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Published: 1 June 2014 (GMT+10)

CMI often receives questions about refuting specific TV shows. For instance, P. L., USA, writes:

Archaeoastronomy purports to date ancient pagan sites by figuring out how long ago the site lined up with the summer solstice. On the TV show, America Unearthed, Scott Wolter claimed an age of 3,000 BC for a small stone temple in Pennsylvania. This is a reasonable argument if the temple once lined up with the summer solstice. What other explanation might be offered? Naturally, anything that old should have been destroyed in the Flood.
Thanks and blessings!

And M.S., Canada, writes:

I was wondering if you have taken upon yourselves or are aware of another publication that is attempting the rebut the claims made on Bible Secrets Revealed, a show on History television presented by Dr. Robert Cargill. I’m aware that you have already taken note of some of the claims, such as contradictions and Gilgamesh vs. the flood, but I was hoping to see a point by point rebuttal, if possible.
The answers to the arguments brought up on the TV series are usually addressed in our article archive.

CMI does sometimes review TV series; for instance, see our reviews of Testing God: Killing the Creator, Did Darwin Kill God, and The Bible miniseries. But reviewing a series involves a lot of work for our staff. A member of our staff, or sometimes several staff, must watch the series and write down notes, and then we have to put that in a form that is easily understandable for our audience. If we were to do this very often, it would cut into our time to do other things that are critical for our ministry.

More importantly, the answers to the arguments brought up on the TV series are usually addressed in our archive of over 9,000 articles (at the time of writing—and growing every day!). It may be a little more work to search our site (search button on top right of all pages) or Q&A pages to find the answers, but it can be a rewarding process for people who make the effort.

Also, overly emphasizing refuting specific TV shows would make it seem like it’s about arguments, and who has the best evidence. When really, it’s about worldview and how we interpret that evidence. A lot of what our ministry does is help people to have the foundation to be able to interpret evidence in the media and unravel the assumptions involved in the unbiblical conclusions.

It’s about worldview and how we interpret that evidence.

For instance, in the first question, we could say that all historical science involves many assumptions, and those assumptions may or may not be true. Conversely, the Bible is a trustworthy historical record, so if historical science claims something that contradicts the record of Scripture, we should not hesitate to reject it on those grounds. Also, what were the measurement uncertainties? This applies to proper archaeological research papers. And serious archaeologists would disagree with a TV host like Wolters that ancient Irishmen built the Pennsylvania stone bath chambers in question.

The same idea applies to books, blogs, and all sorts of other media. We appreciate when our readers bring our attention to materials, and sometimes we decide that the teaching value to our readers is worth reviewing a specific series.

Last of all, if a reader believes that it is important for there to be a specific rebuttal of a TV show, perhaps consider whether you may be able to refute the show yourself! It is easy to start a blog or a website, and we encourage people to link to and use the wealth of information accumulated on

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Readers’ comments

Cowboy Bob S.
Thanks for this article, I'll be posting links to it more than once!

We can echo your points. Our online ministry has people asking for information that can they can look up right here (I often will give a link and a nudge to search the site for more information if needed).

Also, people want us to refute things, whether it's on television or something that an angry atheopath said on an atheist propaganda blog or anti-creationist forum. I wholeheartedly agree that there is only so much that is worth even attempting to refute. It is far better to help people see that it's a matter of worldviews and interpretation of evidence. There is the little matter of logical fallacies; assertion of speculation as fact is not the same thing as actual fact, and affirming the consequent — well, you know.

