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Priest calls CMI heretical

iStockphotoThe Scriptures are always our ultimate guide.
The Scriptures are always our ultimate guide.


Published: 27 February 2016 (GMT+10)

We thought the following exchange would illustrate to readers the type of correspondence that CMI receives on a regular basis, not just from secularists, but from professing Christians. This priest's ignorance about what creationists believe illustrates exactly why ministries like CMI need to exist and, thus, need your support.

Fr Jason A. F. B. Ph.D. wrote:

Seeing that you people believe in Hell, how do you figure that your level of ignorance, bigotry, hate, corruption, and abuse to others (especially your own children) will provide any entry way into this mystical vision of Heaven that you are so keen on faithing into existence? You use every logical fallacy ever, and have even seen to invent new ones, purely to falsely assert your claims. Any and seemingly all "evidence" you provide is provided from similar pro-creationist sites, all of which take actual facts out of context in order to misguide people into your beliefs. As an actual holder of a doctorate (no offense to "plant grower" Dr? Batten), I find this entire site to be a mockery to Christianity, Jesus Christ's very own teachings, and a serious offense to God. You intentionally contradict the very faith you believe in, in order to attack non-believers (which you aren't very good at). By the way, my doctorates are in theological anthropology and in psychology (Fordham Jesuit University). It has always been somewhat of a joke in "actual" theological discussions that fundamentalist and creationists were egotistical "nuts" who have been brainwashed and are no better than terrorists. I can see (after thoroughly reviewing your site) that this is not the case. I would like to make a formal apolog…to the people I called rude for mocking creationism. After seeing this site, it has become abundantly clear to me, and others who I have forwarded, that these pages of "blasphemy and immoral substance" is a complete contradiction to God's wishes. Personal attacks are un-Christian, and it seems that this "debate" between Creationism and Science is purely has evolved into nothing but hate and intolerance towards human beings for reasons that are detrimental for both sides.

First and foremost, your interpretation of the Bible and your "worship" of it is borderline heretical. The idolatry that your beliefs stem from, it is erroneous in heart, thought, and soul. As a Christian your responsibility is to the New Testament. This is the Word which God had sent Christ to confer upon us. To put in VERY simply, the Old Testament was the best of the worst. What I mean when I say this is that 2000+ years ago, people and little to no understanding of how the world worked and often supplemented folklore and "guesses" into oral stories in an attempt to make something coherent (and more believable). That being said (whether you have the courage, knowledge, insight, common sense to admit that or not), the Bible, as a tool of man, invented by man, for man, is and will always be corrupted and impure, simply for the basic reason that mortal hands can never reach the level of divinity. Man cannot understand or comprehend Divinity. To claim that anything created by the hand and minds of a non-deity (regardless of the deity one believes in seeing how Fundamentalist consider the book not the Lord) would not be corrupted by editing, censorship, misunderstanding, and blatant ignorance is foolish and borderline psychotic.

It saddens me deeply to see you call yourselves Christians. You have shown nothing but contempt for Christ's teachings. To hold yourself higher in the mind of the Lord than an atheist is laughable. You, along with Communists, Fascists, Cultists, etc. are actively seeking out to persecute others for something as petty as a different belief. Do you really think that it is your job to judge the living? The Bible argues otherwise. At first I wondered how all your members could be so closed minded and angry with God and other humans. It dawned upon me (after using your search site) that any and all "reasonable" information that hasn't been repeated/written/endorsed by your members or other pseudo-Christian sites is not provided. You offer no means for any young learner of faith to come across varying views of the world. At this point, as a potential educator, I felt physically sick and literally began to leak tears. You pollute your own children's minds and censor them from discovering the world. Out of fear, you brainwash and restrict them from becoming a beautiful human being in the eyes of God. Yes, the world is full of sin and blasphemy, but to live as you do, to infect and poison the minds of your own youth is detestable. This is a sin of intolerance and hate for the world God himself has provided you. This is the very world, full of the very people, ideas, faiths, and possibilities that Christ himself loved and sacrificed his life for. Faith in Christ is to be discovered, and upheld in beliefs the of love and goodness faith provides. It is not to be beaten into one's head while ignoring any other thought, omitting information, blocking the opportunity for an opposing issue, bashing other human beings, spitting in the face of contextual backings, and distorting one's own mind in effort to stand upon a fanatical, blasphemous, dangerous, intolerable, hateful, bigoted, spiteful, vengeful, painful, etc. ideology that is truly a perversion of everything Christ stands for.

I am very sorry for my own convictions regarding the filth and sin you have chosen to abide. It upset me to the point of violence (I kicked my garbage bin over) when taking the lives and minds of children into consideration. I am truly disgusted, but it is God himself who will judge you. So hopefully, you may learn to accept the world as it is, for God does exist. God, however, exists in harmony with the universe and science. Whether or not it is factual, God lives in harmony with the theory of evolution. There is always a compromise that allows tolerance at the very least. That being said, many may not fully believe in evolution, and no one is saying that it is 100% true, but let's be honest with each other as brothers and sisters in God and Christ.

The Earth, MAY be older than the ~7000 you claim it is. Nothing that evolutionists or scientists believe in and fight for contradicts God's Will. Not all of these "debaters" are atheist. These people defend and attack your claims with good intentions in their hearts. They wish to reopen your mind, back into the loving world following the same path that Jesus Christ has laid out for you. Not all of them are not making claims in defiance of God or religion. The hostility stems from the disgust your ignorance, hate, and intolerance in the face of such widely accepted and fact-based beliefs that fir snugly within their own views of humanity, faith, and science. 

I did not understand the magnitude of evil in Fundamentalism until today. I will pray every morning, afternoon, and night for you and other fanatics in the world. I can only hope that through the grace and divine wisdom of the Lord and Christ that your children will be able to see the beauty and truth that honest, personal faith provides in a world so dark. You must accept Christ's teachings. You must relearn the way to love, tolerance, and understanding. If you do not, you will spend an eternity in Hell. You seem to love your own beliefs of creation more than your beliefs of Christ and the Lord. I pray that one day you will discover the real truth: We are all God's children (regardless of actions/faiths); though others may abandon the path to salvation, this does not give you the right to condemn them. It is Christ's teaching that opens the true way to God's Love. Do not restrict yourselves or your children in order to prove a point that you have likely been misguided into believing. 

God Bless You, and by His mercy may you seek redemption,

Fr Jason A. F. B. Ph.D.

Lita Cosner responds:

Dear Dr B.,

Before I get to the substance of your criticism of the site, I feel I have to address the tone of your message. You say that ‘personal attacks are un-Christian’, and I agree. So why was your message chock-full of them? You accuse us of ignorance, bigotry, hate, corruption, abuse (including to our children), being close-minded and angry, being a mockery to Christianity, Jesus’ own teachings, and being offensive to God, contradicting God’s wishes. More seriously, you accuse us of borderline heresy, idolatry, contempt for Christ’s teachings, persecuting others… and that’s only halfway through your message! This is not a Christian way to communicate, and more pragmatically, it’s not a very productive way to start a dialogue. I have to say, that we don’t often get such vitriolic emails from atheists, let alone professing Christians. That said, I’ll try to look past the venomous insults that fill your message, and to address the substance of your message. Even though you raise many straw man arguments against us like accusing us of hating any opposition. That is most certainly something we don’t do. We tried to provide information to show people their fallen state and how God made a way for them to be reconciled back to Him.

I believe our central point of disagreement is about the nature of the Old Testament. You say that the Old Testament was ‘the best of the worst’, and that in those times, people supplemented folklore and guesses to explain things of which they were ignorant. But that completely contradicts the New Testament’s view of the Old Testament—and you did say that as Christians we have an obligation to the New Testament. So what about when Peter says, “But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one’s own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by that Holy Spirit spoke from God” (2 Peter 1:20–21). What about when the author of Hebrews says, “God… spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways” (Hebrews 1:1). How can you claim to love the New Testament while dishonoring the Old Testament which is the foundation for literally every doctrine in the New Testament? And see this chart of Bible cross references—the blue are to the Old Testament, and the red are to the New Testament. Tell me how to untangle them, and I’ll listen to your argument about how we should respect the New Testament in isolation to the Old. But it’s impossible.


Moreover, please read this article Genesis in the New Testament. It charts over 100 references to the book of Genesis by the New Testament authors. Please tell me how you can divorce our New Testament Christian doctrine from the history in the Bible that the authors are referring to.

I believe that Jesus is no less than the Creator who became flesh and died so that we could be saved from the effects of Adam’s sin. So I believe that when Jesus says something about creation, that’s important, that’s authoritative, and it certainly overrides what a certain interpretation of science might say today. By the way, you keep mentioning ‘science vs creationism’ like they’re opposed to each other, and you even denigrate the Ph.D.s of our scientists. Given they earned their Ph.D.s at secular universities you will then need to have similar disregard for the Ph.D.s of the secular evolutionists, surely, or even your own claimed doctorate perhaps.

It is clear you have read very little on our site about what creationists actually believe. See ‘It’s not science, for example. If you are not informed, as such, we can understand why you might be emotional when considering the creationist case. After all, like others, you have probably only been educated as to one side of the story, so an opposing view might appear radical. However, it is unfortunate when someone feels that they need to descend into vitriol to make their case. I think it reveals though that they don’t have a lot of information to support their case. Out of the 9,000 plus articles on this site, you never specifically critiqued anything—not a single article or its contents.

