“The variety of speakers and subjects were mind blowing.”

L.H. – 2016 AU Creation SuperCamp

“Speakers—Outstanding. It’s good to have all these qualified experts on God’s side.”

G.S. – 2015 US Creation SuperConference

Dr Don Batten - Speaking

Creation Ministries International invites you to join us on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast for 4 days of teaching and learning, leisure, fellowship and fun, with an excellent line-up of creation speakers from Australia and around the world.

Novotel Twin Waters Resort
270 Ocean Drive, Twin Waters,
Sunshine Coast QLD 4564
View Resort Map | View Google Map

Tuesday 2nd – Friday 5th October 2018

This is conveniently timed to coincide with spring school holidays all throughout Australia and New Zealand. It also follows a long weekend in 4 states (Mon 1st Oct being Labour Day in ACT, NSW and SA, and the Queen’s Birthday holiday in QLD).

Creation teaching

Excellent line-up of creation speakers from Australia and around the world. There will be presentations, workshops, excursions, entertainment.


You will enjoy great food and fellowship at the Creation SuperConference. Morning teas, lunches, afternoon teas and hot drinks are included.


All conference attendees can enjoy the use of a wide range of in-house recreation facilities including swimming pool and spa, kayaks, catamarans, water trampoline, Springfree trampolines, gym, and putt putt golf!


Prof. Steve Taylor
Is researching the carbon dating of dinosaur bones, which questions the deep time view of earth history.
Vance Nelson
Explorer and author of the popular Untold Secrets of Planet Earth book series.
Dr Kathy Wallace
Kathy provides an informed medical perspective on how God has designed humans for monogamous marriage.
Dr Craig Russell
A Bible-believing research scientist actively involved in cutting-edge research with direct benefits to the community.
Dr Martin Williams
Martin provides an expert theological perspective on how evolutionary (long age) thinking undermines the Gospel.
Dr Don Batten
Managing Director of CMI-Australia, speaker, writer and the main contributor and editor responsible for the Creation Answers Book.
Dr Tas Walker
Mechanical engineer and earth scientist, staff geologist at CMI-Australia, where he is also a speaker and writer.
Dr Mark Harwood
Former satellite designer and scientist, now speaks and writes for CMI-Australia.
Jim Whitehall
Electrical engineer and systems integrator with a passion for communicating the creation message.
Dr Ron Neller
Geomorphologist with extensive research experience in river system landscapes, now speaks and writes for CMI-Australia.
Julie Neller
Plant ecologist and former manager of a university research station on Fraser Island.
Homeschool 4 Real
Your host for the home schooling workshop on Tuesday afternoon.
Find out more about Homeschool4Real on facebook or their website.


Conference Schedule
Tuesday 2 Oct 2018
Arrive and Register
Morning Tea
At the Auditorium
Devotional/Worship Time
Worship Time lead by Pastor Joe Vermeulen
Evolution and the Demise of the Once-Christian ‘West’
The once-Christian ‘west’ is no longer. How did this come about? The strategy targeted the foundations of the Christian faith, through undermining confidence in the Bible’s history (time-line). Then it progressed to getting rid of the very idea of God creating everything, with evolution replacing divine creation. This undermined the Gospel, bringing us to where we are today. Separating science and the Bible and treating the Bible as ‘only about theology’, only helped the move away from God. However, there has never been a more exciting time to be a Christian creationist—there is so much evidence for the real history of the world as recorded in the Bible.
Biblical Geology 101—How Looking at Rocks can Impact your World
Modern geological ideas have permeated all areas of life, including museum displays, tourist commentaries, and nature documentaries. They assume Noah’s Flood never happened, and that has undermined our confidence in the Bible, and affected our culture. However, when we assume the Flood was a real event, we can develop a simple and powerful geological model that shows what geological evidence we need to look for in the field. When we consider specific areas of the geological column we can see how nicely the evidence fits. That changes the way we look at the world, and our place in it.
Becoming One Flesh
Science has finally caught up with God's Word yet again. This talk explores ‘fetal microchimerism’, the unique enmeshing of a man’s DNA into a woman’s body by way of sexual intimacy and bearing children. The marriage bed is where two become one flesh, safely, and for life!
Afternoon Tea
Elective A
Geology Excursion
Runs to 5.30pm
Participants to meet with Dr Tas Walker
Elective B
Home Schooling
Lyndell, Selena and Karren from Homeschooling4Real
Free Time
Entertainment—The Genesis Music Project
Two years in the making - this live music production will take you on vivid journey through the first 11 chapters of the Bible. Stunning visual effects captivate the imagination as we hear again the story of our origins. Come stand in awe and wonder of the Biblical account of creation, the fall, the flood, the rainbow and the tower of Babel. Appropriate for all ages to enjoy and be inspired.
Produced and performed by Joe Vermeulen
Dire Dragons—The Missing Link in Dinosaur History

