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Countering emotional attacks on creation


Published: 19 February 2019 (GMT+10)
Previously appeared in a CMI newsletter, September 2015

In the battle raging for hearts and minds in our society, those who oppose God often use emotional arguments to try to turn people against Him. You might recall that in an earlier newsletter we mentioned that famous evolution advocates suggest that creationism is not appropriate for children. Prominent atheists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss have even likened it to ‘child abuse’.

Ironically, the opposite is really the case. It’s not appropriate to teach evolution to children as propaganda, i.e. without informing them of the problems and alternatives. This shows no respect for them as people, and hampers the development of their critical faculties. In fact, it’s downright cruel to teach children that they evolved from animals, that there is no design or purpose to their lives, and that the universe is coldly indifferent to their existence. That is what is likely to destroy their self-esteem, poison their relationships, and shackle their potential.

A young fan of CMI’s Facebook page, Matthew S., shows that creation teaching is good for children, helping them to understand the science. He said:

I'm a year 12 student and have been reading Creation 'stuff' for years. It is a lot of fun and I have actually found that I am acing yr 12 Biology (specifically evolution) because I seem to know more about it than my teachers. Thanks so much guys!”

Creation vs love of science?

Another emotional red herring that skeptics use is to imply that teaching creation destroys a child’s love of science. Again, the reverse is the case. Once a young person understands how the Bible makes sense of the world, their interest in science soars to a new level.

That was the experience of Annette S. with her children:

Thank you for your very informative work in the magazines and on the website. The subscription is for my teenage son as he is interested in all things science. Our other teenage children enjoy watching the DVDs.”

Recently, prominent US ‘science guy’ Bill Nye alleged that creation belief would lead to America losing its leadership position in science. Perhaps he was hoping the emotional impact of his argument would prevent people making the obvious link. Namely, that this leadership position in science has been achieved by the United States at the same time as it has been the country with, overwhelmingly, the highest number of professed Bible-believing Christians in the world, and certainly the highest rate of belief in Genesis creation.

In fact, it is now widely conceded that the whole reason that science and technology exploded in Western Europe is because of the impact of the Bible following the Reformation. Once again, the facts are the very opposite of what these emotive arguments are trying to convey.

Such emotional attacks are really not surprising when one realizes the nature of this spiritual warfare. When you hear them, don’t be intimated by their strident, aggressive approach, and don’t feel you need to get on the defensive. Getting informed and equipped is the key to helping spread the good news that the Bible really is ‘truly true’. It’s information about science and creation that changes people’s minds, and it’s not going to be promoted on national TV, nor will it be taught at university, or in high school. The bookshops in the mall won’t distribute it. It’s up to people like you and me to spread it.

We need to counter falsehoods

As an information ministry, CMI is dedicated to proclaiming the truth of Creation. This is so that people will be strengthened in their faith in Christ, and be confident (and equipped) to share Him with others. As you would know, we provide this scientific information by speaking at church services, publishing Creation magazine and Journal of Creation, distributing books and DVDs, and organizing camps and conferences. People regularly write to tell us about the difference creation information has made in their lives. Tracy W. recently emailed to say:

I was first exposed to your ministry [at my church and] it changed my whole outlook on my Christian faith. It was a simple message; if the biblical account is true then there should be evidence around the world to back it up. And then the speaker went on to show us so many examples of so many things in geology, palaeontology and anthropology that were so amazing that I began to read your books and have never stopped.”

More and more people are learning that the science supports biblical creation, not evolution. It’s giving them confidence in the Bible and changing the way they train their families. Along the way, as they use the materials to reach out to their friends and relatives, we often get to hear of how unbelievers are coming to saving faith as a result.

We love to hear from people who have caught the thrill of spreading the news about our Creator, Jesus Christ. Rebecca B. enjoyed the challenge when she was studying at university:

There are a lot of open-minded people out there who are confused by the incessant evolutionary propaganda paraded in the education system and the media. Being well-informed on the evidences for Creation opens a lot of opportunities to give people a reason to believe.”

So, when you hear these emotional attacks on biblical creation, take a breath, think calmly, get informed, and help us spread the good news together.