The Bible—the New Testament as surely as the Old—tells us about a God who transcends this universe, who created this universe and everything in it. He created the physical laws which normally operate in the universe, but Scripture tells us that He is free to intervene and perform actions we call miracles which are outside of these laws. This includes the miracles of creation over the first six days, the global Flood, parting the Red Sea, the virginal conception of Christ, turning water into wine, and raising Jesus from the dead. God created a perfect universe, but the first people, Adam and Eve, sinned, so death entered creation. God could have left us all to be separated from Him forever by our own sin, but He sent a rescue mission from Heaven—He loved us so much that He gave His Son so that we could be reconciled to Him. But the glorious thing is that the Son, Jesus, didn’t stay dead; He was raised and is now glorified at the right hand of the Father. And anyone who comes to God through belief in Jesus Christ can now be saved, and can be assured of spending an eternity with God in the Resurrection—on a restored Earth free from sin and death.

You say that “man cannot understand or comprehend Divinity”, and you’re absolutely right—but God has stooped down to our level, and while His ways are higher than our ways, and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, He has revealed Himself to us through His Word, and through His Son. So we can know what He has revealed, because the whole purpose of revelation was so we could understand.

Your view of what it takes to be a Christian is most certainly not a biblical one. But then again, anyone can decide what is truth for themselves and call it whatever religion they like. Our knowledge of God, our fallen state and what is required for salvation is derived only from Scripture. It’s not a salad bar where one can pick and choose what one wants to believe. Our Saviour, the Lord Jesus most certainly believed in the Old Testament as real history. He affirmed a real Adam and Eve (The NT called Jesus the Last Adam), a global Flood, (which he paralleled with Second Coming), Jonah’s three days in the belly of a fish that He used to foretell the three days and night He remained dead before His resurrection. So, if you think Jesus is wrong about such things, then by any definition it would be hard to call oneself a Christian. Unless you have made up your own definition of what Christianity is, which it appears that you have indeed done.

Moreover, I wonder who you think your compromise with the secular religion of evolution will actually win over. If you watch this video, you will see that leading evolutionist Richard Dawkins calls those who want to add evolution to the Bible as ‘deluded’. So your compromise won’t win over evolutionists, because they easily understand that you don’t believe what you profess to believe.

By the way my colleagues and I don’t need to seek redemption, and suggesting that we aren’t saved is actually a serious charge. We are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Romans 10:9 says “because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Unless you have different criteria for salvation, of course.

I could write books about this, but there are lots of people who need to be answered, so I’ll stop there.

Lita Cosner

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Readers’ comments

Alan B.
From reading the priests comment, I would have to say that he has had too much human education and is looking down on the rest of us. To give him credit, he also understands some points of the Bible, but not the point of compassion. His response shows that much of human education is human and not Godly, and the two rarely meet.
michael D.
On second thoughts, I do not think you ought to have displayed this email to the whole world, as it were, but simply to have given a private response saying for example that you follow scripture such as Peter when he said every scripture is given (God breathed) by God for correction etc. & no scripture is of any private interpretation and that this Ministry adheres to the scriptures as the Word of God. It was clear that he did not want an answer, but only to vilify the ministry. Proverbs 9 v 7 & 8 applies. Now the punch line comes: What was the reason for showing this email? If it was for sympathy then it was wrong. If it was to show what some Christians think then it was even more wrong as this man is not a Christian. His very words demonstrate this. There are true Christians who do not unfortunately believe in the literal account of Genesis. It would have been more to the point to have shown such. I do not commend you on this. Your time is also important before the Lord and it should be spent more wisely. Furthermore, such a letter does not build up fellow Christians, but only confuse or to distresses, to no point, as it was not worthy of answering. Yours sincerely Mike
Lita Cosner
Dear Mike,
Thanks for these comments. I'm publishing this response so everyone can make up their own minds on this. Several points to consider.
1. This man gave permission for his letter to be published (just as you gave permission for your comment to be published when you submitted it). Therefore, we are free to publish it if we think it is useful.
2. The reason we published it was to give an example of the opposition we face, and to hopefully give an example of how others can answer.
3. Yours is the first comment to disapprove of our publication of this feedback article (you'll notice we publish feedback articles like this every week). The comments overall have been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, over 100 people have written in to say how much they were helped and encouraged by this article. Are you saying that we should not have published something that would encourage and help so many people?
As I said, everyone can make up their own minds on this, but clearly the majority view has been that this was a helpful letter to publish.
Chaplain Joe W.
There was a time when I had similar (but not as hateful) thoughts about the whole creation thing. I have taken many scientific courses in my younger years and only after getting saved, had the opportunity to take a class in my church on Creation.

A former Atheist and Professor, Dr. Tom DeRosa had this love and excitement for the book of Genesis and wasn't afraid to answer any question. He had a radio program on in Ft. Lauderdale that he hosted and took calls all night. What I found was I didn't need to check my brain at the door and walk into his class. I needed my brain, it was my faith that continued to grow as logic presented itself in the pages of God's Word.

It's so sad to see someone who proclaims to be a Christian use the hateful and hurtful language that this man has used - what's scary is, he's so deluded! I'm thankful that CMI is here. I find so many useful articles to share with the hundreds of Christians that the Lord gives me the opportunity to share with.

By the way, Lita... great response! Please keep doing what you do, so well. "Pay attention to the ministry you have received in the Lord, so that you can accomplish it." Colossians 4:17
Duane C.
Lita, as many have commented excellent job in both substance and restraint.

