One Human Family

Prepublication comments and reviews

Pastor Joe Boot

Carl Wieland’s new work, One Human Family is an excellent and wide–ranging contribution not just to the science and scripture debate but to critical socio–cultural questions of our time that naturally arise from it. His incisive analysis combined with thorough research makes him a welcome voice of clarity amidst a culture of ambiguity and confusion. He successfully combines lucid arguments with readable brevity without overlooking scholarly details. He unapologetically tackles controversial subjects head–on without being dismissive and is careful to defend his views with solid logic–his chapter on slavery and white guilt being an excellent example. These factors make Carl’s book a persuasive and informative read.

In a separate email to the author, Pastor Boot wrote:

Sorry [my review] took a while … . My problem was in finding undivided time to relish every chapter of your book. You have explained and articulated the application of Genesis truth so excellently. Christians, preachers and teachers can easily draw from your work to support belief and explain why things are the way they are in the world today. This is one publication to look forward to.

Joe Boot is an apologist, educator, author and senior pastor of Westminster Chapel in Toronto. He is also founder and President, Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, and the former Executive Director of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) Canada.

Dr Felix Konotey–Ahulu

… the best in–depth account of racism I have ever read. The book has information that will surprise, if not amaze, most readers.

Felix Konotey–Ahulu, M.B., B.S., M.D., F.R.C.P. (London), Hon. D.Sc. (UCC), F.R.C.P. (Glasgow), F.G.A., F.G.C.P., F.W.A.C.P., F.A.A.S., F.T.W.A.S., D.T.M.H. (Liverpool), is Kwegyir Aggrey Distinguished Professor of Human Genetics, University of Cape Coast, Ghana and a London consultant physician who is a world authority on sickle cell anemia.

(To see Dr Konotey–Ahulu’s enthusiastic and Gospel–promoting 6–page review of One Human Family in the secular magazine The New African [2 Mb pdf], click here.)

Bessie Lee

Great reading, with lots of research … simply explained, yet very substantial. The sheer breadth and number of issues covered … many of the topics would pique the curiosity of even today’s ‘sound–byte’ youth… . I relished every chapter.

Bessie Lee is a deaconess in Singapore at St Andrew’s Cathedral (Anglican).

Dr John Hartnett

Excellent … well written … weaves together the big picture that is often hidden by the politically correct establishment today.

John Hartnett, Ph.D., is a Research Professor (physics), University of Western Australia.

Pastor Bruce Clacher

[In an email responding to the chapter titled ‘Apartheid: color and conundrum’]

Thank you so much ... . You have taught me so much about my own country and I am deeply thankful for the lesson.

Bruce Clacher once served in the South African Police Force. He now pastors a Church of the Nazarene in Queensland, Australia.

Dr Jerry Bergman

Dr. Wieland has clearly done his homework; although I have spent almost three decades researching the subject of racism and evolution, he has managed to come up with much new material. No advocate of the single causation theory, Dr. Wieland covers the many social and economic factors that influence racism in his well–reasoned and balanced approach. He also covers the science of genetics in such a way that a layperson can follow, yet informs and adds insight to keep a professional interested in his writing.

In short, it is superb!!

Jerry Bergman, Ph.D., is a biologist, social scientist and US college professor who holds 9 degrees (7 of them graduate degrees).

Kym Holwerda

Awesome book… fascinating and deeply informative read … it’s seriously good! … I’ve been around creation ministry a long time and I thought I’d heard all of the arguments… . I was wrong… given that race and its various implications for society is such a hot–potato issue that shows no sign of abating, this must be one of the best evangelistic tools you’re likely to come across.

Kym Holwerda is a freelance proofreader from Brisbane, Australia who has worked on many creation apologetic materials.

Dr. David Christie

This is one of the most interesting, insightful and well–written books I have read in a very long time. … forthrightly tells it how it is but with sensitivity and understanding. … For many it will make the lights go on.

Dr. David Christie, Ph.D., is a retired management consultant and former Papua New Guinea patrol officer.

Mrs Louise Bevin, USA, December 2013

Dear CMI:
Carl Wieland’s book is a gem. It is so comprehensive in that he presents basic ideas and then develops them, revealing clearly how an underlying false premise (i.e. evolution) spreads like a virus to a culture that can end up infecting even the ‘church’!

A book like Dr Wieland’s would have been a wonderful gift to me at age 18, a serious kind of person—who then, in addition to the biology major, got involved in civil rights. Maybe “political change” would be the answer I thought. Well, no..... The Lord is the answer, His WORD a precious gift.