You will be taken on a visual tour of our planet with researcher and explorer, Vance Nelson. You will see verified evidence that medieval to ancient people must have seen dinosaurs and 'extinct' reptiles alive recently. Depictions, many new to the creation community, provide powerful evidence that the Bible's account of history in Genesis is accurate - people and these allegedly extinct creatures lived together recently.

The history of palaeontology is discussed, including how the original palaeontologists used both the words dragon and dinosaur. Artwork from around the planet is shown detailing evidence that the artists must have seen 'extinct' reptiles and dinosaurs alive or recently dead. Based on the evidence from ancient through medieval artwork, the best explanation is that these creatures and humans coexisted, as expected from the biblical creation model.

Night Owl—Bonus Talk
Participants to register
Wednesday 3 Oct 2018
Devotional/Worship Time
Worship Time lead by Pastor Joe Vermeulen
Astronomical Evidences for Recent Creation
Observations of the sun, moon and planets provide clear evidence for recent creation consistent with the Genesis account.  Mechanisms like tidal locking and the properties of the solar system effectively preclude naturalistic explanations for its origin.
Morning Tea
Fully Functional and Functionally Mature—the Legacy and History of our Creators Biological Genius.
A biblical understanding of biology starts with the creation account in Genesis. Bible believing Christians understand this to be reveal knowledge from God who is the ultimate witness to these events. All life forms mentioned in Genesis 1 are described as fully functional and functionally mature. It is also repeatedly mentioned that they produce after their kind. In these statements the two most fundamental laws of biology are depicted; biogenesis - life comes from life, and genetics. So what is the nature of biological change? Is natural selection a developmental process, or is it a process of conservation that allows for bounded variety within the kinds? This presentation demonstrates that chemistry does not explain the origin of life, biology does not explain the kinds of living things, and that genetics is no friend of evolution.
How Evolutionary Theology Destroys Everything
In this talk Martin Williams shows how evolutionary and deep time views undermine every aspect of the apostolic Gospel: the origin of physical death with the sin of Adam, the origin of bodily sickness with the sin of Adam, and the corruption of all of the created order with the sin of Adam. But if death, disease and the decay of the created order were a part of God’s original and good creation, then the New Testament’s portrayal of Jesus saving death is seriously flawed. The only way to understand the nature and significance of Jesus’ atoning death is to remember that history began with a perfect world that was subsequently thrown into chaos by human sin. This means that biblical creation is an issue of primary importance and therefore one that Christians need to faithfully uphold.
The World’s Smallest Electrical Motor – ATP synthase

ATP synthase is one of the wonders of the molecular world. It is an enzyme, a molecular motor, an ion pump, and a molecular generator all bound together in one amazing nano-scale machine. It plays an indispensable role in our cells, providing the energy that powers our bodily processes. Is it really credible that such a system could have been formed by chance over millions of years? The evidence points strongly to Design and ATP synthase is a witness to the skill and ingenuity of the Designer.

The overwhelming evidence for design and the folly of atheism. Naturalism is shown to be unreasonable, unscientific and unhelpful. In contrast the Christian worldview is based on facts, evidence and history. This has led many great scientists, past and present to be active Christians.

Afternoon Tea
Made in God’s Image—The Falsity of ‘Ape Man’

In awesome wonder we consider all the works that God’s hand has made. But are we unique within them? Or do our chromosomes and the fossil record betray a simian past? Jim Whitehall weighs the current evolutionary genetic and fossil arguments of common descent, against the Bible claims. In whose image are we? The Chimps, or God’s?