Dr. Jason, I'm curious - what made you think you could offer no evidence, and go on a tirade of venom and vitriol, jousting at straw men and think you could persuade anyone of your position? This is to say nothing of the Christian witness which we are to "watch closely" (1 Tim 4.16) which you have thrown away with your slanderous accusations. With such a display do you really expect to convince anyone you've learned anything from Jesus?
Julie M.
I felt the Holy Spirit throughout your response, Lita. Another fabulous, wisdom-filled paper. Well done.
Doug L.
I'm glad you printed this letter. It definitely demonstrates the tactics with which we're often faced: strident vitriol spoken from a claimed position of authority, yet NO substantive argument. Lots of passion but NO substance. Lita's response was excellent, as usual. Kudos.
Jordan C.
Dr. Jason's entire comment is all rant with a strawman here and there, while he doesn’t reference any actual critical objections to CMI's arguments. You’d think a man with a Ph.D. would actually give support to his generalized assertions. You can almost taste the blinding anger in his words, it's kinda sad really. I'm just glad Lita is on our side, she articulated each problem with his rant, point-by-point surgically dissecting them!
Filipp T.
Look at the love and support you have CMI. This is evidence and proof that God is for you because of the very lives your ministry has touched and changed. People will always attack and hate those who stand for truth. God bless you for your unwavering stance on the truth of Gods Word!
Lita Cosner
Thanks so much Filipp. We are very grateful for your kind words, and for the support which makes responses like this possible.
Don O.
Excellent response Lita. I have never seen a letter or e-mail written by a so-called Christian that contains so much invective and vitriol. It seems that the worst enemies of the gospel aren't the Atheists, but the Theistic Evolutionists.
P. M.
The very definition of 'science' is truth. And must be something that can be recreated in a lab. The liberals have taken that concept and expanded it out of shape. Every place in the Bible (both Old and New Testament) where an actual scientific comment is mentioned is totally accurate. "... the circle of the earth... " the air and sea currents, etc. I think the writer needs to read the book of Job! All the constellations mentioned are still the same. The Bible was not intended to be a scientific book but totally upholds real science. Too many people are lulled into believing lies in that respect. Just a little research and they would be surprised how much they might learn! Btw good job.
Reagan B.
"First and foremost, your interpretation of the Bible and your "worship" of it is borderline heretical. The idolatry..." I think this claim is worth addressing. If one has a credible source of information, then it is only rational to take seriously the claims made by it. This mindset is not a matter of worshiping the source material; it is simply an issue of having an intellectually honest understanding of it. Of course, what I've described is shocking and offensive to the senses when all one knows is the alternative: Things mean what you want them to mean.
B. M.
This email by Dr. B is a very uneducated rant. Like many others on this site I have multiple degrees from Universities. I have always found that people that inflate their degrees and deflate others' degrees to boost their argument to be a sign of weakness in their ability to look objectively at an issue. Your degrees Dr. B. are just like mine and everyone else's, just pieces of paper. If you have weak arguments and prejudices surrounding them, having an inflated degree means very little. Theologically your arguments are weak. You are proof that a person can be well educated and yet ignorant. Seeing yet not perceiving.
James L.
In his letter he says, "As a Christian your responsibility is to the New Testament. This is the Word which God had sent Christ to confer upon us. To put in VERY simply, the Old Testament was the best of the worst. " later he goes on to say, "the Bible, as a tool of man, invented by man, for man, is and will always be corrupted and impure, simply for the basic reason that mortal hands can never reach the level of divinity. Man cannot understand or comprehend Divinity. To claim that anything created by the hand and minds of a non-deity (regardless of the deity one believes in seeing how Fundamentalist consider the book not the Lord) would not be corrupted by editing, censorship, misunderstanding, and blatant ignorance is foolish and borderline psychotic."
I wonder how did he conclude this? The New Testament was penned by men, just like the Old Testament. Why is that criteria to dismiss one, but not the other? This mindset makes humans the authority over the bible, which is not the way it should be.
Dylan O.
Dear Jason
You really need to study this further with an open mind. Read the articles. There will be little progress for you until you understand the basic principle that science has made its philosophical commitment prior to the evidence being handed in. Once you see what that does to the narrative you will understand better where CMI are coming from.
Once you do see it, there is no going back. You will realize that you have to reason for yourself and that the dept. of evolution runs on rhetoric and imagination to interpret the evidence. Evidence that is completely neutral until you let them at it. You will see, if you look at this site more closely, that the evidence for an orchard of creation and a global flood is a far more likely scenario and a far better explanation of the observed evidence than the evolution narrative.
You have to remember that you are handing over your authority regarding origins to people who think complex information and the machinery to interpret and act on that, can arise out of mindlessness. Once you understand just how much of their case is built on faith you will start to question the whole show. You will see that special creation and global flood is shown in the evidence more than random chance and gradualism.
In studying all of this I now have greater trust in the Bible and the love and fear of God. A life changing attitude for the better. CMI (and other sites) gave back to me the ability to reason for myself and to not get caught in the snares of scientism
My personal opinion is that teaching scientism and evolution to our children is indoctrination and abuse. The sheer quantity of rhetoric will soon be to great for the mind to overcome. I love what CMI teach and you should study it. I think you may grow to love it too.
Vieru-Darius S.
This person is an accurate representative of Christians who choose to compromise healthy biblical doctrine, which they call fundamentalism, out of a warped understanding of love and tolerance, often seeking social acceptance. Not only that the reconciliation they seek between God's Word and secular darwinism is impossible, but they also lead many astray from the path of salvation, firstly themselves. For people like this I think we should pray.
Gina R.
On reading this vitriol, I do wonder if this writer is a priest or not, perhaps just covering as one. Badly written and not very coherent, just a plain hate attack. Not one quote from the bible was mentioned, perhaps he does not know the bible well. Sad that he feels that he has to lead others astray as well, but God will hold him accountable, just as he mentions that people will go to hell for not accepting his version of what he thinks is truth, how sad that he is so judgemental.
Wonderful response Lita, I for one thank God for your site that can dispel myth, beautifully written as usual.
Troy H.
Wow. With 'friends' like that, who needs enemies. Nice reply Lita, though I think you may have been 'throwing pearls before swine'.
Lita Cosner
The response was as much for those who would read it on the web as it was for 'Fr.' Jason. So in that sense, and judging from the responses so far, it certainly was not all a waste. We so appreciate the support that makes these sort of responses and articles possible.
John E.
Lita, thankyou not just for a reply that thoughtfully addresses the vitriolic accusations here - from a purported brother in Christ, no less - but which does so in a manner that beautifully models for us the words of 1 Peter 3:15-16: being both "prepared to give an answer", and then doing so "with gentleness and respect... that those who speak maliciously against your good behaviour in Christ may be ashamed of their slander." I know personally that I sometimes struggle on both counts, so thankyou for taking the time here to demonstrate how it's done. May God continue to bless the invaluable work of everyone there at CMI.
Kathleen B.
You know although he didn't use profanity, his comment was full of the same twisted reasoning and accusations by atheists against christians & christianity that one encounters on most comments forums today. Just dare to have a more conservative opinion or reason from a biblical perspective and all hell brakes loose.
Tony V.
If Father Jason is really a priest, I certainly felt a sense of shame and embarrassment, as I cannot believe a fellow Catholic and a priest at that, could use such vitriolic abuse against those who are trying to uphold the truth of scripture by presenting logical and evidential arguments. If Father Jason (?) wanted to defend his belief in Naturalism, he should argue his case by presenting his Beliefs with sound argument, respect and dignity. Maybe this is a case where abuse is a substitute for sound reasoning.
If Fr. Jason is really a priest, he certainly should know that the official teaching of the Catholic Church teachers that the New and Old Testament is the Word of God and if he really accepted the teachings of the New Testament, he cannot deny the New Testament confirms the historical truth and wisdom of the Old Testament. Even the Gospels records Jesus confirming the authenticity of the Old Testament.
For over forty years I have studied both sides of the argument and my own conclusions are that both beliefs (Evolution verses Creation) are religious in nature but the creation concept is by far the most logical and evidential based concept.
Brian W.
My favorite part of Lita's response: "We are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ."

