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Volume 31, Issue 1
Published December 2008
56 pages

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4 Feedback
6 Editorial: Blinkered thinkers
by Don Batten
7–11 Focus—creation news and views
12–15 How is Genesis relevant to Christmas? (Pre-publication version)
by Jonathan Sarfati
16 All at once
by Carl Wieland
17–19 With no apology!
Calvin Smith interviews Christian apologist, Pastor Joe Boot
20–21 Bird behaviour beliefs overturned: a tale of the hummingbird and the starling (Pre-publication version)
by Philip Bell
22–23 The ‘face’ on Mars
by Gary Bates
24–27 Creation for kids
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Cain’s wife—who was she?
by Russell Grigg
28–31 A river like no other
by Emil Silvestru
32–33 The aye-aye: Madagascar’s mysterious ‘one-of-a-kind’
by Jeffrey Dykes
34–36 The Architect
by Patricia Mondore
37 The ‘Pioneer anomaly’
by Russell Humphreys
38–41 Rooted in God’s truth
David Catchpoole and Don Batten chat with plant physiologist Gina Mohammed
42–44 The island rule—recipe for evolution or extinction?
by Garry Graham.
45–47 Fibre optics in the eye (Pre-publication version)
by Jonathan Sarfati
48–50 Mining mountains in West Virginia
by Tas Walker
51 ‘Unique’ two-headed reptile fossil
David Catchpoole
52–54 Stalin: from choir boy to communist butcher
by Russell Grigg
55 ‘Seashells in the desert’
by David Catchpoole
56 Daddy, don’t swallow me!
by David Cook
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