The Greatest Hoax On Earth? Refuting Dawkins on Evolution


History may show that Dawkins has done the church a favour, by waking it out of its complacency on the creation/evolution issue. By focusing the battle right at the foundations, and by putting all the evidence he can muster on display, he has provided a chance for Christians to see via this response that they do not have to keep retreating on this issue, for fear of being seen to contradict ‘the facts of science’…

The Greatest Hoax on Earth? meets Dawkins’ The Greatest Show on Earth head-on. Dr Sarfati firmly and comprehensively answers Dawkins’ challenge, chapter after chapter, covering a vast range of disciplines in his trademark crisp, clear style. He convincingly shows, for those with ears to hear, that to believe the Bible‚Äôs account of Creation/Fall/Redemption straightforwardly not only does not commit intellectual suicide, it is if anything the intellectually superior position.

In the process, he also ably exposes the types of deceitful tactics utilized in many anti-creation arguments. (Hence the ‘hoax’ in the Sarfati book’s title; CMI of course does not claim that people teach and promote evolution while disbelieving it.)

To the Christian we say—if your creationist fare has been by people with questionable qualifications and a flair for self-promotion using dubious arguments, you will find this book in another league altogether. It is written by arguably the finest mind in creation/evolution and Bible-science apologetics today—backed by a superb team of qualified and experienced colleagues.

To the not-yet-believer we say—if you have been exposed to the sorts of arguments that Dawkins musters, you owe it to yourself to read this book (not distorted representations of its contents).

Read it—give it away in bulk—spread this link—help fight the battle where it rages the fiercest.