Session 1
Free Time
EXCLUSIVE Twilight SEA LIFE Aquarium Tour (6.30pm - 9pm)
Bus Departs: 5.30pm
Seal Show: 6.30pm
Bus Returns: 9.30pm
Special Discounted Rate: $25pp (all ages)
Bus Fare: $15pp
Bookings essential
Workshop Elective
So You Want to be a Creation Speaker?
Youth Activities
Join us for a scavenger hunt followed by some time around the fire pit.
Night Owl—Bonus Talk
Thursday 4 Oct 2018
Devotional/Worship Time
Male and Female, He Made Them
Evolution has no explanation for the binary sex system. How two sexes, male and female, 'evolved' simultaneously remains a mystery for evolutionists. This talk explores the science regarding being male and female, and how there are no alternatives to sperm and egg in human reproduction. Sex differences are clear not only in phenotype but also in physiology, neurobiology, psychiatry, pharmacology and endocrinology.
Morning Tea
A Flood Scarred Earth

Whether Noah’s Flood was global or not, remains a major point of contention in theological colleges and churches, in that many believe that a Global Flood and science cannot be aligned. Having said this, scientists working at CMI and other Christian research entities continue to accumulate evidence that Noah’s Flood was global!

This presentation will provide an update on evidence for a Global Flood and will present additional landscape and depositional evidence that has been more thoroughly researched in recent years. The combined scientific evidence continues to point clearly to a flood scarred earth, a reflection of God’s judgement of man’s sin.

Monumental Monsters—Giant Creatures in the Fossil Record

Gigantic creatures have been unearthed all over the planet. These fossil organisms do not fit well with the theory of evolution, but provide powerful positive support for the Biblical record of history. There was a perfect creation Designed by God followed by Decline and Decimation due to sin, the curse, and the devastating worldwide Flood described in the book of Genesis (and its subsequent consequences). In some cases, some of these creatures met their Demise.

The biblical record of Genesis and the New Testament will be discussed to gain a basic biblical framework for the history of the world, and the expected trend of animals based on this history. A dozen gigantic fossil creatures will be specifically discussed, looking at the fossils and reconstructions. These will be compared with their closest living counterparts. Post-Flood conditions, including the Ice Age will be discussed with respect to their disappearance.

Workshop Elective A
Creation Evangelism
Dr Tas Walker, Rod Walsh, Ian Hartley
Workshop Elective B
Thriving in University
Workshop Elective C
Self guided SEA LIFE Aquarium Excursion (2pm-5pm)
Bus Departs: 1:30pm
Bus Return: 5.30pm Special Discounted CMI Rate: $25/Adult, $20/Concession, $15/Child
Bus Fare: $15pp

Limited spaces
Afternoon Tea
Free time until 6.00pm
Illusionist & Music Concert: Andino and the Cadenas Vibrantes
Has life lulled you into complacency? Andino (Illusionist) will have you questioning what is real and what is an illusion.
Misdirected? Distracted? or Deceived? Life has it’s twists and turns… are you awake to its tricks?
Cadenas Vibrantes trio will entertain and uplift you with an eclectic variety of music and song. The musicians, Jon O'Brien (violin) and Gray & Ann Liddell (vocals/keyboard/guitar), are from the Sunshine Coast and perform in various venues from restaurants to churches. They have put a special mix of songs together especially for the evening.
Carbon-14 Dating of Dinosaur Fossils

The evolutionary theory of history requires millions (or billions) of years since the earth formed. The discovery in 1993 of soft tissue and biomolecules in dinosaur bones raised a storm of controversy in the scientific world. Could fragile chemicals from creatures extinct 65 million years ago really survive for that long or is there a simpler explanation? Which view of earth’s history is correct? How can we explain the fossil record? This talk reviews the latest research in radiocarbon dating of dinosaur remains and presents data supporting the Biblical timeframe.

