‘Caveman’ in South Africa!
Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces


Friday 22 to Sunday 31 August, 2008

Dr. Emil Silvestru (Ph.D. in geology) is a specialist on the geology and formation of caves. For many years he was the head scientist at the world’s first Speleological Institute in Romania. Emil has published over 30 scientific papers in peer-reviewed science journals and co-authored two widely-used books on the geological column and flood geology. He also has 30 years of experience in climbing and spelunking, as well as participating in mountain and cave rescue operations.

Since 1997, Emil has been working full-time for CMI–Canada as researcher-scientist and creation speaker. A stimulating and entertaining speaker, he travels the world helping people to understand that ‘rocks are not reliable clocks’, and that the global Flood in Noah’s days was an actual historical event that greatly accelerated geological processes commonly thought to take millions of years.

His popular articles often feature in the creation-in-depth Journal of Creation, the world-renowned
Creation magazine with subscribers in over 100 countries, and on CMI’s website. A number of his popular talks are also available on DVD.

Emil’s most recent project (his initial idea to re-trace Darwin’s Beagle voyage) is now in full production (see CMI’s international documentary film project ‘Challenging Darwin in 2009’ here).

Read an interview with Dr Silvestru from CMI’s Creation magazine.

Use these meetings to the advantage of your church and community

• discover how a Genesis creation is foundational to the Gospel of Christ
• hear state-of-the-art geological evidence that supports the Bible’s history of creation and not millions of years
• learn how the Bible connects to all of reality

An extensive range of creation resources will be available at all meetings

A great outreach opportunity, so remember to bring a friend! Free admission and all welcome.

Tour Program

To inquire about hosting a meeting with CMI–SA feel free to contact us or phone our ministry department on
021 975 8109. An extensive range of creation resources will be available at all meetings.

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