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August 13 – 18, 2017
6 days of teaching, fun and fellowship that will grow your faith, rest your body and renew your mind.
 World-Class Speakers
 Excellent Vacation
 Child Friendly
Creation Ministries International & Muskoka Bible Centre present the
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schedule for speakers bio's, talk titles and times.
cmi has held similar events in australia and the usa. hear what attendees have said about them…
For me this time was the family atmosphere. When my son looked up at me and said “Dad I want to come to this again next year” my heart leaped for joy.
I brought my 17 year old son … I believe this was a life changing event for him. Exceptional. Professional presentations by all. We are amazed at who we heard in 4 days! Many are surprised to see speakers mix with those attending, at meal times and coffee breaks etc. We appreciate the level of cutting-edge research. Excellent with excellent credentials.
My two teenagers loved it! Came for them but left filled myself. Really excellent speakers on great topics—good variety. All lectures were amazing and I loved having access to the Drs and speakers. First class, knowledgeable yet understandable by lay people. I was held captive by their talks.


Creation Ministries International (CMI) is a Christian apologetics ministry dedicated to upholding the authority of the Bible by equipping Christians to defend their faith and enabling them to give answers to the questions many people have regarding science and the Bible.


The creation/evolution debate is not something Christians can avoid or afford to ignore. Prominent Christian leaders agree.

Dr Albert Mohler

Randy Alcorn

Pastor Joe Boot

Pastor John MacArthur

The Bible is under attack

The mantra of the ‘new atheists’ is that, since evolution is a fact, the Bible is wrong and there is no Creator to be accountable to. As a result, most Christians have questions about the accuracy of the Bible, especially Genesis and the creation/evolution issue.

With more PhD scientists on staff than any other Christian ministry, CMI speakers are more than qualified to help equip Christians to answer the tough questions brought against Biblical truths.

This multi-day conference will address all aspects of the creation/evolution issue in a fun, relaxing environment by experts in their field of study and ministry.


MBC is pleased to offer excellent accommodation, providing you a “home away from home” during your visit with us.

Room Configuration:

The Manor – Spacious rooms with a panoramic view of gardens, lake and river, 2 queen beds, 4 pc. bath, double room capacity, balcony or patio, A/C.

Villa – (with view of the lake) Comfortable and spacious. 2 queen beds, 4 pc. bath. Panoramic view of the lake and river. Some rooms have entry at ground level, with no steps, A/C.

Villa – (with view of gardens) Spacious with garden view, 2 queen beds, 4 pc. bath. No steps, entry is at ground level. Some rooms are wheelchair accessible, A/C.

Lodge – Panoramic view of lake and river. 2 double beds, 4 pc. Bath, A/C.

Lakeview Motel – View of lake, 1 double bed, 3 pc. bath. Glass doors open to back deck with a view of the lake. 3-piece bath. Ground level entry, no steps.

Lakeview Motel Suites – 1 bedroom with queen bed, plus adjoining sitting room with a sofabed. Glass doors open to back deck with a view of the lake. 3-piece bath. Ground level entry, no steps.

Cottages – Sitting room with picture window, daybed, and balcony overlooking the lake. 1 bedroom with double bed, and 1 bedroom with bunkbeds. 3-piece bath (shower only). No kitchen facilities.

Campground – If you have a tent, camper, or motor home, come and visit our family campground. Included in the price is: electricity, pure drinking water connection, picnic table, shower building and dumping station. Our store offers many of the items you might need during your stay and our staff will be happy to serve you.


10 speakers, 1 message. You can trust God’s word from the very first verse!

Topics include: Dinosaurs • Genetics • Geology • Distant Starlight • Noah’s Flood • Astronomy • Evangelism • Radioisotope Dating • Ethics • Design • Fossils • Ice Age • Theology • Apologetics • Genetic Entropy

An all star line up! A unique combination of professional evangelists, apologists, scientists and theologians will equip, motivate and inspire you in your walk and your witness for Jesus Christ.
Dr Carl Werner

M.D. Speaker, author of Evolution: The Grand Experiment book/DVD series
Calvin Smith

Speaker and co-host of Creation Magazine LIVE! TV show
Dr Jim Mason

PhD Physics. Speaker
Vance Nelson

Author, explorer. Speaker and author of Untold Secrets of Planet Earth book series
Richard Fangrad

CEO CMI Canada. Speaker and co-host of Creation Magazine LIVE! TV show
Henry DeRoos

Evangelist with Open Air Campaigners (Canada). Speaker
Dr Jonathan Sarfati

PhD Chemistry. Bestselling author, speaker, apologist and chess champion
Mike Oard

M.S. Atmospheric Science. Speaker, author
Dr Stuart Burgess

PhD Design. Speaker
Dr John Sanford

PhD Genetics. Author, speaker and inventor of the Gene Gun




The Kids Ministry and Youth Programs at MBC provide a positive and encouraging atmosphere designed to engage, excite and empower young people towards a real and active faith in God. Whether your children are singing songs, living out biblical stories, creating an art project or simply playing a game of Octopus, they are surrounded by competent leaders who love Jesus, love them and love fun.

The older youth dig deep into God's Word during chapel, get involved by developing or learning a new skill, and wear off some of that energy play amazing games with leaders they can relate to and who want to see them experience God in a fresh way, and then do something with their faith.

In keeping with the theme of the week, each of the children's sessions will have a creation theme in it. With MBC's emphasis on FUN, SAFETY and SPIRITUAL GROWTH, kids of any age will have a blast... giving you a few hours to relax and learn worry free!

In addition, moms and dads are invited to see the highly visual 'Amazing Animals' presentation at 1:30 on Thursday afternoon.

Drop off/pick up times are as follows:
Morning sessions

8:30 AM - 8:45 AM Drop off
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Pick up
Evening sessions

6:30 PM - 6:45 PM Drop off
8:00 PM - 8:15 PM Pick up


Registration for this week-long conference is only $50 per adult or $100 per family (2 adults, any number of children under 18 yrs. old).

Includes access to all presentations.

For those wishing to attend on a daily basis the per-day fees: $20 adult/$40 family.
*Please note that MBC is handling all bookings for the conference
Phone: 1-800-551-0168