CMI responds to 'the Science Guy' viral attack video
Popular Disney/PBS children's science educator Bill Nye

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Popular Disney/PBS children’s science educator Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ has just released a video clip which has gone ‘viral’ around the world.

In it, he urges parents not to teach their children to believe in biblical creation. He likens it to belief in a flat earth, and implies that belief in Genesis would make it harder for them to “build stuff and solve problems”. That would be news to the scientists and engineers who work for CMI, for one thing, let alone the tens of thousands practising their professions worldwide who believe the Word of God from the very first verse.

Response by Creation Ministries International

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Response by Creation Ministries International

We have responded with a clip by former communication satellite electronics expert Richard Fangrad, CEO of CMI-Canada (the mild parody, right down to the attire, is deliberate but the issue is of course serious). To view, click here.


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