Biblical inerrancy and timeframe, how dinosaurs fit in, fossils and the Flood, Sinfulness of Man, God’s judgment past (Flood), present and future (2nd Coming - 2 Peter 3). Man’s need to trust in Christ

Movie / Documentary
Night Owl—Bonus Talk
Participants to register
Friday 5 Oct 2018
Devotional/Worship Time
The Evolutionary Roots of Liberal Theology
In 1982, Josef Tson, a Romanian Baptist pastor imprisoned for his faith under the communist regime, said, “I came to the conclusion that there are two factors which destroyed Christianity in Western Europe. One was the theory of evolution, the other, liberal theology …. Liberal theology is just evolution applied to the Bible and our faith.” The reason for this is not hard to discern: Evolution is an atheistic and humanistic worldview that presents us with a purely naturalistic and materialistic view of the world. When applied to the Christian faith and the Bible, whatever is regarded as contrary to its naturalistic worldview is rejected: the Triune God of the Bible, biblical creation, the inspiration of the scriptures, miracles, substitionary atonement, the resurrection of Jesus, and so on. The result is not Christianity, but Liberalism. To see how this can happen we are going to take, as a case study, the evolution question at Princeton College and Seminary during and just after the time of Charles Darwin (1845-1929). As we are going to see, there are many valuable lessons for us here.
Morning Tea
Longing for Eden—A Biblical Understanding of Ecology, and Environmental Stewardship.
The scriptures state that God has placed eternity in men’s hearts. There is an innate longing for intimate relationship with God in a perfect creation. The Lord God formed man from the dust of the earth, and as with all the living things God made, they were made to live on the same planet—in the same environment. That all living things are made from, and exchange, the same basic chemical elements is testimony to God’s creative genius. Mankind was appointed by God as stewards of his creation, but as awesome as nature is we are instructed by God to trust and worship him alone. A biblical worldview not only makes sense of the necessity and complexity of ecology, but provides the only rationale basis for meaningful environmental stewardship. It also reminds us that the only hope for the restoration of our environment rests with its designer—the Ex Nihilo creator God of the Bible.
Fraser Island: A Consequence of Noah’s Flood

Fraser Island has been listed as 700,000 years old (and is therefore considered to be the world's oldest recorded sequence of sand dunes), even though early scientific work pointed to a young island. This presentation argues that Fraser Island is quite young and a consequence of Noah’s flood.

Radiocarbon-dating and correlation analysis are inappropriate techniques to use on a sand island. So, two other unique features will be explored – the distribution of ‘coffee rocks’ and the podzol soils (or what are more commonly known as coloured sands).

We argue that these features may both result from a rapid movement of coastal sands in a wet sub-tropical environment that immediately formed after the Flood, and potentially also during and immediately after the post Flood ice age.

Dr Ron Neller and Julie Neller
Flood Fossils—Evidence for Noah's Flood

Come on a visual tour with Vance Nelson as we dig up dinosaur and other fossils in Montana, Wyoming, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. What do we actually find? What does the evidence actually show? Does it fit with evolution and millions of years? Or, does the evidence fit with massive flood deposits? What about the fossils themselves? Do they show evolution? Or' do they show evidence for creation? The fossils, as will be seen from the actual evidence, provide powerful positive evidence for creation and the Flood. Many photographs from actual digs will be shown.

The biblical foundation of geology will be discussed, including the development of the geologic column. Actual excavation photographs from Vance's first-hand experiences will be shown from Montana of various fossils. The ecological mixtures of these fossils are key. The evidence demonstrates a flood deposit. These fossils were laid down rapidly, recently, and under watery conditions. This is exactly what a biblical creationist expects to find.

CREATION and CREATIVITY with Michael Dooley

Pianist and composer Michael Dooley discusses how his belief in Creation and Biblical authority informs his creative work as a professional musician. The presentation will include some short performances of his own compositions, a brief discussion of the science and history of music, and evidence for God’s wonderful design in our minds and bodies that enable us to create and appreciate music.

Michael Dooley
Afternoon Tea
Session 2
Closing & Farewell

Hey Kids! Learn how to be a Dinosaur Detective with Mr Hibb

  • Grow a crystal in a day (not millions of years)!
  • Meet a real Dinosaur Hunter - Vance Nelson!
  • Learn about Dinosaurs with Professor Steve Taylor
  • Make a Pterodactyl Puppet & a Posable T-Rex (and more)
  • Earn Dino Dollars (redeemable for fun prizes)
  • Receive a Dinosaur Detective Diploma!

