelism?
  • What can we do to bring revival to counter our society’s decline?
  • Can one person do anything to bring about change for good?
  • Has our misunderstanding of the true nature of the battle contributed to society’s decline?
  • Have Neanderthals and other ‘cave men’ discredited the Bible?
  • Do recent findings in the search for ‘extraterrestrial intelligence’ contradict God’s Word?