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by Gary Bates and Lita Sanders, CMI–US

Originally published in a CMI newsletter, September 2017

When the book Alien Intrusion came out in 2005, it became a unique resource, not just in the realm of creation apologetics, but also for the wider Christian community—because, for the first time, there was a thorough biblical, Christian response to the ‘baffling’ UFO phenomenon. Hundreds of testimonies that continue to this day indicate that it proved enormously helpful to many people. It is likely more unbelievers than believers have read this book due to its status as an Amazon Top-50 best-seller. It has also been an effective evangelism resource. Beth G. wrote:

“This summer I had the opportunity to share the book Alien Intrusion by Gary Bates with a co-worker, and the effect it had on her was amazing. She had … pretty well abandoned her faith and become an atheist. However, after reading the book and realizing that Christianity was logical and relevant, she re-dedicated her life to Christ.”

How much more could a top-notch movie achieve?

CMI’s cutting-edge video projects like Darwin: The Voyage That Shook the World, Fallout, and Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels have proved to be effective resources for Christians to use. Making the feature-length Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception involved traveling around the world to interview, firsthand, experts and ‘experiencers’—people who had encounters with what they believed were extraterrestrial beings or craft. People will be shocked to hear that even non-Christian experts affirm our Christian interpretation by claiming: The UFO phenomenon is deceptive in nature, is emanating from another realm or dimension, and the entities behind it are deceptive and hiding their true intentions. UFO beliefs are more mainstream than most Christians realize, so it is important to spread this message as widely as possible! For example, Marcus B. wrote:

“I read ‘Alien Intrusion’. This book revealed my ignorance of the motivations and scope of the whole alien/UFO manifestation. I am thankful that Mr. Bates wrote this book and I see it filling an important need in the church.”

Sci-fi movies and TV shows reign as the undisputed kings of the screen and most endorse the idea of older, more evolved and advanced aliens overseeing life on Earth. Alien Intrusion demolishes the belief that life must have evolved on other planets. But one challenge we continually face is how to get people to read a book. But the same information, presented in an attractive, cutting-edge movie format, has truly life-changing potential for people. Ray S. emailed to say:

“I have been a Christian for over 30 years. I am an applied scientist and have always been interested in the UFO phenomenon. Since coming to faith I have grappled with the existence of ‘extraterrestrials’ and how they fit in to God’s salvation. Since reading Alien Intrusion… I have been wonderfully enlightened as to the demonic nature of the phenomena. … I believe that Alien Intrusion is so important in helping disclose the deception … that I would like to financially support in some way the production of the movie.”

A unique opportunity

An unexpected opening came our way when a movie agency suggested that Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception would do well not just in a niche Christian market, but even with mainstream audiences, due to the huge appeal of the alien/UFO topic. We sent them a draft and they made comments such as “This film is phenomenal and people need to see it!!! … ideally on the big-screen! It’s beautiful, informative and faith affirming—let’s get it out there!!!” They added that they “rarely see independent projects of such excellent quality—and with the high-quality filming and specially-made CG animations, The Alien Intrusion movie can hold its own alongside other professional films.” This really is a rare chance to bring the message of creation and salvation in a format relevant to today’s culture.

Like the book, this movie could make a difference in the lives of many people, like Tori F., who wrote:

“I always love watching sci-fi movies and at one stage ever really wondered if there are other alien world outside our milky way. You are definitely right when you mentioned ‘supernatural manifestations appear as glorified spacemen’… [a] subject that should be close in the hearts of all Christians as deception is really getting very widespread.…God bless and may God bless you growing from strength to strength.”

US Release: Coming: 11 January 2018!

(Coming to other countries later in 2018)

Alien Intrusion: Unmasking a Deception will be shown in movie theaters across the US for one night only on 11 January 2018. Globally, the movie may be released in different ways. But in whatever form, churches and individual Christians will be able to arrange a movie night and invite friends to see a film on one of the most popular cultural themes there is. I’ll leave you with a comment from supporter Kara B. which aptly conveys our intentions behind the film.

“This project is incredible! I am so excited to see its completion, and hear of the many lives that will be reached for Jesus through it. Thank you and God bless!”

See AlienIntrusion.com for trailers, tickets and more! For theaters in NZ/Aust/Canada please visit Fan-Force.com.

Published: 28 December 2017

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