Most importantly, our faith is not based on scientific discoveries that are constantly changing. Rather, our faith is in the unchanging Word of God (Isaiah 40.8). We keep emphasizing those points.
Bob S.
We, who follow Christ, are often affected by the prevailing assumption of Naturalism. Naturalism eliminates revelation. Naturalism demands that faith is a physical process in the brain. Naturalism and Materialism (another arbitrary assumption) both demand that the mind is part of the body. All of this is a lie. We know that God exists because we know God. We know Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit continues to reveal Jesus to us. We know that the Bible is His Word without error because God reveals this fact to us. You are right that there are a limitless number of lies that can be told. The answer to every lie is that God reveals the truth to us, and we ought to listen to Him. It is the truth, that is, reality, that sets us free.
Aleksandar K.
I think the general answer to such questions should be: "Stop watching TV!" You can't go wrong with that. You become healthier and smarter so you can figure out things by yourself.
Stephen S.
I have personally come to see that a Biblical understanding of worldviews can make a big difference in practical life. To give a tragic example - my home city of Christchurch was impacted by major earthquakes between 2010 and 2012. 185 people died. After one major aftershock people gave priority to rescue those trapped in building rubble. From an evolutionary point of view this makes no sense as that worldview cannot say people are more valuable that building rubble - we all 'evolved' from inanimate material. The only true explanation is that humans are made in the image of God and all people know that humans have intrinsic value. Rom 1:19-20 shows that the true knowledge of God (and man created in His image) cannot be erased no mater how hard secular humanism tries to suppress it.
Steve C.
Well said. For those who study God's Truth, these 'historical' shows are often of little value even as entertainment. My hope is that people searching for truth will be motivated to read and meditate on what God has provided to us instead of lazily feeding on the stream of stuff that competes for our attention. Thanks for your efforts towards that.
Joel H.
I think it is great to hear of a ministry encouraging others to help in their fight by starting their own blogs. Most ministries want to corner the market and want no competition. This is truly like Christ. Thank you for your information.
Mike F.
I don't subscribe to the backwards dating of cites based on Archaeoastronomy, but there are a few artifacts everyone should be aware of. These are man made and reflect the possible changes in our universe. These artifacts are evidence that man's ability to create technology has not been limited to the 20th Century and has NOTHING to do with the theory of evolution. Man's abilities in the ancient world were considerable despite the nonsense spouted by academian myth makers. i) Nebra sky disc ii) Antikythera Mechanism iii) Djedi Project using Pyramid robots to crawl the air shafts of the Great pyramids of Egypt demonstrates another marvel of ancient technology (debunking the mantra "aliens did it" as well). [URL removed as per CMI's feedback rules] Being informed about ancient man and artifacts is the best way to debunk the "aliens" nonsense. These facts destroy the theory of Giambattista Vico (1668-1744) and Wilhelm Schmidt (Primitive Revelation). Darwin & Wellhausen owe as much to these guys as Hegel does for their anti-god theories.
Courage and Godspeed
Richard M.
Thanks so much for all the assistance you make available to us through the CMI resources! You are right, you can’t possibly spend all your time uncovering and refuting every permutation of the Enemy’s wiles. There is an illustration that I think speaks to this issue and it puts the responsibility on all of us—not just you who are on the front lines. Have you ever watched a bank teller count money? Her hands are almost a blur as she counts the bills very quickly, and yet the experienced teller will automatically ‘feel’ a counterfeit bill as it speeds through her fingers. She develops this ability because she spends so much time becoming familiar with counterfeits—right? Wrong! She is able to do this because she spends so much time handling the real thing. The same principle applies to truth. How do we spot the well polished counterfeits of the Enemy of our souls? We spend time handling the real thing, the Word of God, and we spend time communing with the real triune, Living God. By saying this I don’t mean to minimize the ministry of CMI. It’s important to give the truth the way you do. Yes we will need and want some education from time to time on Satan’s schemes, but as my father said when I was young, “For every glimpse you get of Satan’s kingdom, you need to take a good, long look at the Kingdom of God.” Intimacy with God and His word is what He wants for us, and it’s what we need as a foundation for facing the Enemy.
Jonathan Sarfati
Thank you for your generous comments and that account of teaching the truth. For another perspective, see today’s article Why I teach my kids evolution: A homeschooling mother’s approach to ‘immunizing’ her children against humanism in science.

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