A thousand hallelujah's!!!
Kenneth W.
CMI has done a lot in improving my biblical and scientific knowledge, it disappointing on how much Christians are willing to compromise, I wish the were hot or cold.
Gian Carlo B.
This is proof what happens when Cheistians compromise too much than what they should and become exactly like their compromised evolutionists. It is idiotic of him to actually have the guts to rail against you guys without having proper study (pretty dishonoring of his so called PhD's). If he is so cracked up as he makes himself to be, then he should've known better to study first before making any judgment. You guys keep fighting the good fight and educate these emotional rhetorics on their place.
Michael S.
The words of our Lord Jesus Christ come to mind: Mat 23:9 "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." Thank you, Lita, for your truly Christian response to an angry, but spiritually blind, correspondent.
William C.
I believe in the whole bible and I believe Genesis to be History and I noted the following .
Genesis 1 v 3 says And God Said. Then it describes a new created element. Day 1.
Verse 6. And God said. Again a new created element. Day 2.
Verse 9. And God said. Again a new created element this time inorganic material.
Verse 11. And God said. Another created command and the element that came into being was Organic matter, vegetation and so on. To be noted here there was NO evolution from inorganic matter to organic matter. It was the created voice of God, And God said, for two differing kinds of material to be created. Day3.
Verse 14. And God said. Then it describes a new created element Day 4.
Verse 20. And God said. Then it describes a new created element Day 5.
Verse 24. And God said. Another created command and the element that came into being was more organic living matter in the form of animals.
Verse 26. Then God said. Again a new Created element came into being in the form of Man.
To be noted here that there was No evolution from organic material called animal to the organic material that was then called Man. I conclude therefore evolution is totally opposed to the Bible.
Hugh B.
All too often, while using your material in witnessing to others, I come across people who profess to be Christians, yet pick and choose which parts of the Bible they believe. Some even dismiss the Bible altogether, and trust their "feelings" to determine what they believe. It seems that to most people, it's easier to create a god in their image, than to follow the God that created them in His! I have read hundreds of your articles, dozens of your books and watched many dozens of your videos. I find that your organization constantly makes references to the Bible, and brings glory to our Creator. God bless you for your incredible ministry that continues to shine the light of truth in an ever darkening world!
Lita Cosner
Thanks for your encouraging comments! We so appreciate those who support us in our ministry to make this sort of response possible.
Frances M.
Lita, I must commend you for your amazing response to this tirade of abuse and misinformation. I feel so upset by his comments I would be unable to be so balanced and respectful in my answers! Grace abounds at CMI, thank the Lord! Regarding all his comments, I cannot get my head around why on earth this person either wants to be, or thinks he is a Christian! What possible definition is he using, since he has discarded the OT and completely ignored most of the NT! Surely if you are going to subscribe to a belief system you should know what the basis for that belief system is before you 'sign up', which he clearly hasn't done. How can you answer someone who isn't even on the same page as the Bible? It is the Bible that gives us all the information we can possibly have about salvation and becoming a Christian, but he has clearly discarded it totally! Bizarre! I am unable to understand his logic in his own mind. But again, well done indeed for your wonderful answer. Blessings to you all at CMI.
Mark G.
Lita, My Dear Sister in Christ; i applaud You for Your well done reply to this man. I was upset at everything he had to say and in total unbelief at the tone of his letter. I'm sure i couldn't have been as "nice" as You were, given his lack of respect for Holy Scripture.......talk about blasphemy~! Again, well done~!
Lita Cosner
Thanks Mark, answering people like this is part of the reason we exist, and part of the reason we so appreciate everyone who supports us!
Robert D.
We are made in God's image, with a shade of all His fine attributes. Amazing how far we are corrupted since the fall. When it is so clear, as in the godlessness of this message, we should look to ourselves to make sure we don't also harbour such a demonic way of thinking...
Ps. any way we can download a high quality version of the cross reference thingy? Pretty cool. Could almost have just stuck that up as a reply and left it! Cheers :-)
Lita Cosner
You can click on the image to see a higher-resolution version.
Malan G.
I have only one observation; This man, Dr or not, has no real knowledge about the Bible. I can see why he chooses to call himself 'Father'! "Mat 23:9 And call no man your father on the earth: for one is your Father, even he who is in heaven." "Hos 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:" "Rom 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools ..."
Remik B.
Jesus was very clear about not coming to bring peace. Without the OT the NT falls apart. People want to live in sin and define tolerance as acceptance of sin. God doesn't need us, we need Him. This judging debate is a joke--they want us to walk with blinders. Bible compels us to judge sin. The non judging is for those struggling to follow Christ, not ones who deny Him. If Genesis is allegorical, hell is symbolic, OT can't be trusted, why did people lose their life protecting these books?
Jeffrey V.
I had trouble reading through the submitted letter - not because of the tone, but because the author seemed to be all over the map with contradictions and wild claims. Good job on the rebuttal; I'm not sure I would have held the same composure! I've noticed in recent years how common (amoung Christians) it has become to hold the Bible in very poor position - to claim it contains errors or is not actually inspired by God. Coming from what I would (proudly) describe to be a fundamentalist, Bible-believing church (and then moving to a different community) this surprised me. I always had to deal with opposition from non-believers; I am confused as to why I also have opposition (sometimes more fierce) from Christians. Please keep up the good work - the Bible is God's word - all of it - and no amount of vitriol will change that. I appreciate your efforts on this front and thank you for it.
Joseph M.
I to have a suspicion his is a hoax, but if it isn’t I’ll give a few examples where I could never take this person seriously for my salvation or to rationally reason with. Priest: “You use every logical fallacy ever”, “your level of ignorance, bigotry, hate, corruption, and abuse”, “to be a mockery to Christianity”, “Personal attacks are un-Christian” Reply: It would be appreciated if an example of one fallacy is given, instead of writing a letter full of fallacies and contradictions. Priest: “for God does exist”, “God lives in harmony with the theory of evolution” Reply: the theory of evolution excludes God and proceeds as if God does not exist! Priest: “back into the loving world”, “in a world so dark”, “You intentionally contradict the very faith you believe in” Reply: seems like it’s the priest contradicting his faith in the world. Priest: “The Bible, as a tool of man, invented by man, for man, is and will always be corrupted and impure”, “Jesus Christ's very own teachings” Reply: Our knowledge of God comes from the bible aided by the Holy Ghost. It mystifies me as to how he knows the teachings of Christ if the New Testament is corrupted and invented by man!? How can he know what he is arguing against? Priest: “I can see (after thoroughly reviewing your site)”, Reply: Apparently the priest wasn’t thorough because the introduction to this website state:
1. The scientific aspects of creation are important, but are secondary in importance to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Sovereign, Creator, Redeemer and Judge. http://creation.com/about-us#what_we_believe
R. R.
Wow, this "priest" totally won that debate. Given the shallowness and many other negative attributes of the message, I never would've guessed that this person had so many letters after his name -allegedly- much less that he was a Christian -whatever he thinks that means... Quite frankly, I've been able to engage in more educated arguments/discussions with atheists and agnostics in the YouTube comments section -and that's actually saying something if you've ever seen some of those... I was also upset "to the point of violence" and intensely stared at my computer monitor, but it didn't budge, which made my efforts a complete failure -yet I still didn't fail as hard as the 'reasoning' of this so-called priest and the (lack of) depth of his 'research'. Did he ask Dawkins for feedback before sending that in?Perhaps this joke of an academic will take the time to actually understand what his critics believe (not simply "read" -which is questionable) rather than making it up. What an embarrassment... both to what he claims to be and the degree he claims to have.
Wayne T.
For a supposedly well educated person, he used a great number of words to say practically nothing, except about his rather ugly mind. I would have expected him to have presented a logical argument, but instead all he had was vitriol. I do not agree with Lita on a number of theological issues, but I would never stoop to such great disrespect of a fellow child of God. Hang in there folks, at the very least you provide a role model for respectful debate.
Erin C.
Jason's emotional lack of control interferes with his thinking, and his letter is a rant, rather than a substantive criticism of the creationist views expressed by CMI writers. He obviously doesn't believe the scriptures are God-breathed (2 Tim 3:16). He can't even distinguish between persecution and disagreement. At least he kicked the garbage bin and not the dog.
Terry W.
"It’s not a salad bar where one can pick and choose what one wants to believe." I recommend a context link and addition to related articles this piece by Gary Bates: http://creation.com/salad-bar-christianity I think it's OT for a published comment (and I'm near my limit), but I hope you guys are aware of this little tidbit: "By the way, my doctorates are in theological anthropology and in psychology (Fordham Jesuit University)" "Jesuit" is shorthand for Society of Jesus, a Catholic religious order founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1534. This founder's writings include "Spiritual Exercises" (the title of a book) which resemble eastern meditation, occult rituals, and modern hypnosis. Their gospel is very different from that which is found in the Bible, and this man's "...I felt physically sick and literally began to leak tears." may be symptomatic of the curse referred to in Galatians 1:8-9. Your reply is excellent and certainly much better than what I could have pulled off. Keep up the good work.
Don M.
I'll wager he could not show any proof of any one of his claims.
Ervin S.
I always find it interesting to witness the intolerance of those who call for toleration. It just shows that having an advanced degree does not give one wisdom.
Mark W.
God bless you Lita Cosner for your complete and trenchant response. I only would have said, "Truly, you have a dizzying intellect."
Martin K.
I applaud CMI for your fortitude to tolerate that kind of nasty letter. I seriously question that this writer did ever attend any place of higher learning to write a letter such as this. The idea of completely throwing out the Old Testament and calling it a much of fables made by men is symbolic of hard-core atheists. I have discussed with some fellow christians in a bible study of the Old Testament that there is much to learn about man's relationship with God. I will admit that some of the OT books are are to get through but I am getting a better sense of what the OT covenant was and some misplaced priorities God's people had and how Jesus worked to fix the old covenant with a new one.
Thanks for all your work.
Mark G.
Great response, Lita. The moment Fr Jason claimed to trust the New Testament, his argument fell apart, since the New is based entirely on the Old. Further, the Prophets and Psalmists who accurately predicted the coming of the messiah also support creation so they must have been inspired about both topics. So much for an unreliable Old Testament. Well, Catholics never have been too strong on the Bible so it is a weak place for him to to argue from. Thank you Lita for being nice to him in your response. How very Christian of you, and rude of him!
Glenn M.
Unfortunately this opinion from professing Christians will only become more common. I cannot find a mainstream church in my community, where the leadership are young earth creationists. The other smaller congregations that are creationists have other major issues.
I am wounded & disheartened by these attacks, to the point where I can no longer engage. So Lita, I cannot express how much you are needed by this world to keep fighting the good fight.
John T.
Thank You for publishing the letter from Father Jason. It helped me to better understand the hatred toward Biblical Christianity and especially those of us who have the audacity to actually believe what God has said in His Word.
michael D.
Your patience is amazing that you so answered this hateful email from a "Fr." I can not believe he is a born again Christian for the Holy spirit is not demonstrated in his writing. However I can understand his hatred of the truth as one who is not of God. Jesus warned us of this and many beloved Christians were burnt at the stake by such hate for the truth as was the first Christian martyr.(who was stoned) Stephen "They blocked their ears...." Jesus Matthew 5 verses 10 to 22 So Jesus said you ought to rejoice as you suffer the same revulsion that Jesus did. ..and great is your reward in heaven......" verse 12 Your brother in the Lord Jesus, Mike.
Robert M.
The sad thing is, that their are so many Fr Jasons out there. Since my own background is RC, I find it pathetic that the RCC has so forsaken its patristic roots, which are its foundation and strength. Ironically, I believe that it is CMI's positions which are more in line with the centuries-old traditional teachings of the RCC! It seems to me that the ecumenical position held by the RCC today, which more or less equates all religions, is the real heresy! Today's RCC is so concerned with its worldly agenda, that it has simply become a parallel to the secular world (and today's secular world is VERY secular!).
Thomas B.
Well done Lita! Thank you for such a thoughtful, reasoned and Scriptural response to an unfounded rant. It always mystifies me when someone makes claims about what the Bible teaches while simultaneously denying its truth. Thanks again.
G. G.
Dear Lita, I would just like to thank you and all at CMI for the amazing job that you do. Thank you Lita for giving us an example of the measured, gracious response that needs to be made to people such as Fr.Jason. I would just like to add the observation from my own experience that the ministry and materials of CMI have the opposite effect on young minds to that which this correspondent states. Both my children were able to attend prestigious secular universities, obtain degrees in Science and go on to post-graduate studies with minds not locked into the materialistic humanism of their environment. They were able to converse with their peers about their beliefs in a reasoned, logical manner and generally earned respect for doing so.
S. H.
Very disappointing reaction. It never ceases to amaze how often people (unfairly) accuse CMI etc of hate, intolerance etc and yet do so in a quite abusive and intolerant manner. When it comes from those who sign their name with their qualifications, it comes across as quite condescending. At least accusers should address issues as science and scientifically instead of undermining the very principle they claim to uphold. But what is most disturbing is the complete disregard for the Bible which Jesus and the NT refers to as God's word and truth. The Bible is complete and both God and Jesus can only be understood by understanding both OT and NT as one. A faith that is not a true Biblical faith is one that is not worth having!
Ian T.
I simply want to say that The writer of the article has done the exact same as what he accuses us of doing by berating in an unloving manner those of us who believe the Bible means what it says
Tim M.
The statements by Fr Jason A. F. B. Ph.D. are quite consistent with Catholic teaching. Firstly, there is the revulsion of "fundamentalism." Fundamentalism is specific reference to Bible-believing Protestants. While the Reformation bore the banner of, "the Bible and the Bible alone," Catholicism has favored tradition over the Bible. This also explains the dear Friar's denigration of the Bible, itself. After all, if the Catholic church does not teach the Bible, how can it support the validity of it? Furthermore, Fr Jason's questioning the salvation of CMI authors computes with the Catholic idea that there is no salvation apart from the Catholic Church. Given these (and many other perversions of Christianity), it is no wonder that Fr Jason would accuse Creationist (aka Protestants) of abusing their children and generally being a menace to "tolerant" and civil society. Perhaps Fr Jason's ideal of tolerance is what the Catholic Church did in the Dark Ages. With regard specifically to Creationism, there is no valid way to find or squeeze million and billions of years into the book of Genesis. Apart from this, the Bible says that man brought death into the world. Evolution says that death brought man into the world. Someone is wrong. I believe the Bible, not some Jesuit-trained, Catholic priest.
Jim B.
Great response as always, Lita. The logical fallacies in the rant of this agitated professing believer are indeed breathtaking. But it is also so sad that such views are being taught in the name of Christianity. We should feel sad that his theological training has been apparently so lacking in teaching that God has spoken in objective propositional truth, without which we have no basis to declare anything as true about God and his relationship to man -- and how we can know that we know Him. It must be hard swimming in such relativism and we should pray that God will be gracious to him and open his mind and heart to the God who exists, not one of his own making.
Jim K.
I was appalled by the vitriolic message sent by "Friar Jason" - if that is his real name! People tend to resort to name-calling, putdowns, threats, etc. when they cannot tolerate a view different than their own; especially when they cannot disprove it. Thank you Lita Cosner for yor thoughtful reply. CMI does a great work and I appreciate everything they do to show how awesome our Creator is, as reflected in the OT and NT.
John B.
I was very shocked when I read this letter from someone professing to be a Christian. I have never read such an offensive, vile, hateful collection of sentences in my life, and we are to believe this has come from a born again Christian? I'm sorry, but I don't care if someone has 100 PhDs coming out of their ears (anagram), it does not give them the right or authority to speak to anyone in this tone. Just as I was beginning to understand and respect the RC church, it has now gone out of the window, following this vitriole from some jumped up priest. I am so angry about this, it makes my blood boil at the ignorance of this priest and his ilk! And I have to forgive his attacks and "love" him, it is very hard.
Henri D.
It is terribly sad to see how deluded this priest is. But that is what happens when you believe people before you believe the Word. This man is unfortunately very false, because he is in a job in which he himself does not believe. As we know, the concept of Sola Scriptura is not accepted by the RC Church, so they really learn to cherry pick from a very young age. Heart-breaking to think how successfully the enemy is able to convince people with his lies.
Daniel R.
EXCELLENT reply! We love you
Steve B.
He sounds exactly like the atheist I debate on an atheist site, if he hadn't identified himself as a Christian I would have believed he was one of the atheist I debate with. His ignorance of creation and science rivals many of the atheist I debate with, so I believe he has no more respect for God than the most vial atheist and it's certain he knows very little of the Bible, another reason that I believe this man to actually be an atheist. When one can not distinguish between the words of a supposed Christian and an atheist then it really leaves a person to believe he is what he sounds like.

