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Charles V. Taylor, M.A., Ph.D., PGCE, LRAM, FIL, Cert. Theol.


Dr Charles V. Taylor earned B.A.s in languages, music and theology, an M.A. in applied linguistics and a Ph.D. in a central African language. He was a Fellow of the Institute of Linguists, and for eight years served as Co-ordinator of applied linguistics courses in The University of Sydney. The author of nine Christian books, Dr Taylor served on the staff of Garden City School of Ministries and on the Board of Creation Science Foundation. He died in 2009 aged over 90.



  • 1996, The First Hundred Words
    [a page of devotional commentary on each of the 100 Hebrew words used in Genesis 1:1–2:4a]
  • 2002, A Tale of Two Histories
    [evolution and the Bible; Lighthouse Books, Orange NSW]
  • 1984, Oldest Science Book in the World
    [Bible, history, Genesis]
  • 1988, Bibles With Holes
    [Biblical inspiration, texts, translations]
  • 1998, The Bible and Creation
  • 1994, Revelation
  • 1998, How American Are You?
    [a small book on US influence on Australian English]

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