Creation for Kids schedule

Be a Dino Detective with Mr Hibb!

There is so much on!

You've seen the schedule, now see the details!

Youth Fun!

Highschool kids will have an opportunity to make new friends and have a lot of fun. Activities include:

  • PhDs & Pizza - enjoy pizza with CMI’s PhD scientists. Register for this event to receive your VIP pass (Very Important Pizza pass).
  • Minute to Win It! - Youth challenge. Join the fun. Can you win it in a minute?
  • Andino, Christian Illusionist - Don’t be deceived … are you awake to Life’s tricks?
  • Doubt Box - Bring your doubts and questions, write them down and drop them in the box. Our highly-qualified speakers will provide answers.
  • Campfire - bring your guitar!
  • Sea Life Night Tour - You must book in to participate in this event.
  • Novotel Activities - some activities may require pre-booking through Novotel.
  • Friends - you will have special opportunities to meet and make new friends.


The Genesis Music Project

Two years in making - this live music production will take you on vivid journey through the first 11 chapters of the Bible. Stunning visual effects captivate the imagination as we hear again the story of our origins. Come stand in awe and wonder of the Biblical account of creation, the fall, the flood, the rainbow and the tower of Babel.
Appropriate for all ages to enjoy and be inspired.

Produced and performed by Joe Vermeulen

Illusionist & Music Concert: Andino and the Cadenas Vibrantes

Has life lulled you into complacency? Andino (Illusionist) will have you questioning what is real and what is an illusion.

Misdirected? Distracted? or Deceived? Life has it’s twists and turns… are you awake to its tricks?

Cadenas Vibrantes trio will entertain and uplift you with an eclectic variety of music and song. The musicians, Jon O'Brien (violin) and Gray & Ann Liddell (vocals/keyboard/guitar), are from the Sunshine Coast and perform in various venues from restaurants to churches. They have put a special mix of songs together especially for the evening.

Want to see more? Check out their websites Andino and Gray Liddell.

Actioned packed workshops!

Home Schooling
80 seats available

Hosted by Lyndell, Selena and Karren from Homeschooling4Real

Tuesday, 3.30pm
So You Want to be a Creation Speaker?
80 seats available

Don't miss out! This will be one of the most popular workshops. Find out what it takes to be creation speaker.

Hosted by Dr Mark Harwood

Wednesday, 6.30pm
Creation Evangelism
300 seats available

Do you have a passion to reach the lost but find it difficult to engage? Join Dr Tas Walker, Rod Walsh and Ian Hartley in our creation evangelism workshop. You will be encouraged and learn the basics in sharing Jesus, the Creator God.

Thursday, 1.30pm
Thriving in University
80 seats available

Hosted by Dr Don Batten and Dr Ron Neller

Thursday, 1.30pm

SEA LIFE excursion with CMI

We are very excited to be able give the Creation SuperConference attendees an opportunity to explore the Sunshine Coast's number one attraction.

Wednesday: Exclusive Guided Twilight Tour

CMI has secured exclusive access to SEA LIFE on Wednesday night. Join Dr John Anderson on a journey 'under the sea' taking in the incredible diversity of sealife. This will be an amazing time of discovery and observation of creatures big and small through a Biblical worldview. There will also be a sea lion show on display.

Dr John Anderson served in the Royal Australian Navy, specialising in diving medicine, and submarine escape and rescue, and he is a former Officer-in-Charge of the Navy’s Submarine and Underwater Medicine Unit in Balmoral, NSW.

Furthermore, we have secured a very special rate for this exclusive access tour:
Cost: $25pp (Adult/Concession/Child) YOU SAVE 35%
Bus Fare: $15pp

This must be booked through CMI

Thursday: discounted rates (self-guided tour)

CMI has obtained a discounted rate if you would like to take the family on a self-guided tour of SEA LIFE.

Cost: $25/Adult
Cost: $20/Concession
Cost: $15/Child

Upon request, a discount card will be provided.

Geological Excursion Guide

From this geological guide you will gain an insight into the Sunshine Coast region that is different from the usual perspective. You will appreciate some of the geological highlights of the area and learn how to unravel its geological history.

