Creation literature great evangelism tool!

This week's positive feedback is from Jono Willis of Australia. Why is creation evangelism important? See our Creation: Why It Matters Q&A to learn more, and to find valuable resources!

Hi folks,

You guys are my heroes. My brother and I have literally become addicted to AiG literature. The only book I used to read was the bible (not a bad thing). I now have read 6 of your books in the space of 4 months as well as my bible, and am eager for more.

You have increased our confidence when speaking to people regarding the creation of the world and truth of God's word. It invariably leads to being able to witness effectively.

We are very grateful for your bold and truthful stance, despite raging (misguided) opposition. We've left many an evolutionist standing with mouth open at our straight forward answers.

It saddens me how many Christians have compromised on God's truth! All because of evolutionary lies! You have taught us to think logically when dealing with origins and now we are able to instruct others.God bless you for your ministry to us. We love to share your books and videos around. ….

Kindest regards

Jono Willis