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In Jonathan’s latest endeavor he has teamed with famous New Zealand apologist Dr Steve Kumar to produce a stunning general defense of the Christian faith called Christianity for Skeptics.

Although the book has only been available for a few short months, it has been flying off the book tables at speaking events as well as from all of CMI’s offices worldwide. This demonstrates the need that this project fills—a general apologetics book combined with solid Creation evidences. Lay Christians have certainly resonated with its theme and many are buying bulk copies to give to their doubting friends (as well as using it to strengthen their own faith).

While CMI is officially a Bible/Christ-centered ministry, with its main focus on creation, this is the first time we have published a book defending Christianity in general, and answering attacks from many directions. This classic by a leading Christian apologist from New Zealand has been considerably updated with assistance from our own Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. It now also contains cutting edge material on design in nature and the Christian roots of science, and with its modern, catchy full color cartoon-style illustrations it is a real ‘pick me up and read me’ type book.

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