Includes geological guides for:

  • Caloundra Headland
  • Twin Waters Beach
  • Mount Coolum
  • Point Arkwright
  • Point Perry
  • Coolum Beach
  • Noosa Heads
  • Maleny-Mapleton Plateau
  • Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve
  • Kondalilla Falls
  • Mapleton Falls
  • Glass House Mountains Lookout


Join satellite scientist Dr Mark Harwood at night in two special sessions. Look up to the stars and marvel at God's great creativity in the heavens.

Early Bird Discounts
Large family discount: An additional 5% discount is offered to families with 3 or more paying, dependent (pre-school to high school) children.
Group discounts: call 07 3340 9888

What’s included with my pass?
Frequently Asked Questions
4 Day Pass
High School—$465.00
Ages 5 to 11—$350.00
Ages 3 to 4—$150.00
Ages 0 to 2—$0.00
1 Day Pass
High School—$155.00
Ages 5 to 11—$115.00
Ages 3 to 4—$50.00
Ages 0 to 2—$0.00

Accommodation not included with any pass purchase.

Airport Transfers

We have organised discounted airport transfers between the 2018 Creation SuperConference and the Brisbane or Sunshine Coast airports using Con-X-ion Airport Transfers.

To get 10% off your Con-X-ion Airport Transfers, use the code CREATION when booking your transfers. For more information and to book use the following link:

Click here to book your airport transfer


Attendees at the 2018 Creation SuperConference need to organise their own accommodation. This is different from previous SuperCamps, and we know that many of you will appreciate the greater flexibility to choose accommodation that best suits your group size and budget.

This conference is on during school holidays—you need to book accommodation in the area ASAP.

Onsite accommodation options include:

Or stay nearby: options include camping, caravanning, motels, holiday units/houses, etc.

The choice is yours!

Why not extend your holiday by adding a few days before or after the conference? (Many places offer cheaper rates for 5 or 7 night stays.)

The Sunshine Coast is a popular holiday location, so BOOK YOUR ACCOMMODATION EARLY!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Currency and Tax: All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST.

Children: Children under 18 must be registered with an accompanying adult.

Choosing the price bracket: Choose the price/age bracket that will be correct as at the time of the conference (October 2018):
  • Pensioner: Hold any valid pension card
  • High School: Year 7 and above
  • Primary School: Prep - Year 6
  • Pre-School: 3 and 4 yrs
  • Infants: 0 – 2yrs

Early bird pricing schedule:
  • 15% Discount closes 17 Jan 2018
  • 10% Discount closes 31 Mar 2018
  • 5% Discount closes 31 May 2018

SEA LIFE excursions:
Tickets must be purchased through CMI.
  • Wednesday Twilight SEA LIFE Aquarium Tour
    CMI has exclusive access to the facility at a discounted rate.
    Cost: $25pp (Adult/Concession/Child)
    Bus Fare: $15pp
  • Thursday self guided SEA LIFE Aquarium Excursion
    CMI has obtained a discounted rate.
    Cost: $25/Adult
    Cost: $20/Concession
    Cost: $15/Child
    Bus Fare: $15pp
Standard SEA LIFE Online Pricing: $39/Adult, $32/Concession, $27/ChildSEA LIFE website.
Refund requests must be made in writing (mail/email) to CMI-Australia. If received by Friday 31 August 2018, a full refund will be given less $100. No refund will be granted after this date or for early departures (since CMI will have pre-paid by this date and be liable for any late cancellations).
Please advise if you have specific food allergies or special dietary requirements. (This does not include food preferences. ☺) Novotel has advised that they DO NOT cater for Kosher.
All conference attendees are eligible for a 10% discount when booking an airport transfer with Con-X-ion Airport Transfers. Click on the 'Airport Transfers' section for more information.
Accommodation is not included, and needs to be organised separately by attendees. Click on the 'Accommodation' section for suggestions, including special conference-attendee-prices at Novotel or Sebel Apartments.
Creche Policy
CMI Creche Program is for 2 to 4 year olds. Program commences one half hour prior to start of sessions and ceases during lunch and evening sessions.
Children under 2 are welcome with parent supervision.
The conference will be filmed/photographed, and all attendees understand that they may appear in audience shots.
At this stage it is too early for us to determine exactly what talks/footage will be produced and released after the event.

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