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Originally published in a CMI newsletter, March 2015

You’ve likely heard the statistics that around 2/3 of children who grew up in Christian homes are leaving the church. And now there are ‘Christian’ organizations trying to ‘deconvert’ our children by causing them to stop trusting the Bible.

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits” (Matthew 7:15–16).

We normally try to be charitable to our opponents, but the danger of the rank unbelief promoted by the increasingly popular ‘Christian’ BioLogos is simply not Christianity at all, but evolutionary syncretism. One of their founder’s assertions is that there was no historic first human pair. They are actively trying to evangelize Christians into their understanding of evolution and billions of years, and as World magazine recently reported, they now have “$9 million from the Templeton foundation, and millions more from other donors”1 to do it with.

Their new programs include:

  • “a video series … teaching evolution to Christian high school students”,
  • “a grant to Gordon College biology professor Craig Story to have 19 pastors spend a week learning from evolution-affirming scientists”,
  • “a grant to Trinity Western University biologist Dennis Venema to co-write a book about Adam and evolution”.2

Please realize that they want to reach your children, your pastor, and your church. They are out to extinguish biblical creation. The problem is, biblical creation, a historical Adam and Eve, and a literal Fall of mankind are foundational for any sort of a traditional view of what Christ actually accomplished in His ministry, death, and resurrection. Evolutionist spokesman Richard Dawkins said:

“The original sin is supposed to have been committed by Adam, who as we now know never existed. So we now have the preposterous idea that Jesus was sacrificed, the scapegoat was sacrificed for the sin of a non-existent forebear.”2

So it is not surprising that the result of removing the foundation of Genesis isn’t a strengthened faith, but unbelief as is our ministry’s experience for over 35 years. As our US CEO, Gary Bates, wrote:

“In my some 25 years of working in this ministry … [meeting] at least hundreds of people in different churches every single month, I have never met a single individual who came to Christ because he ‘discovered’ he could reconcile evolution with the Bible.”

Protect your family!

However, we do meet large numbers of grieving parents whose children have departed the faith due to evolution. And others contact us asking what they can do to prevent this from happening. Of course, only God can ensure this happens, but there are some proactive steps parents can take. First and foremost, be equipped with information to defend the faith, and discuss the Bible and Christianity (including questions they may have) openly with your kids. Make them aware that there are sound reasons for believing the Bible, and for rejecting anti-biblical scientific claims like evolution and billions of years.

You can help them learn how to find the answers to their questions themselves by reading Scripture and searching Bible-affirming resources like creation.com. With this sort of education, by the time they leave for college, your children will already be equipped to handle the sorts of attacks they can expect from unbelievers.

What can you do?

There are many people who are standing firm on the Bible’s authority, and creationists today have more resources available to us than at any other time in history. In many ways, there’s never been a better time to be a biblical creationist! So, we don’t have to concede ground to the likes of BioLogos and organizations like them. We can still stand strong on biblical authority. Some ideas of things you can do in your own circle of influence to help inoculate those you love from the harmful effects of evolutionary thinking:

Creation Ministries International exists to produce resources that defend biblical authority and to spread the message in the Church that the Bible can be trusted, from the very first verse. For decades now we’ve produced resources like The Creation Answers Book and Creation magazine that have been demonstrably effective and are staples in the creation community.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve been blessed by CMI’s ministry. Yet, unlike BioLogos which receives millions of dollars in grants, we are only able to continue this ministry through the small gifts of many people like you who have decided to help us continue to produce this life-changing material. Perhaps you don’t think a small gift can make a difference—however, when put together with lots of other small gifts, it can really add up!

One example is our recent Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels project. We funded the documentary mostly through small donations that added up to allow us to create a world-class documentary at a fraction of the budget of secular organizations.

Will you stand with us as we oppose people like BioLogos who are trying to undermine faith in Scripture?

Published: 10 May 2016

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