Creation - A Matter of Life and Death

Creation—A Matter of Life and Death

with CMI’s Gary Bates

Friday 28 September–Sunday 7 October, 2007

Gary Bates is the Head of Ministry for CMI–Australia and a regular contributor for the world-renowned Creation magazine with subscribers in over 100 countries.

Gary is an excellent communicator on the creation/evolution controversy, the book of Genesis and its relevance to the Gospel. He has been involved in the origins debate for almost 18 years and is well equipped to demonstrate how our worldviews shape the very culture we live in. His talks are highly motivational and they will energise Christians into action using the demonstrably successful approach of creation evangelism.

Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the evolution connection
He is passionate about communicating the truths of the Bible in a way that all can understand. This desire led him to conduct extensive research into the UFO phenomenon as he started to realise its allure amongst young and old alike. The result was his landmark book Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection which has been regarded by many as the most thorough analysis of this seemingly baffling mystery (and the only creation book to be a top 50 best-seller on the secular Amazon.com bookstore). He is in demand worldwide to speak on this subject.

When Gary last visited in 2005 his tour and book created enormous interest. As such, in the last two years Gary estimates he has conducted approximately 80 TV, radio and newspaper interviews. There are many eager ears wanting to hear this fascinating subject.

Use these meetings to your advantage—bring your friends

Learn how to make a difference in your family/community. Hear exciting evidences to support the Bible’s history of creation.

‘I am writing to thank Gary Bates for being a guest on “Coast to Coast am” radio broadcast … . I was so impressed by the wonderful manner, intellect, and Christian demeanor shown by Gary! Thanks again … it was much appreciated!’
Some comments received after listening to Gary’s ministry:

‘I attended Gary Bates’ sessions in … last night and found them excellent!’—Bob F.

‘Gary was fantastic !! Thank you !!’—Herb S.

Western Cape