Chinese Dinosaurs

Scientific resources for parents, students and teachers—interpreting dragon bones and ‘dragon birds’ through the biblical worldview

Chinese characters at exhibition.
Chinese characters at exhibition. Top symbol means ‘dragon’ and the lower one ‘lucky’.

A spectacular dinosaur exhibition is showing in Brisbane, Australia, from 22 May to 10 October 2004. Called Chinese Dinosaurs, the exhibition has already been on display in other places, such as Tokyo, Wellington (New Zealand) and Sydney.

The exhibit in Brisbane features 11 complete dinosaur skeletons, most of which have at least 65% genuine fossilised bone.

Many of the dinosaur skeletons are humungous. Massive Mamenchisaurus is a 23-metre long sauropod with a 9-metre long neck. It dwarfs everyone who comes to look.

The exhibition also features eggs, claws, teeth, skeletal spines, large plesiosaurs, tiny nothosaurs, turtles and other marine reptiles.

What do these bones mean?

Fossil bones do not speak for themselves. Instead, evidence is interpreted by people, and people interpret fossils according to their beliefs.

Dinosaur eggs
Dinosaur eggs on display.
Sauropod body
This massive sauropod, Mamenchisaurus, is too large to fit in the camera’s field of view.
Sauropod head
Mamenchisaurus’s head at the end of its 9-metre long neck towers high above.

Chinese Dinosaurs is supported significantly by public funds through the Queensland Museum, the Queensland Government and the Australian Museum. He who pays the piper calls the tune. Not surprisingly, all the dinosaur evidence displayed at the Chinese Dinosaurs exhibition is interpreted according to secular humanist beliefs. See also Skeptics/Australian Museum ‘Feathered Dinosaur’ display: Knockdown argument against creation? about an earlier exhibit.

Secular beliefs are actually strong religious beliefs because they make specific claims about religious issues, such as, the origin of the world, the nature of mankind and the origin of death and suffering. All of these impact upon perceptions of the nature of God, including whether God exists and His goodness.

A number of those involved in organizing the exhibition are known to be passionate about their secular (atheistic) beliefs and keen to win over the public of Australia to their way of thinking. Thus the exhibition is complemented with a full program of teaching, including ‘expert’ commentary, public talks, video screenings and dinosaur trails.

There is a strong emphasis on persuading children and young people. The display is geared for upper primary and high school students and includes specialist talks, workshops and teacher previews. Schools are encouraged to book well in advance.

In other words, all visitors are thoroughly instructed in the basic philosophy of the secular (materialist) worldview.

In order to counter the effects of such powerful indoctrination, Creation Ministries International is offering this webpage to provide resources for Christian parents, Christian teachers and Christian schools. It is important that Christians are equipped to interpret the information within the biblical framework. We trust that you will find this page useful as you use it in your teaching, projects and possible visits to see the Chinese Dinosaurs as the display travels around the world.

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