Dr Robert Carter

Plainview Mennonite Church

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Sunday October 20, 2019
Plainview Mennonite Church
5610 W Trail West Rd, Hutchinson, KS 67501, KS
The Alternative: Creation’s Competitive Edge
Dinosaurs and Fossils: Amazing Evidence for Creation!
Meet your ancestors: Adam and Eve!

About Dr Robert Carter

Rob is one of the world’s leading Christian researchers into the study of human genetics and how this relates to human biblical origins. The good news is that the Bible can really be trusted when it comes to such history and in particular its account of Creation as read in the book of Genesis.

Like so many, Rob was challenged by his college education that started to sap his faith. That was until he saw Creation magazine. Realizing that science and religion were not in conflict with one another, his faith grew. So much so, that his passion is now communicating this important truth to people everywhere.

Rob is a much loved and engaging speaker, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear one of the world’s leading creation scientists, and see why!


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