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Creation information encourages believers

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Published: 14 May 2016 (GMT+10)


Often we publish feedback from skeptics or questioners who don’t believe biblical creation. But for every skeptic who writes in, we get many positive comments from people expressing appreciation for the various aspects of CMI’s ministry.

For instance, Tilas K. from Russia wrote:

I’d like to thank you for your ministry. I believe it is real, authentic and God-given. I am a born-again Christian, also a big lover of science, entering into my third year first degree in Physics (Department of Micro/Nanoelectronics). I’ve been encouraged a lot by the material I’ve found in your ministry, and I’ve received a clearer understanding of creation. In a time when my faith was challenged, it’s the material that I found on your website that brought me back on track concerning the beginning. I’ve learned that the Bible is true and its authority should be acknowledged! I’ve always wanted to be a scientist, but now that desire has changed … I want to be a CREATION scientist! There is much that I can say, but I will summarize in this: God bless you greatly!

Note that Tilas is from Russia, which does not have a CMI office. But through, he and many others have access to over 10,000 articles, representing over 30 years of creation research, which is all available freely.

R.S. (who requested that his location not be shared) wrote:

Thank you so much for your film Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels and congratulations on winning Runner-Up for Best Documentary at the 2015 Christian Worldview Film Festival! I wanted to tell you that I personally love documentaries, but I have a special place in my heart for films like yours that present a compelling case for biblical creation. My father-in-law, who is a Ph.D. scientist and loves the Lord, has struggled in the past with accepting a literal six-day creation narrative. He and I have agreed to disagree, partly because I cannot talk about science at the level he can, and we don’t let our differences regarding exactly how God created everything get in the way of our friendship and love for one another as brothers in Christ. The response he had after seeing your film blessed my heart. The walls of years of secular science came tumbling down in a matter of a couple of hours after seeing your film. He bought practically everything at your booth and he showed the film to others in the family after church yesterday. Thank you for what you are doing through this film. It is having an impact and God is using it for His glory!

I look forward to what God has in the future as you seek Him.

The response to Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels has been tremendous. The book and award-winning documentary have been among our best-selling resources.

Creation information changes lives; how can you help spread the message?

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Readers’ comments

Michael S.
I was truly thrilled to read such encouraging responses to the work of CMI. I often thank God for this valuable work, for its integrity and honesty in the face of 'evolution' lies from many quarters of the science world.
Last evening I watched two programmes on BBC television, one about the life and work of Darwin, the other attempting to answer the question “Are we still evolving?” Each of them, of course, begins with the assumption that evolution is proven beyond doubt. I can only marvel at the naivety of folks who have believed the lies and failed to study the abundant evidence for Creation on CMI and other websites. Since the BBC and the British media steadfastly refuse to allow any opposition to the evolution world-view we can only conclude that 'enemy' is very active in these last days.
May the Lord continue to bless your ministry powerfully, bringing many out of Satan's darkness into the glorious light and liberty of the gospel.
Dan M.
People, today and for some years now (especially the young) are being indoctrinated into a godless religion called atheism. It is full of outright lies, half truths, deceit and it produces souls on a collision course with God Almighty and many don't understand this truth.
Through support of creation ministries such as yours, we can provide people with real answers, (logos) to show them what the real science says about our origins. There are many, (I meet them all the time) that are surprised to hear the evidence for a short age creation and show great interest to know more. I like to carry a copy of Evolutions Achilles Heals, (EAH) with me just in case I meet someone who will listen and then I give them a copy. It's also great to teach believers and thereby strengthening them to give them spiritual ammo for the war. Make no mistake, it is a war for our minds and by inclusion our souls. We must wage spiritual combat in our Lords name!
Thanks to all the creation ministries out there we have the ammo to do just that, (in love and understanding of course).
That reminds me, I need to buy more EAH videos.
Christopher S.
For anyone who has not yet purchased Evolution's Achilles Heels I recommend doing so immediately. The arguments are presented in a straight-forward non-accusatory manner and they will break down "the walls of secular science." We all do have to remember what Richard Fangrad said "Your goal is not to make people creationists, it is to lead them to the Christ of Creation." Thus, in accordance to Isaiah 26, we should pray that God appoints us walls of salvation. If any reading this comment ever meet a CMI scientist be sure to give them a pat on the back for standing firm on the truth.
gabriel S.
In a world filled with secularism, humanism, evolutionism and whatever wants to disown God of the glory due to Him, we sometimes feel like Eljah after the fear for Jezebel has chased him into the desert [1 Kings 19], despondent and isolated as children of God - nearly as if we were the only ones left. UNTIL God speaks to us, assuring us that there are 7000 [a symbolic full number, meaning many!] who have not bowed to the devil of this world [1 Kings 19:18]. CMI is one of many tools God uses to remind all of us that there are 7000 left who have not bowed to the baal of this world, PRAISE THE LORD!
Chandrasekaran M.
I thank Jesus the Lord for CMI and its ministries for the Lord. I am very glad to read the feedback on light-bulb moments from people throughout the world that the Bible can be trusted even though evolution science of molecules to moral homo-sapiens is portrayed as verifiable scientific truth but it is not a science.

When I read these feedbacks I am reminded of the parable of the mustard seed where the Kingdom of God does not start as a big-bang rather starts as insignificant to a prominent tree. May Jesus the Lord continue to bless and use CMI throughout the world for HIS glory.

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