Clarence Janzen


For more than 20 years, Clarence has been a high school teacher in the private sector, with a focus in Biology and Chemistry at the senior level. Prior to becoming a teacher, Clarence worked as a journeyman electrician for 11 years, specializing in telecommunications.

Clarence was raised in a Christian home and was faithfully committed to their home church while growing up. While attending trade school, at the age of 19 years, Clarence re-dedicated his life to love and serve God. Clarence has always believed in a literal 6-day creation because the inerrant Word of God was taught and modelled in his life from a very young age. However, within his first 10 years of teaching, Clarence soon realized that many “churched” adults did not adhere to the authority of scripture, and instead, believed in a variety of theologies concerning creation. This conflict has devastating results for both adults and our youth. Clarence has a passion for teaching, and it is his desire to combine his love for science and the Word of God, and to teach as many adults and youth, that science really does prove that the Bible is infallible.

Clarence and his wife, Dawn, live in British Columbia. They have five grown children (4 sons, 1 daughter) and 1 terrific son-in-law. They have a deep desire to serve God together, teaching the importance of believing in a literal creation from the book of Genesis, right from the very first verse.


BSc (Biology)
BEd (Secondary)
Jour Elecn (Journeyman Electrician Telecommunications)

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