God bless you and your ministry,
susan P.
A great reply to an incredulously hate filled diatribe from someone who claims not only to be a Christian but who also claims to hold a PhD !
Such ignorance of creation science and of the word of God can only lead one to suspect a sheep in wolves clothing ! Well done for exposing someone who proports to be in leadership but who has only suceeded in exposing his amazing heresy and hate towards those who truly are the Lord's own, those who follow His teachings and His word ! Every blessing to you all as you continue in this vital area of ministry so obviously needed amongst those professing Christ yet who remain ignorant of the true salvation message
Richard C.
Way to be Christ-like, dude......Certainly showed us! Showed us he's nothing more than a wolf in sheep's clothing....Wait wasn't there some guy in a book somewhere taught us how to treat others? I'd ask this fellah, but I don't think he's ever read it.
Therese M.
Dear Ms. Cosner, what a pleasure it was to read your well thought out response under the direction of The Holy Spirit. Clearly you are an Asset to the CMI team. What is amazing to me is I interact with atheist who are evolutionist daily over the internet in Creationist forums, and this diatribe could have easily come from any of them. The hate that spewed forth could have been cut with a knife. Clearly this is a sad situation here in the USA, and across the world, that the major seminaries are turning out this sort of person. Many even lose what little faith they had, and many others leave with extra dark spiritual attachment, that would cause them in anger to kick a garbage can. We must pray for this soul, that the dark forces would release their grip.
Antonio F.
There are those that will try to supplement their faith by multiplying words only to find that when the Truth challenges them, that their faith is non-existent in Christ but only in their own hubris. This pastor seems to have lost his way and is obviously angry trying to re-establish his connection to Christ by attacking CMI. His ignorance of how CMI is upholding the facts of how science works and ignoring big chunks of the New Testament to claim that the Old Testament is nothing but some guys’ fabrication shows his bias toward his own interpretation of Scripture rather than upholding what God gave us as a means to know Him through His Word. It's sad to see how he constantly reverts to Christ’s love and yet is ignorant of the work required to make love work. His belief of love seems to be a love for himself rather than a true act of love, for love has no regard to the pain it brings upon itself so it can uphold the life of another, especially the eternal life. How can he make such statements of belief and yet ignore statements that Jesus gave us like ‘I did not come to destroy the law but to uphold the law’? It is a direct reference to the validity of the Old Testament as correct and yet he claims that the Old Testament is invalid writings of out-of-date old men. Speeches given by Christ that constantly refer to OT scripture as being factual and historically correct and yet somehow thinks that Jesus’ words would then be upheld as valid and valuable for everyday living? This person is a classic example of where theistic evolution can lead. A belief in God yet ignores everything God says.
Michael W.
Dear Lita, thank you for the beautiful response to such ignorance and hatred. I found this priest's comments breathtaking. Did he never respond to your reply? God bless you.
Lita Cosner
I don't have a reply from him in my records; we would have probably published it if he had replied.
Hayley T.
I cannot believe that a "professing" Christian could write in such an un-Godly manner. Thank you CMI for posting this letter.
C. B.
I read this Fr. letter with my mouth open. I was amazed at the hateful nastiness in it...from a so called "man of God"!! This is why, as a teen, I left the catholic church a long time ago. I saw alot of misguidance and hatefulness in sermons, even with my poor Biblical teaching. I was told many times I am going to hell. No reason why other than that I was sinful. I saw and felt deep within me that those teachings were way off God's Word, mostly out of something I assumed the priests learned elsewhere or made up. I was taught thru that church that the only way to God was also thru the priests since we as mere "laymen" could not understand what God has said, and that God only speaks to them. Now that being said, there are TRUE Christians in the catholic church. It truly saddens me that these men are leading many people astray...down the wrong path. I pray that God will clear their eyes and look only to Him. It also saddens me that these men will have to answer to God for their role in doing this, for their showing hate to others rather than love. I see some of these men as the sheep in wolves clothing that we were warned about. May they find the Truth before it is too late. Keep up the good work that God has placed on you, and may you not waver from His path. God bless you
Roxanne L.
I thank God for the gifting He has given you and the others at CMI Lita. I also thank you all for being obedient to His call and courageous enough to step out in faith. Your response was an encouragement to me as well as edifying in that when we are attacked we can know we are not alone and have your example in being prepared to always give an answer for the hope that lies in us. I noted how you kept to the important foundational points to be addressed and humbly set aside the other distracting points that didn't really offer anyone edification in the gospel message. You also pointed out that he presented no real arguments or specific issues he had a problem with, just general rude name calling. God Bless you all and the work that you do. RL Canada
Dennis M.
The priest didn't have much credibility to start with the way he began his letter but he completely lost credibility when he referred to the old testament as a book full of folklore. It amazes me that so many people still fill this way about the old testament even after the many new archaeological discoveries that have been made that verify the bible. But they want to live their lives the way they want and freely commit sins without any guilt so they bury their heads and ignore the facts. Anyone that does a thorough research of the facts with an open mind will discover that everything in the old testament is accurate and true.
Richard P.
At the beginning of this article you referred to your critic as "Fr Jason A. F. B.". The title "Fr" is short for "Father." But Jesus commanded his disciples, "And do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, he who is in heaven" (Matthew 23:9). Accordingly, even though Jason uses the title for himself, you ought not to use it when referring to him. By the way, the fact that he uses this title for himself (as do Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and other "priests") indicates that his respect for the New Testament is not as great as he would like you to believe.
Margaret L.
The writer accused CMI of all the closed minded attitudes he was displaying. It's obvious he hasn't read anything about Creationism or why we believe Creation, as in the bible, is more likely than Evolution. Or how Evolutionary thought has been responsible for millions of deaths during the past 150 years. Are you sure he is a priest? His letter to you was so full of anger and vitriol that I seriously doubt it.
larry F.
Thank you Lita, I admire your intelligent and kind words to a very sad person indeed, I pray he awakes in time. Keep up the great work you, and the CMI staff continue to do, in the face of ridiculous ad hominem attacks.
Steve G.
I really like the OT-NT cross-reference chart. One NT verse I've pondered is Matthew 4:4 where Jesus said “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Does this not presuppose that we have the words of God?
Tim L.
One of the messages CMI repeats often is how that disbelief in creation by God and the Genesis 1 account is the first step in disbelief, questioning of other parts of the OT and then finally disbelief in the entire bible. When reading stuff like this you can see this pattern quite clearly. It is sad to think there may be people listening to this individual's thoughts likely solely because of the ph D. following his name or his fancy opinions rather than based of any real substance (and certainly not on the bible). Thanks for sharing CMI and hopefully Fr Jason will look in the mirror and see his confusion.
Rick W.
Having grown up Catholic, and having been trained with a Jesuit education, I can understand the jolting experience Fr. Jason must have had when confronted by truth which confounded some of the "foundations" of his experience. I know I initially responded poorly to many of the creationist arguments when I became an evangelical non-denominational believer. It is hard to replace the paradigm of origins with which you were indoctrinated for such long periods of your life. It is very unfortunate that his response was so vile, however, facing the fact of your own fallible understandings creates a need for the grieving process to kick in, and He's only progressed into the anger stage. I pray that the Holy Spirit will guide him into the truth and he will lose the "Jesuitical" spirit which convinces so many of them that they are "smarter than God". Lita, your kind and gentle response to the comments were a balm to my soul and I thank you for your cogent response. CMI is a real blessing to me and I pray that you will continue in your work to provide outstanding answers to the questions which confront all of us who believe.
Dan M.
WOW! This priest needs to read the part of the new testament where Jesus charged the Pharisees with not properly understanding or applying Gods word. I'm no psychologist but we need to pray for this priest because this kind of venomous hatred he exhibits towards us bible BELIEVING Christians shows he's in some kind of deep torment. Whether it be a deep crisis of belief within himself or of his religious system only he knows, (same as an atheist). An adherence to a system that is not grounded in scripture can produce this reaction when confronted by truth. I have observed in life that fear either produces anger or depression or an oscillation of the two. Ether way, I can hear atheists cheering all over the world. They love it when one professing Christian attacks another. This priest has done their work for them and to be quit frank he sounds a lot like the atheists only more condescending and rude, (thus crisis of belief). The old testament is part narrative, part poetry, part history and part prophesy but it is all inspired by the spirit otherwise it would not be in there. It shows us the problem with mankind as well as the plan of redemption for mankind. Jesus is the fulfillment of prophesy and the solution to mans sinful nature according to the new testament and Jesus refers to the old testament throughout his earthly ministry as fact. I had a crisis of belief, when first saved but I was not previously involved in anther faith system so I was starting from scratch. I thank god for the creationist movement and all the bible based SCIENCE information that has been presented to bolster my faith. God is pouring out his spirit in these last days and I believe part of that spirit, is knowledge of the truth. AMEN!
Joe F.
After reading about half this nonsense, then skimming the rest in vain for any mention of a scriptural basis for this mindless screed, I am persuaded that Neil F. in Australia is probably right. This was pitiful, to say the least - poorly written and utterly unsupported. I salute you and the rest of the CMI staff for enduring the kind of hate mail you do, even though I realize it is something that must be done. Your response was gracious, yet pointed, and if nothing else, educated your readers as to how to handle these types of people. God bless all of you, and keep up the great work.
David R.
This so called priest does not speak at all from a Christian viewpoint. He apparently thinks that secular education in conjectural science and philosophy somehow provides him salvation. He picks and chooses what he likes in Scripture, but even then he lends no credence to divine authority or ISSUES therein. He rejects ABSOLUTES of God as being available to those who diligently seek Him. Obviously, his education was wholly based upon conjectural pseudo science and religious philosophy, and he thinks that God gives life to man, and thereafter denies knowledge to seekers concerning His attributes, His ABSOLUTES, and His plan and purpose for creating mankind. One of his worst errors relates to his lack of absolute distinction between believers and non-believers, yet the entire 66 books of Scripture involve men of God and their failures and successes, and how God uses them as they interact in a world of wickedness and non-belief. I would safely add that this man clearly shows that he knows little about THE God of Scripture or valid science, and he speaks AS a natural man. Of course, we know that a natural man is unable to discern things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto them that perish.
Roslyn E.
I feel called to pray for this misguided man. I would not want him influencing young believers. God loves him and I should love him also. Pray for him and his enlightenment.
Hugh O.
Dear Dr. Cosner, Glory to Jesus Christ! For orthodox Catholics, like the members of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, the tirade of Dr. B. represents a shameful betrayal of the true Catholic doctrine of creation, as he puts forward his personal modernist views without reference to a single authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church. Anyone with an elementary knowledge of Catholic doctrine knows that the defined dogmas of the Faith cannot be changed—those, for example, that have been defined by an Ecumenical Council—no matter how many theologians deviate from that doctrine. During the Arian crisis in the fourth century, the overwhelming majority of the Bishops of the Church were in communion with those who denied the Divinity of Our Lord Jesus Christ. But never did any Pope or Council define the Arian heresy as a doctrine of the Faith or contradict the decrees of the Council of Nicea which had defined the Divinity of Our Lord. In the same way, today most of the theologians of the Catholic Church embrace theistic evolution, but ALL of the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church—the decrees of the Ecumenical Councils on creation; the unanimous teaching of the Church Fathers; and the authoritative decrees of Popes who defined the content of the Deposit of Faith--all of it upholds the fiat creation of all things by God and the literal historical truth of the sacred history of Genesis. Please do not publish letters from Catholics who betray their own Faith without acknowledging that there are millions of faithful Catholics all over the world, as well as members of the hierarchy, who hold fast to the Faith of our Fathers and who refuse to bow the knee to the Baal of theistic evolution. Yours in Christ, Hugh Owen, Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
Troy M.
CMI seeks to educate all the truth of creation and the beginning. This letter exemplifies the end time as foretold in Matthew 24:10. Outstanding rebuttal!
Michael M.
I was an atheist and committed evolutionist for most of my life. Evolution was for me the Godless answer as to how we came to exist. It wasn't long after I became a Christian that I saw the incompatibility between evolution and Christianity. I think it was because I had been an evolutionist for so long that I could see this so clearly. I find it amazing that some people who have been Christians for most of their lives think that they can fit this atheist philosophy into Christianity. I know from talking to some theistic evolutionists that fear of man plays a large part in their resistance to arguments against evolution. In other cases they haven't bothered to study the subject because 'all those scientists couldn't possibly be wrong'. I am sure that if Christians read the articles on CMI, instead of just listening to people like this priest, then they would have their eyes opened. At the very least they should be prepared to listen to both sides of the argument. God bless you people at CMI, you are doing a great job.
Corinna G.
I can understand the anger and frustration toward this website from an atheist because their whole worldview is under attack and they have a hard time defending it. They don't want the bible to be true, they don't want to submit to God. But I don't understand it from a supposed Christian especially since creation is not a salvation issue. It is of course a big issue when it comes to the authority of the bible, mans word or Gods word.
Thomas M.
When fiat creationist Catholics such as myself try to explain to our Christian brothers what the Catholic Church teaches authoritatively, persons such as this priest or other clerics are thrown up as rebuttal. The fact is, the Catholic Church is not any one person and that includes the Pope. That person was educated by Jesuits. Pope Francis is a Jesuit. The Jesuits have been evolutionists for more than a hundred years. The Jesuits have been Catholic heretics for years openly dissenting on basic moral questions, particularly when sex is concerned. A pro-abortion Jesuit served in Congress in the 1970s until Pope John Paul ordered the Jesuit superiors to have him stand down. Jesuits at Fordham were teaching the kind of stuff that person wrote in the 1950s. Teilhard de Chardin, Jesuit, was a superstar to the Jesuits and he was involved with Dawson in the Piltdown Man hoax. His books were banned by the Vatican in the '50s but they still are for sale on Amazon. Jesuits are politically left-wing and adapted Marxism to "Liberation Theology" which was condemned by the Vatican in the 1980s under Pope John Paul II but one sees Pope Francis remains in that theology. The decline of the Jesuits into heresy was described in books published by Catholic authors in the 1980s such as The Jesuits by Malachi Martin and The Pope and the Jesuits by James Hitchcock. No orthodox Catholic has any respect for Jesuits. Anyone who wants to know what the Catholic Church teaches authoritatively and how much Catholic creationists admire the great natural science work of Evangelicals should get from Amazon the book "Creation, Evolution, and Catholicism: A Discussion for Those Who Believe." Please accept my apologies on behalf of Catholic admirers of CMI for the remarks of that Jesuit-educated dunce.
Ed H.
The love of the saints required by our Lord Jesus is sometimes harder to follow through on at the 'Jesus Level' than it is with the world ignorant of the mysteries revealed to God's children. But this is our command. It is also the way we learn. Our hearts are blind to the internal struggles of other's but those struggles always manifest themselves externally. We have to remember to serve our Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength and to love everyone as Jesus so sacrificially did and as we so carefully love ourselves. We must also remember, these burning, difficult curses & reprobation's melt away the dross and wash away our service to ourselves, putting the souls of others before our very own souls. Thus we learn how to serve our Almighty King. Praise His Holy Name above all others! Nice job, well vetted and placed with care and love. Pray for this man and continue to do your work well. Your conduct is admirable and to be imitated.
Chris W.
Dear Sirs, I'm sure you do get lots of genuine vitriolic letters from atheists as well as Christians, but in this instance, I do agree with the gentleman above, that this is indeed a hoax. If you Google any of the titles of the letter writer, absolutely nothing comes up, and the grammar, syntax, content, and general standard of writing seems not to emanate from a PhD. Yours, Chris Westbrook
Lita Cosner
Finding that this letter was a hoax would be great. Whether this person was a genuine priest or an atheist (unfortunately one cannot rule out the possibility that he is both) it is my hope that my response helped him to see the errors in his position.
