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Christians ‘watered down’ by clergy

27 August 2004

I have always remained indifferent to the creation/evolution struggle until recent times, believing that it was a ‘peripheral issue’ to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. How wrong I was! After exploring your website and subscribing to your magazine, I have been convicted of the need to place biblical creation (of the YEC variety ie what is said in the bible is what is meant by the bible) right up with the saving Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Although biblical creation does not provide the means to salvation, it does provide the reason for a saviour; to defeat sin and death that was introduced into this world at Adam’s fall.

From my extensive inquries into the other ‘biblical’ explanations that are a popular way of explaining creation, ALL others (old-earth creationists, theistic evolutionists, etc) just cannot satisfactorily explain how Christ (the second Adam) conquered death when death has been around for millions of years before Adam!

Unfortunately, the group most willing to believe the tainted interpretations of creation are the clergy themselves. I have spoken to a number of clergy and most believe in OEC but cannot or will not defend their position, stating that it is a ‘peripheral issue’. No wonder I took that stance from way back!

It now horrifies me to think how many Christians have been ‘watered down’ by a clergy who will not defend the inerrancy of the bible, and when combined with a secular media and educators who preach ‘evolution at any cost’ there are not too many reasons to believe the rest of the bible either.

Therefore I would like to thank you all at [CMI] for performing your faithful work, and despite a seemingly overwhelming resistance to your godly stance, be assured that you are reaching many with a crucial message of assurance.

With the help of your excellent resources, I am now intending to ‘minister to the ministers’ of the church who need to return to the perfect word of God, perfect from the very first verse!

Yours in Christ,

Stephen Jamieson

Published: 3 February 2006