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Our staff may not have the option of devoting much time to answering scientific questions that fall outside of our area of specialty. For a faster response to your question, please consider the ‘Notes on Scientific Questions’ below.

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Notes on Scientific Questions

  • Many questions are already answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page or can be found by searching our site.
  • Sound answers to questions in the realm of operational science can be found in any standard encyclopedia or science textbook.
  • Sometimes a particular topic is not specifically covered on our site, but other articles will detail general principles that apply, providing a basis for you to evaluate the ‘evidence’ in question. For example, a question on the formation of Stone Mountain in Georgia (USA) would be addressed generally in the articles on granite formation listed under the Geology section of our Q/A page.
  • It is important to realise that facts do not speak for themselves, but are always interpreted within a framework, and the chosen framework depends on the starting assumptions/biases. One of the main thrusts of CMI is to aid people in 'thinking Biblically'—interpreting evidence in light of the principles found in God’s Word (see Creation: Where’s the Proof?).

Feedback Rules

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  • We cannot respond to blogs or other websites on your behalf.
  • Many questions we receive are already answered on this website. Please search before contact.
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