Keith F.
Ms. Cosner thank you for the very thorough reply on a controversial subject. One thing to be noticed about the "Doctors" statement as that he comes with an assumption that the bible is corrupt and should not be trusted. Psalm 119:140, "Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it." Does this in of itself not prove that it is right and true the word of God was of divine inspiration not the creations of a twisted man.
Christopher S.
Creation Ministries International has once again written a sound, kind, and vigorous rebuttal. To anyone who hasn't yet please watch their Evolution's Achilles' Heels. This is by far the very best creation documentary ever created. For more information on the beliefs of this priest, please see the book "The Secret Terrorists" by Bill Hughes. I am glad that CMI wields the sword of the spirit gracefully and tactfully. Keep up the good work guys, and Ms. Cosner you are a gifted writer!
Peter W.
Bless the Lord for His grace and mercy, thank you Lita Cosner for your patience and clarity in the CMI response. 1 A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. 2 The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright: but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness. 3 The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. 4 A wholesome tongue is a tree of life: but perverseness therein is a breach in the spirit. Proverbs 1 The letter contains such obvious self-contradictions, poor grammar and vicious scorn that it's hard to take seriously. However it is also such an aggressive attack on the truth of God's Word that a published response was merited. I shudder to think that a man of Christian faith would be capable of such published sentiments, but I've seen similar in anonymous internet exchanges, and tasted something of it on the street. Thank you especially for the timely conclusion, as Easter 2016 approaches: 'By the way my colleagues and I don’t need to seek redemption, and suggesting that we aren’t saved is actually a serious charge. We are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ. Romans 10:9 says “because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” Hallelujah, He is Risen!!!
In Christ, Peter Warner. Japan
Earle R.
Shock and awe! Shock from Jason's letter and awe from your reserved and informative response. And...where can I get a template/poster of the OT/NT cross reference diagram?
Lita Cosner
We do not sell prints of that diagram, but you can click on the image in the article for a larger view.
Matthew J.
This seems like little more than an incoherent rant! There is little specific about where CMI has gone so badly wrong or for that matter what the correspondent actually believes himself? On a positive note that diagram looks very interesting. The Bible will outlast its critics, whether inside or outside the church.
Ken C.
Excellent response Lita. If they can’t defend their position with the science they claim is on their side, then they will resort to all sorts of innuendo.
Peter G.
I am shocked at this attack from a professing Christian on what I have always regarded as being very sound, logical and truthful interpretations of the scriptures from CMI. When any person is convicted by the Holy Spirit on any particular issue and refuses to respond to that conviction (repent), the only way to continue the pretence of Christianity is to accept a weak, watered down interpretation of the Gospel where only "love and kindness" is acceptable. Any form of "Judgement" is regarded as heresy regardless of whether it is Scriptural or not! I get the distinct impression that this is why this attack is so full of venom. Sadly we can expect more of this. Our Lord Jesus spoke the Truth and was tortured and killed for it by the very people who confessed dedication to God. If we speak the Truth, we must expect the same reaction.
Matthew L.
Whoa... I am still trying to untangle the fourth paragraph: "So hopefully, you may learn to accept the world as it is, for God does exist. God, however, exists in harmony with the universe and science. Whether or not it is factual, God lives in harmony with the theory of evolution. There is always a compromise that allows tolerance at the very least. That being said, many may not fully believe in evolution, and no one is saying that it is 100% true, but let's be honest with each other as brothers and sisters in God and Christ." -As sovereign over all things, How does God exist in harmony with the universe and science as it they are reified contemporaries and not His creation, subject to Him? -If God is truth itself, how does He live in harmony with theory of evolution "whether or not it is factual"? -If God indeed can live in harmony with ideas and claims that are not factual, why would we (being conformed to His image) need to "be honest with each other as brothers and sisters in God and Christ." What I am taking away from this hateful, ad hominen attack: submit to God's word or submit to absurdity. It is shocking to see this attitude in a professed Christian who ironically urges CMI to "relearn the way to love, tolerance, and understanding." Nice job Lita on a kind and professional response.
Rosemary S.
Reading Lita's reply to the vicious attack made on CMI by this priest (if he truly is a priest!), was like drinking a draught of pure, clean, life-giving water after having waded through a putrid and poisonous swamp. It highlights so clearly the way a true child of a loving God should react. No angry insults given in return for those hurled at CMI - and her longing that this poor, unfortunate victim of hatred might come to find salvation by committing his life to the true God, was obvious in every word she wrote. By "the true God", I mean that same God Who inspired the Scriptures in order to reveal Himself to us, and give us the gift of salvation through His death on the cross. Whether people choose to believe the truth or not, the Lord spoke plainly of hell as a real and dreadful place - otherwise why ever should He have died to save us from it? If there is actually nothing for mankind to fear in the afterlife, as people try so hard to convince themselves these days - well then, there could be no conceivable reason why Christ should have died a cruel death, to pay the penalty for our sins and give us the gift of eternal life. This revealing exchange showed up with crystal clarity which of the two correspondents is, in fact, a genuine follower of our Lord of love! Thanks, Lita, for this new proof of what CMI really stands for.
Mario D.
"I will pray every morning, afternoon, and night for you and other fanatics in the world." Firstly, I'm fairly certain that he will not fulfill this promise, and secondly, If he were to fulfill it, I'm wondering who exactly he will be praying to, since he doesn't seem to know the Jesus of the Bible, despite his 'PHD'.
Chandrasekaran M.
I am not a doctorate holder (no offence to “theology expert” Fr? B) but on one hand he implies that he does not believe in hell in the first line of his email and on the other hand he wants CMI to spend an eternity in hell when CMI does not tow his line of theology. When I read his email I felt that he is describing himself, not CMI!! Is not his god loving? Does not his god know how to explain theology in a coherent and logical way? Why does he get upset if his god is in control? If biological evolution from single cell to moral homo sapiens is scientific and true, why not apply mutation and selection principles to computer programming? May be they might invent a new working programming paradigm leading to evo-os and evo-apps running on evo-hardwares!!
Alan B.
Fr. Jason claims doctorates from Fordham Jesuit University. With that background he ought to understand that Jesuits were REAL terrorists, murdering and maiming real people during the Inquisition. Anyone who criticizes as terrorists a group of people for merely holding an opposing view to himself is himself a deluded liar.
Denese K.
Ouch! A wolf in sheep's clothing for sure. I shall include Fr Jason in my prayers for the "elect who are being deceived".
Jack L.
Considering the source, this was a very difficult letter to answer. Good job.
james p H.
why waste valuable space and time publishing tripe like this?
Lita Cosner
Thanks for asking, James! We publish responses like this to hopefully help equip Christians who may face similar situations.
Philippus S.
Reading e-mails like this from a person that calls himself a Doctor, makes me think what Jesus called the Pharisees and Scribes. It also makes me think who the people were that killed him. Thankfully He rose again and is alive again so I can live again for ever.
Steve B.
Thank you very much Lita for your exemplary response to the correspondence from Mr Jason. Jesus' warnings about false prophets immediately came to mind; "A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. ... Therefore by their fruits you will know them" (Matthew 7:18, 20). The good fruit so abundantly evident in you reply reveals who is the false prophet! May God continue to bless you and CMI for your faithful service to us all.
Michael R.
I am reminded of the two on the road to Emmaus. As they talked together of all these things which had happened, ... Jesus Himself drew near and went with them. (And in Luke 24:27 NKJV) ‘And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, He expounded to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning Himself.’ All the ‘Scriptures’ - the New Testament hadn’t been written yet!!! And again: Luke 24:32 NKJV And they said to one another, "Did not our heart burn within us while He talked with us on the road, and while He opened the Scriptures to us?" What ‘Scriptures’?? They only had the ‘Old Testament’ – “Moses and all the Prophets.”
Jim M.
This man is a "Father" or priest? WOW, WOW, and triple WOW! I wonder what church this man serves in. It sounds like he is a universalist and doesn't even believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God. Imagine having this man teaching your children the word of God. I fear for the faith and eternity of the people in his parish!
Bridget M.
This is utterly heartbreaking to me. Here is a man who has devoted his life to serving what he obviously believes is God and yet has apparently been completely deceived. For how can one possibly accept the New Testament as valid if we cannot accept the Old Testament? Doesn't the same criteria apply to both? And if the Old Testament is not reliable and full of myth and fable, then what grounds does he have to stand on to believe that the New Testament is accurate as well? Without the Old Testament, we have no background to explain why the world is in its fallen state, why mankind was made and exists and where he is headed, or why he needed a Savior to begin with. Without the Old Testament how do we even recognize the Savior when He comes? How do we know that His work is efficacious in obtaining our pardon from sin? How can one possibly call themselves a Christ follower and yet stand in opposition to everything Christ stood for? It brings to stark life the words Jesus said in John 16: "They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service. And these things will they do unto you, because they have not known the Father, nor me." I've always thought that the most terrifying section in all of Scripture is Matthew 7:21-23. My heart aches for this man who seems to honestly believe that he is fighting the good fight for God in writing such a letter as this. I don't want to imagine what it would be like to devote your entire life to God's service, thinking you have fought the good fight, only to stand before Christ and have Him say "depart from me; I never knew you." Dear Lord, please have mercy on this man and open his blind eyes before its everlastingly too late!
Gennaro C.
First of all - referring to 'priest calls CMI heretical - I apologise on behalf of Fr. Jason's ignorance of the polite manners to address to any probably theory's 'opponent'. I read his letter! Such a shocking accusation uttered from a person calling himself 'Christian', at first sight made my blood to rise to the boiling level (latin blood runs my veins - and arteries too!). Then I recalled myself that that was not the Christian way to act. But such a blatant ignorance, not only toward a Christian enterprise like CMI but second and not last toward the ruling out of the Old Testament, spells to me that certainly if Fr. Jason in expressing his view on CMI was directed by the spirit, it certainly was not the Holy One. Unless all considered, it is all but a joke - it would make more sense from a supposed sound mind! However, out of any joke, what I can say is that may the Holy Spirit open Fr. Jason mind to a better understanding of Scriptures. Moreover, if God could have employed billions of years or a mere week to create what He created, He is in the power to do it. Consequently if God - as sustained by Jesus (N.T.) - choose to do it in a mere six labour days He must have had His reasons. He revealed it so in His Word (God's righteousness in Christ - 'which the Law and the Prophets testify' [Rom. 3:21])! May God keep going on in sustaining your work Linda (I should say, Mission) and CMI as well.
Ian J.
What a fascinating diatribe from "Dr" Jason. My first question would be "Is he legit?" Certainly his alma mater comes up on Google. This is from their web site. "Wisdom, experience, morality, critical thinking, creative problem-solving. This is what Fordham students take into the world." I don't think too much critical thinking has gone into his e mail. But a very gracious response Lita.
Matt W.
That was a great response, calm and reasoned and thoughtful, but standing firm. I've found CMI to be a great resource, not only for the information, but also an example of a calm and caring way to engage in a debate. Thanks for all your work Lita et al.
Angus M.
When I first saw the wall of red text I immediately went down to the response by Lita expecting a thought by thought response. When I read her first words that this person attacked with such unnecessary words I actually couldn't believe it and went back up to read the entire message. I'll trust you when you say you've dealt with similar and worse from professing 'Christians'. But I really don't want to believe it! Praying for your ministry for sure! Just reading the person's message I know I would have a very difficult time keeping calm and collected enough to write a response! -Blessings
Terry D P.
The diatribe brought the following Scripture to mind… So with the tongue. It is a small member but it can make huge claims. What an immense stack of timber can be set ablaze by the tiniest spark! And the tongue is in effect a fire. It represents among our members the world with all its wickedness; it pollutes our whole being; it keeps the wheel of our existence red-hot, and its flames are fed by hell. Beasts and birds of every kind, creatures that crawl on the ground or swim in the sea, can be subdued and have been subdued by mankind; but no man can subdue the tongue. It is an intractable evil, charged with deadly venom. We use it to sing the praises of our Lord and Father, and we use it to invoke curses upon our fellow-men who are made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praises and curses. My brothers, this should not be so. Does a fountain gush with both fresh and brackish water from the same opening? Can a fig-tree, my brothers, yield olives, or a vine figs? No more does salt water yield fresh. — Jas 3:5-12 And these words of Jesus help us keep things in proper perspective… ‘Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; you can tell a tree by its fruit. You vipers’ brood! How can your words be good when you yourselves are evil? For the words that the mouth utters come from the overflowing of the heart. A good man produces good from the store of good within himself; and an evil man from evil within produces evil. ‘I tell you this: there is not a thoughtless word that comes from men’s lips but they will have to account for it on the day of judgement. For out of your own mouth you will be acquitted; out of your own mouth you will be condemned.’ — Mt 12:33-37
Grahame G.
The letter you are responding to reminded me of this passage. 2 Corinthians 11:1 I wish you would bear with me in a little foolishness. Do bear with me! 2 For I feel a divine jealousy for you, since I betrothed you to one husband, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ. 3 But I am afraid that as the serpent deceived Eve by his cunning, your thoughts will be led astray from a sincere and pure devotion to Christ. 4 For if someone comes and proclaims another Jesus than the one we proclaimed, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or if you accept a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it readily enough. 10 As the truth of Christ is in me, this boasting of mine will not be silenced in the regions of Achaia. 11 And why? Because I do not love you? God knows I do! 12 And what I am doing I will continue to do, in order to undermine the claim of those who would like to claim that in their boasted mission they work on the same terms as we do. 13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 15 So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds. 16 I repeat, let no one think me foolish. But even if you do, accept me as a fool, so that I too may boast a little. 17 What I am saying with this boastful confidence, I say not as the Lord would but as a fool. 18 Since many boast according to the flesh, I too will boast. 19 For you gladly bear with fools, being wise yourselves! I had to trim it a bit because of space restrictions. But it's good to know that CMI are following in the tradition of Paul.
john P.
Father Jason- you call yourself a father (and there are some Christians who say call no man father except God), and seem to regard yourself as a Christian. Such hatefilled monologue as you direct to CMI is not something I would expect from someone claiming to be a shepherd of tyhe flock- unless they are wolves in sheep's clothing.
Let me put it bluntly-you have judged your fellow Christians in CMI and you need to be very careful the curses and insults you hurl at them do not backfire on you.
Put your pride aside for an instance, if the devil lets you, and think what you have said. Then repent for your own sins and attitude- like we all need to do, and do a proper research of this site, asking God to guide you
You have been scammed hook, line and sinker by the devil and do not seem to realise we are all fighting a spiritual battle and should all be on the same side.
Your doctorate will mean nothing when you face Jesus at the judgement seat, hopefully for your sake that will not be the Great White Throne one. Your assessment of the Old Testament is blasphemous in the extreme .You are making God out to be a liar. Jesus Himself believed and taught the Old Testament as fulfilling prophesies concerning Himself.
I hope you read this, sir, and think what you've said. I thank God I'm not in your congregation for going by your attitude you'd give me no hope, no comfort and no promise of Jesus's salvation.
Ditch your pride with God's help and humble yourself, don't wait for Jesus to do it for you!
Keith R.
What a good read from both sides. The initial vitriolic outpouring is almost laughable, if it wasn't so sad. And of course your response was measured, fitting and totally appropriate. I think it must have difficult not to let loose with a bit of righteous anger yourself. Well done you. I think also Neil F might be onto something. Surely an educated individual would have better penmanship. I've followed AIG/CMI for over 2 decades, it has been significantly instrumental in my world view, my spiritual formation and my journey with God.
Thank you all ways.
Chris R.
How can "Fr Jason" be consistent when he says
"As a Christian your responsibility is to the New Testament. This is the Word which God had sent Christ to confer upon us.", and,
"the Bible, as a tool of man, invented by man, for man, is and will always be corrupted and impure,"?
Surely that means the New Testament is also corrupted and impure? How then can we have responsibility to it or know that it is "the Word which God had sent Christ to confer upon us."

