Creation lecture at university impacts science student educators




We publish here a letter from a professor at a university [in a western country—further identifying details withheld to protect identities] thanking a CMI speaker for their presentation. Although the presentation lasted just one hour, it impacted the faculty and student science educators, provided information they were previously unaware of, challenged their thinking, and affected the way they plan to teach science in the future.

The letter has been slightly edited to preserve anonymity and prevent any possible discriminatory action against this professor, the faculty or the university. Here is the letter.

Dear CMI speaker
Thank you for your excellent presentation to the life-science student educators at our (name withheld) university on (date).
I attended the presentation in the hall with approximately 150 students and lecturers. You managed to cover the most important issues regarding science, evolution and creation within the short space of 1 hour allocated to you.
Subsequently to this presentation and visit by CMI, I spoke to some of my colleagues that teach the subject of Life Science (Biology) and enquired about their thoughts on these issues. The lecturers I spoke to were all very impressed and grateful to be informed of the scientific evidence against evolution. Although evolution is prescribed in the high school curriculum as part of the Life Sciences subject (particularly in Grade 12), the lecturers intimated that they will approach these topics with more circumspection in future. One lecturer said that she was going to teach the issue of evolution by means of allowing a debate in class. I think this is an exciting breakthrough for the truth and scientific thinking.
Although I do not teach Life Science I had the opportunity to assess some students who were gaining experience during the practical teaching weeks at schools. The Life Sciences student educators that I discussed the matter with had never before heard the message you gave. They said that it had opened their eyes to other arguments and proof to the contrary. I challenged the students to be open-minded and to allow for debates and scientific proof for creation during their classes. However, I realised that one exposure to the scientific truths about creation and science is not sufficient to undo all the years of indoctrination that the students receive from mainstream media and the academic community.
For this reason I would like to request CMI to speak to student educators on a regular (annual) basis. Would you be willing to visit our campus again next year?
Kind regards
Professor (Name supplied)
Faculty of (Name supplied)
(Name supplied) University

This lecture and the positive feedback are like a breath of fresh air from within the university culture. Unfortunately, university faculty in most countries seem intent on censoring any discussion or information about the scientific evidence for creation and against evolution (See Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and Getting behind the evolution façade). This is a welcome exception, and hopefully a sign of better things to come.

Several points in the letter stood out: The first was the phrase “truth and scientific thinking”. Censorship reveals a fear of the truth. No one need be afraid of truth. The scientific enterprise has had a long history of seeking truth, and the method of experimental observation, documentation, discussion and debate has developed as a way of reaching truth. May the science faculty in our academic institutions embrace the true scientific attitude of seeking truth.

Another phrase that caught my attention was “never before heard the message you gave”. How is it possible that young adults in the west can negotiate twelve years of schooling and some years of college and never hear any scientific evidence for creation, or be alerted to the problems with evolution? It should be of great concern that such profound ignorance on such a fundamental issue can exist within our culture.

The other phrase that stood out is “they will approach these topics with more circumspection in future”. It is heartening to see that these teachers realise there is a different way of looking at things, and have decided to respect the views of others within their classrooms.

Hopefully you too are encouraged to hear of this university and its commitment to truth and scientific debate. CMI scientists are always willing to speak to faculty and students of any university on the evidence for creation and the problems with evolution, and to answer any questions on the issue. (See the What we do page.) If you like, you can request an event at your university.

Published: 1 July 2014

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