Creation Magazine Live Conference

Christians take note. Atheist groups are becoming bolder and more militant in their presentation of evolution as fact and as a reason to discredit the authority of God's Word.

What is this?

Creation Ministries International (CMI) produces a TV show seen worldwide called Creation Magazine LIVE! that challenges humanistic assumptions based on such evolutionary teachings to embolden the faith of Christians and cause people to reconsider what the Bible says about origins.

This high impact program affects many lives.

Hosted by Richard Fangrad and Calvin Smith (both speakers for CMI), Creation Magazine LIVE! is seen on the Miracle Channel here in Canada. Beginning in 2014 Creation Magazine LIVE! is going 'on the road' to visit churches and communities all across Canada to share the same type of faith building information seen on the show. Don't miss these exciting events!

How can you be involved?

Great show thank you again for making my faith unbreakable, to be honest I was an atheist before I started watching now my whole family watches . Thank you again.

Rob Y.

My goal is to become knowledgable and then able to teach others of Bibilical Truths . I have watched you on t.v. and am very impressed with the revelation and knowledge you all have, its wonderful. My wife watches as well, keep up the excellent work of revealing Gods Truth. I wait for your information , thank you and be blessed.

Kim G.