Is this "Fr Jason" a real person?
Geoff C. W.
Well, one good thing out of it - we can cut and paste part of that letter and use it any time we want to describe how evolutionists act in trying to prevent reasoned discussion with creationists. For example (Quote slightly altered):
"You offer no means for any young learner of faith to come across varying views of the world. At this point, as a potential educator, I felt physically sick and literally began to leak tears. You pollute your own children's minds and censor them from discovering the world. Out of fear, you brainwash and restrict them from becoming a beautiful human being in the eyes of Evolution".
Sam H.
I think this person is just a non Christian pretending to be a Christian. They are all over youtube, and message forums writing well written subversive comments about Christianity. Sometimes they play the role of non Christian, other times they pretend to be Christian.
Lita Cosner
It would be nice if this weren't actually a professing Christian. Unfortunately, we have received many such hateful messages from theistic evolutionists and old earth creationists. See for instance Compromising Chaplain Castigates Creation.
Colin T.
This guy is obviously blind to the true meaning of the scriptures that he says he believes in. I would have to believe by his bizzar comments that he is NOT born again and therefore can't understand the scriptures because the Holy Spirit is not involved in his understanding of them. His correspondence really does bring forth the real and GREAT need for CMI and the amazing work and articles you bring forth out of a Holy Spirit directed understanding of the scriptures that declare his and others folly .Thank you SO much for what you are doing , bringing light into the darkened unspiritual confusion of so many who profess belief without understanding.
Hans G.
Stephen Hawking and Richard Dawkins have found the third member to form a trinity.
What was this www. PhD saying? He used 43 times you, your or yourself = not personal? He hates, he is violent, poor basket, he is not tolerant = must relearn.
Don't worry CMI, from time to time those mockin-birds fly in.
Dean R.
They called Jesus evil too & the New Testament makes it clear that we are not all God's children.

