Creation in Kazakhstan


Memorial of Independence of Kazakhstan from the Soviet Union

Kazakhstan is a country formerly in the Soviet Union, which gained independence in 1991 after the Soviet Union was dissolved. It is a slightly majority Islamic country, though there is considerable religious diversity. CMI’s good friend, German information scientist Dr Werner Gitt, travelled there quite a few months ago, in order to spread the good news about creation and Christ at a number of different venues, including universities.

Dr Gitt is a former professor and director at Germany’s Federal Institute of Physics and Technology. He has written numerous scientific papers in the fields of information science, mathematics and control engineering. He has also written several creationist books, including:

  • Did God Use Evolution?
  • If Animals Could Talk
  • In the Beginning was Information
  • Stars and their Purpose: Signposts in Space
  • The Wonder of Man

Dr Gitt has also contributed many articles to Creation magazine and Journal of Creation (formerly TJ), some of which are:

Concerning the mission trip to Kazakhstan, Dr Gitt reports:

‘We had a very open door for preaching the Gospel. It was possible to speak at various universities and medical academies. All talks were [Bible-centred] with a scientific aspect (e.g. Creation). We were always kindly invited by the rectors or leaders of the institutes. All students and professors received [copies of Dr Gitt’s books] in Russian and the tract “How can I get to Heaven?” Many of them wanted to have an autograph. We had a kind welcome also in the churches (Baptist churches, Mennonite churches). We were very delighted when people came to Christ after the service.

‘Sometimes persons came to me and wanted to say “thank you”. They said, “we came to Christ 13 years ago when you were here last time”.’

It’s encouraging to see such an open door to the Gospel, especially in a Muslim nation. Please keep the Kazakhstani people in prayer, that the Gospel may go out and have a great impact in Kazakhstan and that the Christians will be encouraged to know that they can believe the Bible from first to last with the work of those like Dr Gitt.

picture 1
Kazakhstan is a majority Muslim country, though there are many different religions with a large representation among the people.
picture 2
Conference for evangelists in Bethlehem Church in Karaganda. Karaganda is the fourth largest city in Kazakhstan, and is located in the centre of the country. The 300 participants came from all parts of Kazakhstan.
picture 3
There was much interest in Dr Gitt’s books on creation and the Gospel.
picture 4
Dr Gitt was well received, even in the academies. Some even asked him to sign his books!
picture 5
Creation and Gospel materials (in Russian) are even in the academies in Kazakhstan!
Published: 8 April 2008