Changing Careers for God

Over the past three years, I've taken several college courses that have taught Evolution (Psychology, Biology, Astronomy, and Sociology.)

Even though I never went as far as to believe in Evolution, I decided it didn't matter of people did because I could see how people could mesh the two.

Through chat with evolutionists, wishing to attack my beliefs, I found and used your website to defend my position.

With their persistent mockery of the Bible, and your Ministry I've developed a passion for this subject, and I now see not only how vitally important this issue is, but that the truth has actual science behind it! I've decided to switch majors from Computer Science to Chemical Physics. Afterwards I'll get my masters and Ph.D.

I've always wanted to do something like this, but I've always felt overwhelmed at the idea of venturing into obstacles and challenges I know nothing about. I came to the conclusion that I couldn't do it. Perhaps I can't, but with God I know I can and I have no problem heading into the unknown to pursue something I truly enjoy, and hopefully will be able to use to join this fight for truth.

I owe it all to your ministry. (Well, I owe it to the scoffers too... but I'm not sure if they would take it as a compliment.)

Thank you so much, if you could put me in your prayers, I would be most appreciative.


Editors' note: Please pray for God's strength and guidance

Published: 4 February 2006