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Readers’ comments

Rob M.
One of my favorite author's (Terry Pratchett)sums up the argument, I think anyways, quite masterfully. "its either in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth, or in the beginning was nothing, then it exploded. Which seems more believable to you?" He then says, "as for me I prefer to be a rising ape, then a falling angel". He makes an emotional decision (personal preference) over reason. The saddest part, to me anyways, is neither of the choices he presents are actual options. Every evolutionist I've talked with, the ones who actually seem to understand the science, all say we are not rising apes. While I cannot speak for all religions i can say as a Christian, we are not falling angels either. but he would rather be..... The emotional argument has taken over.
Gina T.
A most excellent, well written article! Praise God! One question that springs to mind is - What evidence (that is true solid scientific evidence) do the nay-sayers use to base their emotional attacks? Or are their arguments based solely on the vague, emotional paradigm they have created?!
Tas Walker
In my experience they are not based on evidence about whether creation or evolution is true but on a side issue, one that they think will gain traction because of its emotional appeal.
Richard G.
Great again, Bro Tas and fellow labourers for God and for souls. I turn 86 today in God's goodness and reflect as I read Tas's article. Oh that all of us might influence our children for God and for the good of others. Could I respectfully urge all believers to obey the scriptures and train up our children in God's Word and ways, not putting fist or undue attention on their careers, their school studies etc. especially when Satan will attack them from every angle. There is no magazine that I can think of that I read more carefully than your christian/scientific/creationist magazine, but I notice my parents stressed Family Bible reading and prayer and spiritual matters before other lesser matters. When evolution came we seem to have instinctively known it was in error, before your wonderful magazine even started. "Train up a child in the way he should go." "Talk of these things (to your children) by the way...." I pray every day for believers that "our love may abound more and more in knowledge and discernment, so that we may approve the things that are excellent." Becoming a doctor etc is good but we are told to discern that which is excellent. Where is our stress with our children? Let's keep them in the faith.
Joel L.
A timely message for today, and good advice any time!

A minor point in the article, but: Regarding 'modern science' vis a vis the Reformation - isn't it a bit ( meaning, almost inexhaustibly) more complex than this?

On one hand, the context of the Reformation was the 'Renaissance'; stemming from a revitalized embrace and rediscovery of Greek philosophy and art, largely driven by the Byzantine diasphora, while it catalyse a spectacular re-invigoration of the arts and the birth of 'modern' business, wasn't this period in some ways also a step back from the highs of the medieval era both scientifically ( witness the - perpetually misunderstood - 'Galilleo affair') and socially ( i.e. the slave trade, the practical status of women, etc.)?

On the other hand - medieval, Catholic Europe had already possessed the beginnings of banking, corporations( monasteries), independent institutions both motivated and able to seek and gather knowledge freely, and basic education - in a sense - available to anybody (ditto for both), the invention of the corporation as an independent entity, the _idea_ that power should protect the less powerful from abuses of power - in accordance with written law - and many voluntary groups of guilds, tradesmen, etc that sought to secure that principle in practice for themselves. Isn't it hard to sift the contribution of any one contributing factor as 'necessary' for modern science ( though the later revolution in post-Newton Britain is a stronger case)?
Ron K.
Most of the “evidences” to which evolutionists usually appeal are 1) authority (“how could all these scientists be wrong?”), 2) fossil record (better explained by the Noahic Flood), 3) radiometric dating (based upon unprovable assumptions) and 4) the fear of appearing unscientific.
Seth C.
Does science have the power and authority to determine if God is real? Just the opposite! God has the power and the authority to determine if science is real! He has written the program and set the parameters. Thank God for setting the parameter for the forgiving of sins to be by the shedding of blood, because only the blood of Christ could be precious enough to forgive our sins for all time. Keep that in mind when atheists make emotional appeals about God's so-called 'bloodthirst.' If forgiveness of sins came by the peeling of bananas, the universe could be filled with banana peels, and not even the first offense against God's holiness would even begin to be covered.
Tomeka M.
How do I begin to talk to my children about this, the creation role in the home?
Tas Walker
I think it is important to have materials suitable for them that you can read and talk to them about. Creation magazine, for example, plus books like "Adam and Family", "The True Story of the World", "Creation Answers for Kids", "Exploring Geology", and "Exploring Dinosaurs". You can find these on the CMI store. Also videos on the CMI Youtube site. Other helpful resources can be found at "Parents' Corner". It is important to listen to their stories when they finish school, especially when you are driving home or if you have prepared food for them, so you can pick up on what they are experiencing and respond to it. Usually these are very teachable moments.
Hugh B.
I have been reading the creation mag (about 80 of them), watching your videos (many dozens) and visiting your website almost daily, for the last twenty years. I daily debate with evolutionists on Quora or Youtube, and I regularly post your videos or articles on my facebook page. I can honestly say I have shared your scientific evidence that supports the Bible, with thousands of people. Thanks to your site, I am equipped to answer every question I get from evolutionists, as well as Christian family and friends.
Thank you so much for your God centred ministry that is touching the lives of so many, supporting the truths of the Bible, and advancing God's Kingdom on the earth.
Robert Edwin T.
I would love to be able to share your articles with friends and fellow believers that do not have access to the internet (lack of a computer or...) when I lead in Bible Study. How can I gain access without violating the terms of privacy? Are these same articles published other than on line?
Tas Walker
Many of the articles are published on line and you could print an article and share it with your friends as a hard copy. Or you can print it as a pdf on your computer and email it to them. Many of these articles are first published in Creation magazine and Journal of Creation and you could share some of those issues with your friends.

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