The New Testament commends the ancients (Hebrews) it doesnt paint them as backwater numb skulls living in arrogance & ignorance.

The heart of his complaint seems to be a myth from modernism. To have children indoctrinated into the Darwinian family tree of plants & animals is not something Jesus would have rejoiced in where human life becomes a commodity & inconvenience among other things.

The loving & compassionate Jesus said to Peter..Get behind me Satan. The Bible says test the Spirits. There seems to be no substance at all to the complaint. It looks very much like a false allegation (again).
tineke D.
i am more and more convinced that those christians who do not study the scriptures become very confused about God's teachings and so make up their own interpretations. i loved your excellent reply and will reread it more than once. thank you!
B. M.
Lita, I admire you and everyone else at CMI who can read correspondence such as this from others and reply in a loving, wise and Godly manner. Thank you for your comments, given with His help, and I pray they reach the hearts and minds not only of the original writer, but others who can learn of Him through the work of CMI.
Neil F.
My initial reaction to this e-mail from "Fr Jason" was one of shock that a professing Christian could write something so derogatory and blatantly claim that the Bible is man's own invention. However it soon dawned on me that this e-mail is probably a hoax sent by an anti-Christian. I would guess that that his claimed doctorates are fake as it doesn't seem fitting that a highly educated man would resort to such mud slinging unless he is vying for the record of 'most insults used in a sentence'. This notion is supported by his vocabulary indicating English as his first language, but his spelling and grammatical errors contradictory of a higher education. I think that publishing this e-mail was a brave move by CMI and has reminded me to maintain a look-out for the wolf in sheep's clothing. Please remember the thousands of struggling Christians, such as myself, that you have helped with your excellent work. God Bless.
Lita Cosner
It would be nice if this weren't actually a professing Christian. Unfortunately, we have received many such hateful messages from theistic evolutionists and old earth creationists. See for instance Compromising Chaplain Castigates Creation.
Darryl B.
Modernism is an unfortunate unrelenting heresy which is devoid of beauty.

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